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App last updated Sep 19, 2017
New in version 2.0.3

• Bug fixes and performance improvements to make your HUB App cruising experience even better!
• Minor iOS 11 fixes


Vacationing on CARNIVAL? Maximize your fun aboard!
Before traveling to the pier, download the ultimate cruise app - now available on ALL Carnival Fun Ships!

When on board, connect to Carnival’s Wi-Fi to view what’s happening, weather, dining menus and more! Onboard internet purchase is NOT required to use the Carnival HUB app.

NEW Features:
• New, fresh homepage design for easy access to latest most relevant information
• Weather for each day of your sailing
• View dining menus right on your phone
• Easily search for family and friends on board to connect with
• Find information like dining attire easily

Current Features:
• Chat to connect with family and friends on board. * Low, flat activation fee applies.
• Day-by-day schedule of hundreds of on board events
• “Favorites” feature with a reminder for upcoming events
• Information for all great food and dining options
• Searchable deck plans with key areas highlighted
• Itinerary details, including current ship time, arrival/departure times for upcoming port calls
• Real-time information on guests’ current Sail & Sign shipboard account balance

On select ships:
• Ability to purchase shore excursions
• Ability to view and purchase professional photos

Go ahead. Download it now. Your vacation deserves it.

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Awesome App
Viper4114 on 9/25/2017
Easy to use and navigate. Very helpful to use on the ship.
Wicked helpful
CMattySucceed on 9/25/2017
iPhone 7 plus &a Android S8+ (yes I have both) this app helped me so much I have OCD and I loved how it gives u the option to save "favorites" so I can see what I wanna do and if things change or get canceled I go to "what's happening" to see what I can replace the dropped event with. This was my first time cruising and I had an epic time!!
Easy App
Mizzbeth on 9/25/2017
Once logged, I loved this app. Texting family on the ship and seeing photos. All the days events and food places. Ver nice app
Best app
Roxy's Nana on 9/24/2017
Great app all information is at your fingertips. Updates when necessary. Easy to use. Loved it. Do not need paper itinerary!
Just a basic app not too many advanced features.
S¥cks on 9/24/2017
There is a chat feature, but it costs each phone $5 to activate. Needs better accounts access to billing, and it does not tell you how much in the negative your account is. You have to find a kiosk which almost always had a line to check detailed billing. Also it should have a feature where you can add cash by charging to a Credit/Debit card. Also could use a direct comment feature that could be sent to the Mgr./Cruise Director expressing compliments or complaints.
Great way to stay connected!!
True Addiction on 9/24/2017
Great way to stay connected and updated. Let's you keep in contact with friends and allows you to see what's going on around the boat without having to keep track of that old flyer like last time!! Loses connection at times and may get responses late but that can always be improved on.
Easy Navigation
ericadami on 9/24/2017
The Carnival HUB app was a huge help on our cruise. We were able to get around the ship with the maps, we knew what was going on at all times, eating options and times were available.
Great App but Chat Feature was not always functional
N2015DC on 9/23/2017
We all enjoyed this app; loved seeing what to do, where to eat, account summary and photos. The only reason it's not a 5 is that the chat message didn't go through and we didn't get the messages in real-time. We found that not to be a feature that we would purchase again. We were impressed with the app and cost of internet.
It is a good app!
Jeanne628 on 9/22/2017
It's handy. Quick check what's happening on that day.
Steffiro808 on 9/21/2017
From the very moment I stepped aboard the ship, the hub was great!! I loved how every moment was listed and the reminders on the favorites! I think it was one of the best features to have while cruising!
Very helpful
Lil_mercedes on 9/21/2017
Perfect to keep up with what's going on onboard, ship time and to keep track whose spending what on the accounts. We also booked a shore excursion and the tickets was delivered to our room some hours later. I do wish it was a bit more interactive or included a mini game package for the kids. Or let us view photos taken on board.
Really good app
Nice being able to see daily schedules and current info right in the app. There's no need to even look at the Fun Times paper anymore. Everything is right in your hand. Was also nice to be able to chat with other people in our party onboard. App really helped us stay in touch and find each other while on the ship without wifi or cellular data (the ability to text each other like we normally world on land). You can also view your sail & sign account in real time. Nice being able to always keep an eye on updated charges. Great app!
Used a lot.
2aday on 9/11/2017
This app was used a lot! Texting my family and seeing what was going on, plus knowing what is for dinner!
The Hub App Is So Worth it
Ruben Benavidez on 9/10/2017
It's the greatest app ever made .... I was able to check my account balance everyday .... I was able to pick out and download my pictures on the spot .... this app should get 20+ Stars !!!!!
Great app!
Wants2bbeachbum on 9/9/2017
We have used this with two cruises and love it. The ship maps are nice to have, as well as the What's Happening and the Dining Options. We were with a group this last cruise so spent the $5 for the Chat. It was great to keep up with everyone. Don't think I'd do it for just the two of us.
Good overall, but could be so much better
David B. Eastland on 9/7/2017
We just got back from a cruise on the Carnival Triumph. We found the Hub app to be a great idea that needs a lot more work. The main thing we were looking forward to using was the chat feature to allow our young teens to have more freedom on board, while checking in. However, the chat feature was not working on the first night, and was spotty for the rest of the trip. This was true even if both devices had good wifi signal, which was far from a given. I brought it to Guest Services attention, and never heard back, though it did get some better. Without dependability, the chat feature is much less useful than it could be. The information is good to have at the ready. It is like a carrying the Fun Times with you, but better. Calling the maps interactive is a bit of a stretch, but they were helpful to have. The online menus for the dining rooms were wonderful. There are some things that would have made it better. Prior to the cruise, the app is only a countdown timer, but could help explore the ship so you are more aware when you get aboard. I would have loved to see the ship's position during the cruise at a touch. The weather feature could use a lot of work, as it did not give enough info. There were a couple of times that staff wanted to get back in touch with us, but there did not seem to be a way to message from staff to guest in the app. All of these would make easy and helpful upgrades for the next version. I can't wait to see what they do before our next cruise.
Nice for the cruiser in the go!
Glover1206 on 9/3/2017
It has all the essential info needed to know without having to keep up with all those paper schedules they leave in the staterooms..
Hub App
Ms.Bert on 9/3/2017
The Hub App Was Awesome. It helps you to find everything going on. Loved It!❤️
Lots of perks
ohstevie on 9/2/2017
Very informative of what's happening on the ship. Activities, the new ability to buy your pictures through the app, etc. There were just a few things, like on the spa, that we couldn't find but I think that's due to the fact that you have to contact the spa directly.
Love this app
Melhellno on 9/2/2017
2 nd time to go on carnival and use this app and couldn't have found my way with all the actives without it.
Very useful
RNeb on 9/1/2017
The $5 chat function is worth it! The best part of the app was being able to see what was open and when. There were menus posted, and what entertainment was happening and where. You can favorite an event and the app would remind you. If you're cruising Carnival, it's a no brainer.
The Chat option is worth it
Kaysea540 on 8/31/2017
The app has a lot of great features, like being able to check the day's menu and all the other restaurants and bars that were currently open. It also shows you the events of the day, reminds you of the ones you liked, which of your friends liked the same events (in your group, if you asked to all be seated together) and stays up to date with closing and opening times. But the best part about the app would be the Chat function! It only costs $5 for the whole trip per person to have it, and it works really well as long as you don't close the app (including notifications on your Apple Watch)! Well worth the money as a substitute for the old post-it note on the door system to coordinate with a large group!
Very helpful, but...
Bordercollieflower on 8/30/2017
It would be AWESOME if there was a feature to show you exactly where you were on a map. The wifi on board is lacking to say the least, so it could be a great addition to make the app better.
I would go again
Ibby_35 on 8/27/2017
It was a good trip but they charged you too much for almost everything
Amazing app for an amazing time
Shibelz on 8/26/2017
Kept us up to date with all that was going on with the ship. Included your account summary to look at your finances and even shore excursions for the whole week. There's a plethora of features available and they all work together to make sure you get the most out of your carnival cruise!
Sketchy Wifi, great app
Chinamom5 on 8/26/2017
Parents, grandparents & teens went on Elation out of Jax 8/2017 & the wifi/chat was intermittent but the app itself is good. Paid $5pp for chat & even with intermittent service I was happy to have contact between 3 rooms & 10ppl
Very fast
CIJoe17 on 8/26/2017
Best app to use while on vacation
Nice & easy to use
PamiiAsh on 8/25/2017
Loved it
Well done Carnival
channell2011 on 8/25/2017
I love that it showed all the events that were going on, and if you favorite an event you got a reminder when it's getting close. You can use to purchase pretty much everything, and it's shows what excursions they have at ports. They don't leave anybody out. They have gathers through the day for people who relate can all meet up, like the LGBT gathering, now I have lifelong friends and good connections. Carnival, you're the best!
It's nice
FweefweetheJester on 8/24/2017
Very nice, shows the time, activities, food, account info and whatever you need. All in one. The only thing was paying to keep in touch with people, which is something we didn't do
Useful when cruising
Yedanor on 8/24/2017
This is great app to have when cruising in carnival especially when you have a lot of people. It helps you keep in contact with everyone and activities on the ship.. the only down side to it is that it only works on the ship wifi. So when you dock at a port and you get off you have no access till you get back on!
First Time User & Cruiser
The_Fit_Lotus on 8/21/2017
As a first time cruiser and all the overwhelming information you receive, this app really helped me organize my events and find eating options at any time. It also helped me keep track of my Sail & Sign expenses, although the total does not calculate the credits to your account. I'm rating it 3 stars only because I think the chat feature should be free. It was difficult to keep track of friends and family because of the lack of communication and many times we would miss attending an event together because we couldn't communicate, but paying for that feature shouldn't be an option. Cruising was an amazing experience, but it can get very pricey and there are always services and products being marketed at you. Being able to communicate should be free. Hey we could all be arranging to meet at a bar to spend more money and have more fun!!
teflonhoncho on 8/20/2017
Tweet_i on 8/20/2017
Extremely helpful and useful around the ship! Awesome app, thanks Carnival!
Smile0424 on 8/20/2017
I loved this app. It help my my family and friends plan our day. It also kept me updated on my money situation. I will say the wifi isn't so good but I don't blame the app. I highly recommend you download this.
Great App
austintg on 8/20/2017
This was so useful for staying in touch with friends and family. No longer do you have to worry about your family members knowing how to use a radio to stay connected! The only reason for 4 stars is the messages started to send late, sometimes the next morning and they would also disappear from the app for no reason at all. It is a young app that needs help, but provided my family a way to coordinate like never before on-board.
Carnival hub app
Pancho Tamales on 8/19/2017
Excellent!!!!!! As the crew
Wants to be useful... but isn't
hdfixit on 8/18/2017
The app is ready to be great. It has the day's events, ship maps, dining options including menus, and port information. However, the main dining menus were consistently wrong, and I could never get a full listing of activities. We bought the $5 chat feature (per person in your group!!) but it often took 10-20 minutes for the texts to go through. And - in order to receive chats, you have to be in the app. Not helpful if you're trying to chat someone who isn't currently using the app. At the end of the day, going "Old School" worked - using the ship maps on every floor, at all elevators; using the daily paper schedules, and agreeing to meet at a certain time and place. The app has a lot of potential and I hope Carnival invests in it because it could be really useful.
First time cruiser
AnnaliseRa on 8/15/2017
This app was amazing. It lets you know the events, maps, search options, and reminders. Easily add what you want to do, by clicking the heart, and the app will remind you before the event begins. It was my first time on a cruise and it was overwhelming, because of the many things happening all day. This app simplified ir for me.
RockmanRob on 8/14/2017
The app ran fine for 2 of the 5 days on the Valor. I purchased the chat plan, which was a waste of money. The chat wouldn't work when the app did. Needs an overhaul.
Carnival cruise review
info99 on 8/12/2017
Great service and great employees and the shows are special
Cruising with carnival? Must have this app
Vishal p on 8/10/2017
From opening times of each bars or restaurant to your favorite show times and what's going on and where also the deck plans. Loved the app with my recent carnival experience.....
Marius CCL on 8/10/2017
Congratulations Carnival Vista, truly a must have app while cruising! Got to view and purchase all my photos taken during the cruise while on board, no hassle, downloaded all to my phone with the Carnival Hub App. No need to purchase an internet plan to use it, great experience!!!
Amazing App
Abstahhh. on 8/10/2017
You HAVE to have this app during your cruise. Everything is at your fingertips: stuff to do, ship map, food hours/locations, weather, etc. Free to use!!
Very convenient and easy!
jmdude36 on 8/10/2017
Was very easy to go through different activities of the day. When you mark events as "favorites", it will remind you 15 minutes before. You can also see the dinner menu every day! Great app!
Very helpful
blewbuny on 8/7/2017
This was a very handy app to have. Let's you know what's going on and when. You can get the dinner menus at the touch of a button. This app also lets you keep track of you sign and sail account.
Good when it works
SneaksieKitten on 8/7/2017
The maps, schedule, and other functions work great, and are very helpful. The chat is really useful - when it's actually working. Several people in our group had only intermittent chat access, and we often got messages hours after they were sent - or sometimes not at all.
Pie mic on 8/7/2017
Easy n convenient to use
Okay for basic needs
KatesMagates on 8/6/2017
This app is great to keep up on what's happening on the ship, but could be vastly improved by allowing users to book reservations in the Steak House as well as the spa through the app. Dinner menus and anything you can access through the stateroom TV menus would also be helpful
Worthwhile on Carnival Freedom
Barber of Seville on 8/6/2017
Very pleased to find out about this app! Never missed an event on the ship and was great at keeping in touch with everyone in the family. Highly recommend it to anyone cruising on Carnival!
Fact Sheet
  • Publisher: Carnival Corporation
  • Category: Travel
  • Released: Jan 15, 2015
  • Current Version Released: Sep 19, 2017
  • Version: 2.0.3
  • Size: 35.5 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
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