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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Food & Drink 5.14 Oct 24, 2014 May 18, 2018 207.5 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 5.14

What’s New:
Easier access to Favorites.


This App is going to change the way you experience McDonald’s®.
Este app cambiará la manera en que experiencias McDondald’s®.

Mobile Order and Pay
Pick a deal, then pick up your meal. Mobile Ordering is now a part of the McDonald’s App, making ordering ahead as easy as a few taps and swipes.

Mobile Order & Pay
Elige una oferta y luego retira tu comida. Las órdenes por móvil ahora son parte del app de McDonald’s, por lo que ordenar con anticipación es tan fácil como dar unos toques en tu celular.

Three Easy Ways to Pick Up
Order from anywhere and pick up from any participating location. There are three easy ways: Curbside, Inside the Restaurant or Drive Thru Pickup.

Tres Fáciles Maneras De Retirar Tu Orden
Ordena en cualquier lugar y retira tu orden en cualquier restaurante participante. Hay tres fáciles maneras: en el Curbside, dentro del restaurante o en el Drive Thru.

Exclusive Deals for Tasty Meals
Enjoy App-only offers and discounts that are as delicious as the food they’re for.

Ofertas Exclusivas Para Comida Deliciosas
Disfruta ofertas y descuentos exclusivos del app que son tan deliciosos como nuestra comida.

Save & Name Your Favorites
Add any of the classics to your bag or try something new. Customize your order & save your favorites to reorder with ease.

Guarda Y Nombra Tus Favoritos
Agrega cualquiera de los clásicos a tu bolsa de compras o prueba algo nuevo. Personaliza tu orden y guarda tus favoritos para repetirla cuando quieras.

Restaurant Locator
Where are you going to head when McNuggets® call your name? Open up the map and find your nearest McDonald’s.

Localizador de Restaurantes
¿A dónde irás cuando los McNuggets® te llamen? Abre el mapa y encuentra tu McDonald’s más cercano.

Pay Through the App
Save your payment method for even faster checkout with Mobile Order and Pay.

Paga A Través Del App
Guarda tu medio de pago para realizar un checkout más rápido con Mobile Order & Pay.

Download the App and register today to get more out of your meals at McDonald’s!
¡Descarga el app y regístrate hoy para obtener lo mejor de tus meals en McDonald’s!

Legal: Must be 13+. Data rates may apply. Prices and participation may vary. Offers available only at participating restaurants. Check conditions.html for Terms and Conditions and more information. ©2018 McDonald’s

Debe ser mayor de 13 años. Pueden aplicarse cargos por uso de datos. Los precios y la participación pueden variar. Ofertas disponibles solo en restaurantes participantes. Revisa para los Términos y Condiciones y para más información. ©2018 McDonald’s

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App continually hangs
kinojabber on 5/24/2018
Not functional enough to be on the App Store. Hangs on second access; only way to open is to delete the app and re-download. Supremely non-functional.
iPhone X compatible
no1/4er4me on 5/24/2018
I used to be able to get mobile coupons with my phone - since I upgraded to the X - no coupons - this has significantly impacted my trips to MCD....
Awesome service
KBCJB on 5/24/2018
Awesome service at 6177 in Mankato
Can’t even use it
Queen V on 5/24/2018
I can’t view my coupons, and have had trouble with the mobile ordering. I have 2 free McCafe drinks I will probably never see.
RandomJoe on 5/24/2018
The app can be really good at times BUT... I just tried using it and it wouldn't load anything. I couldn't even send feedback using the app. Taco Bell is open so I'm going there. There McCafe list is just one long scrolling frustration because they don't bother grouping anything.
Mobile pay
Clemotl on 5/24/2018
Speaking for a group of at least 48 senior citizens we want to say we don’t like the mobile pay. It seems you are using all the good deals for mobile pay. We have a 35 minute drive one way to get to a MCDS and with no good deals we go to Sonic cause they have good deals including a lot of BOGO free. Now I go to either Sonic or Wendy’s which my family doesn’t even like.
McDonalds App.
jdq18 on 5/24/2018
The app use to work as intended. However now it is plagued with a variety of errors. When i go to pay i am given a payment error and the order is not received yet the charges show up when I check my bank statement online. Had to do a chargeback on several charges. Stay away from this app till they fix the amount of bugs with app. It use to save me time by preordering for lunch. Now the app is useless. Ill be going elsewhere for lunch/breakfast now.
Doesn’t work
Sherilynne on 5/24/2018
Won’t load menu. Can’t place an order. I’ve tried several times now to get through to place an order and all 5 times over 2 months, it doesn’t work. Why put up all the advertisements if the piece of crap thing doesn’t even work?
Doesn’t work.
Mrs. Melbourne on 5/24/2018
I’ve been trying to use this app multiple times a days for 4 days & the app won’t work. I can’t get to the coupons or my points for my coffee. I stop in 1 or 2 times a day every day for my coffee & I can’t get the app to work for my points or my free coffees.
Could be better
Curtis19* on 5/24/2018
It could be better if you make the mobile coupons available for non mobile use. I only use cash.
Mobil order
BIGBOSHIE on 5/24/2018
When making Mobil purchases I received an error message “problem with payment” come to find out it was posting in my bank 3-4 times and the order never went through for the food. So, I deleted the app and reloaded it and now it won’t allow me to store a payment method at all! So no more Mobil orders I’m guessing and the deals that are Mobil are not for in store purchases! I called McDonald’s and they say there is no problem with the App and someone will look into this. It’s been several days and I have heard nothing!
McDonald’s For Life
Billy1970* on 5/24/2018
Love to you all. I’m 48 year old guy; and I cannot remember a time I did not love McDonald’s. Fantastic App. I’m impressed. I use it two times per week, but exercise a lot. Ha ha. Anyway, feedback is more Filet o Fish deals and free cheeseburgers Saturday. Take care, Bill Harvey in Reno, NV
Deals doesn’t work
Dhuey2988 on 5/24/2018
Deals hasn’t worked for multiple months every time I go into the app. Just a jumping thing of fries.
What’s the point of coupons if you can’t view them?!
La Virgie Virg on 5/24/2018
I love a good deal but it’s super annoying when I pull up to a McDonald’s and can’t use the coupons. It seems like there’s always a glitch in the system when I’m at a McDonald’s, how convenient!
Logging me off and trying to Log back in is ridiculous
Frustrated Nancy on 5/24/2018
Every time I turn my phone off and turn it back on my all my apps reboot. You’re not in my apps catalog for what I use for the day. So when that happens every time I get kicked out of this app so I have to re-login and then not only that it’s a hit and miss To even see if I can actually log in or not. For when I need to use it. So if it doesn’t lock me in like it needs to I just go to Wendy’s or Burger King because at least I’m getting a bang for my buck on that
Payment method
TroyNguyen411 on 5/24/2018
I cant not add payment method... such a waste of a restaurant app
Convenient, easy to use. Lots a deals.
Pho4ever on 5/24/2018
I like it!
Motown48205 on 5/24/2018
I can’t view deals. I can’t see my McCafe rewards. I can’t do mobile order, but I do see a bouncing box of French fries. What a complete piece of garbage. I would expect a large company like McDonalds to have the resources and skill to develop a working app.
sdwcdey1296421 on 5/24/2018
Seems like around lunch time your deals portion of the app quicks working... interesting.
The app never works
jkss skwknsnsowks on 5/24/2018
I hate it. When I really needed to order for my kids and left my card at home. Was going to use app because It stores payment info. Well the app did not come thru for me.
Smrouse on 5/24/2018
I hate the quit putting coupons for in the store it’s all for mobile app
Fraudulent app
Fred gauss on 5/24/2018
They make it seem like deals are available at your local place. Then you show up and the deals disappear. It wastes my time and money and then they make it so hard to send a message. You have to give them everything from cell phone to date of birth. It’s outrageous.
Mobile orders always fail
Gus91801 on 5/24/2018
Most of the coupons are mobile orders now. Mobile orders always fail stating a restaurant is closed when I'm literally standing inside it. McDonalds has poor QA or just doesn't care.
Mobile Coupons are a Waste
Ms. J Homeschooler on 5/24/2018
Got your app to save money, but most coupons are now “mobile order”. So close to just deleting the app and moving on to another restaurant where I may have to pay more but can better service and not be expected to either place my order online or through a kiosk. Really...why should I have to take my own order while employees stand around and chat?
Good deals when it works
nmiller22 on 5/24/2018
Half the time it doesn’t work, also has double charged me when doing mobile ordering. So watch your bank statement.
App frozen- like your meat
KPizzledos on 5/24/2018
App always crashes and now deals don’t work unless your AT a store. Why can’t I set my favorite store and see the deals?? I LOVED this app and it definitely got me to mcd’s more. But no longer. Gonna delete this app and just order like a normal... at Wendy’s.
5.14 doesn’t pay the store
Scotty Mc58 on 5/24/2018
I like the convenience of being able to pay via the app and collect coupons. But every other update seems to impact payment function. Better quality controls are needed!!!
Marcia Akinmusire
marshro on 5/24/2018
I think it is ridiculous that you can only order one thing off the deal menu at a time, so therefore you have to pay for the first order then order the next deal and so on leaving you with 3 or 4 different orders you’ve paid for separately and you’re waiting for to come out at separate times. It kind of defeats the purpose of using the app if you’re purchasing for several children that want different meals if you’re the only person at McDonald’s doing the purchases.
Terrible. Hate it.
HomeN2 on 5/24/2018
Poorly designed. No easy way to quickly reorder the same thing at the same store. Way too many steps to every process. Payment glitches. Will use drive thru or go somewhere else instead.
MomNurse8135 on 5/24/2018
This app crashes as much the stores do
Never functions properly
Tjjhrh on 5/24/2018
Don’t get me wrong, this app works great if you’re just using the coupons but NEVER works with mobile ordering. Every time I want to use it, it won’t let me add card information of any of my cards. It’s so difficult that I find absolutely no convenience in the app or in mobile ordering. I would only recommend this app if you just want coupons. The mobile ordering convenience isn’t a real thing.
DreeB23 on 5/24/2018
Can’t view deals since update
Wait time
Lindz1527 on 5/24/2018
The way the system works almost defeats the purpose of ordering ahead. The app should allow the option of checking just before we arrive to eliminate the wait time in the restaurant!!! Also the ability to pay to allow for others to pick up order, if they present code!!
Super Glitchy
Loveleigh11 on 5/24/2018
It frequently freezes up and says it’s having trouble and to check back later, so it will say that there are no deals available even though I’m in the restaurant, and I can’t use my rewards or any of the mobile order deals. I wish it had the same settings that many mobile restaurant apps where if something goes wrong, you can scan it in later and it’ll be corrected, if not the pay settings then at least to get my rewards logged.
It use to be good
Lovelychrissy on 5/24/2018
The deals they have are always awesome but about a month or two I haven’t been able to get to anything it always saying it loading and after 5 min’s or so still the same thing! I deleted the app and download it again so let’s see if this changes anything..But beside the app acting up I would of gave 5 stares instead of three but after the same thing after longer then a month I can only give it three stars
BWI airport scam
Efon777 on 5/24/2018
I have just been taken at BWI airport!! There are 2 McDonalds in different terminals and you must go through separate security lines to get to them. They are linked to the wrong GPS locations and they will not refund you despite the clear glitch in the app. This is one big racket the franchise owner is running!! I’m deleting the app now in my frustration
Rarely has my order
HJC3HJC3 on 5/24/2018
Not much good to say about this app. Difficult to pull up recent store, or recent order for re-order. When I do get my order entered, the store usually doesn’t have it. It ends up taking longer to mobile order than to just give the order through the drive thru. Often the price on the mobile order is more than if I order manually. Lots of crashes.
I missed my order many times
P:a:t on 5/24/2018
When I ordered it showed to pick up at the location, but 3 times when I got there and asked for my order, they didn’t get my order, and they cannot find it out what’s wrong with it. I called to customer service but they still couldn’t help anything, they can’t find it out what’s happened, they can’t refund my money back, they was like I have to call to the bank. Finally I don’t what happened for 3 time I missed my order.
Fix the deals! The only thing worth it!
King1Leo on 5/24/2018
There’s always an issue with the deals! Either “unavailable” or doing the disappearing act when it comes time to use it only showing three coupons. McDonald’s cost more than freaking sushi, (literally), you think they would want to keep some business...
Mobile ordering stole my money!
lopemac on 5/23/2018
I’ve had nothing but issues with mobile ordering using the McDonald’s app. First of all it randomly keeps telling me I have internet connection issues when I don’t. Although I don’t know if that is an iOS issue or an app issue. Then it loves taking my money without me getting my food 😠 It’s done this around 3 times now and I’m told by McDonald’s employees to wait for the money to automatically return to my bank account which it never does. The latest time it took my money, I was at the “we see you’re here” alert and it had the normal option to select a pickup. I had to open another app real quick and when I went back to the McDonald’s app, the screen quickly changed to “Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoyed your experience”. I never got to choose a pickup option and I was charged for the food that I never received. There was no order number either. That is not acceptable! The app should NOT automatically complete transactions for users and it should save the last position it was at and always allow pickup options. Horrible app programming/user experience. The app and systems need a major overhaul. I complained on the McDonald’s website and was asked to help troubleshoot the issue. I shouldn’t need to do that and I’m very tired of always having to help companies troubleshoot their issues.
App is as reliable as their shake machine
rdarr40 on 5/23/2018
Constantly get a message “Sorry we’re having issues on our end”. Will allow you to order and pay in the app but, when you get to the restaurant they can’t retrieve the order.
DOESNT WORK. McD doesn’t care
penguinpi on 5/23/2018
The app still doesn’t work. You can’t mobile order or see deals. I contacted support. They said delete and reinstall. That didn’t work and I wasn’t able to call in to get the next level of support. Which who cares enough to do all that. I’ll just go somewhere else until McD gets serious about mobile ordering.
App doesn’t work
Kari7559 on 5/23/2018
I have had to delete this app & redownload it over & over to get it to work. Then today I got to the end and thought it was paid, it gave me the code to show them at McDonalds, but they never received it. It’s a great app when it works! I love the deals & discounts and it’s a great way to save some time. Unless the staff hasn’t been trained on using it!
There something fishy going on with the app.
Yajaira30 on 5/23/2018
So I’ve noticed that the app charges multiple times for orders that you make. And aside from that orders that weren’t made to begin with. Also somehow an order was made from my mother’s app that she never made to begin with. She had to cancel her card and get a new one. I just got a transaction for an order I didn’t make. So I suggest you check that you aren’t getting charged for orders not made by you.
Too many errors
Msoto15 on 5/23/2018
This app is a great concept. Great way for me to order as I will always prefer to order online. But, this app gives me too many error codes, it is a total waste of time. I have a big family so it takes me time to select all I’m ordering just to get error messages regarding issues with my payment method or errors with none of the items selected being “available “ at the location. This is extremely frustrating, should just be easier than ordering but it’s the other way around. FIX IT!!!!!
Deals won’t load after update
rochellep on 5/23/2018
After the last update, deals and mobile order and pay will not load. What’s the point of the app if you can’t order before getting to McDonalds?
It could use work
braidsglitch on 5/23/2018
I dislike how they have the same coupons and then it it on the deals again. They do have offers that is useful but, the need more better and improved.
VERY Bad Service
Mrs.CParker on 5/23/2018
I went to the mcdonalds at 5705 hopkins rd in chesterfield, VA and waited for my mobile order for 20 min and it was never brought out to me. I then had to go in the store to ask for the order, and it was given to me with an attitude. Don’t offer this mobile/curbside service if you cant deliver.
Great App
Babygirl199885 on 5/23/2018
I love it
Can’t view coupons
Theway2bacon on 5/23/2018
It keeps telling me there is problems on their end. If not fixed soon I’m deleting. I don’t really like McDonald’s anyway but my kids do but without coupons me and 4 kids won’t bother going.
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