NailSnaps, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 1.5.4 Dec 05, 2014 Sep 27, 2017 39.8 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.5.4

Social sharing updates and pixie dust.


NailSnaps is the world's best way to create, share, and wear custom nail art. Turn your photos into custom nail wraps that you can purchased and apply yourself in just minutes.

Create personalized nail art like you've never seen before featuring your favorite photos ­– tropical sunsets, sleeping cats, pretty patterns, super heroes, unicorn sightings – anything you snap a photo of can become custom nail art.

Explore inspiration from friends, manicurists, and creative nail art fans from around the world.
Create totally unique, personalized nail art from your own photos.
Purchase custom, made-to-order nail wrap designs to be shipped right to your door.
Share designs to inspire friends and followers in the community and across the social web.

Play with the NailSnaps hand pose stencil to easily create and purchase designs made from your own photos. Next, we print and ship your made-to-order nail wraps from our facility in Los Angeles. You apply your designs by gently smoothing the self-adhesive nail wraps onto your fingernails and then filing of the edges to rock your totally custom look.

Anyone who loves nail art and wants to enjoy custom designs without the hassle and mess of trying to paint manicures with tiny brushes. Unleash your creativity and show off amazing, personalized nail wraps that are just as unique as you are.

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Destroyed My Nails!
LalaLlama7373 on 1/30/2017
After peeling these stickers off, my nails were brittle, dry, and cracked. It's been a month and I'm still getting hangnails from the damage. The app itself is easy to use and fun (hence the one star) but the product itself is toxic for your nails.
Review for NailSnaps
Lettuce18!!! on 12/11/2016
Very easy to use, and you can buy your own designs! Super cool idea! Also you can buy some of the designs already there and get inspiration to paint nail art in real life!!!
Almost 2 months and still no product
todthebod on 10/4/2016
I really really wanted to give this company a good review BUT it has been a month and 3 weeks and I still haven't received my product. Originally I was supposed to get it after 5-7 days. I have emailed customer service a few times and still no product.
Terrible!! do not waste your money
Kikchic on 5/11/2016
These are awful. Looks like stickers you would buy for children and the design was completely cut off from the nail outline. Also they said you petite and regular size but they both don't fit on the whole nail. The design gets cut off. Nothing works about this
Some technical issues, but a fun app overall
Aradiapdx on 4/15/2016
Edit 4/15/16: They eventually responded to me and refunded the charges to my account, also giving me a discount code for a future order. There were personal issues involved that caused the delay, and the response was very friendly. I haven't placed a new order yet, so can't speak to the actual product, but I still feel like this is a brilliant idea, and the app is really fun. Hopefully the technical issue has been resolved. ------------------- I really wanted to love this. It's a brilliant idea, and the app is so much fun to play with. I had a great time creating nail sets and was looking forward to trying them. When I tried to place an order, however, there were technical issues with the app that resulted in my card being charged twice without an actual transaction going through. I received a very friendly response from the company offering to help me pay them through PayPal instead, but when I told them there were two charges to my bank account from them that I needed refunded, communication suddenly ceased. Because of this, I now have to go through a charge dispute with my bank instead. What little communication I have had was friendly, and I really do love their idea, so I hope that this is just the problems of a new and fairly small company that they will sort out soon so that hopefully I will feel comfortable trying to do business with them again in the future. (Unfortunately, the issue combined with lack of communication makes them seem sketchy to me at the moment.) Will keep an eye out for reviews here and on the internet to see if this was just an unfortunate glitch, or if others have similar issues that confirm questionable business integrity. I hate leaving negative reviews, but want others to be aware and use caution.
Totally ups my nails game!
elle511 on 4/12/2016
Absolutely love this! Use it to match all my favorite dresses and prints I see. So much better than going to nail salon + love how it's all non-toxic!
I love these!
Laamberry on 3/22/2016
I've ordered a few sets of these and I've loved every one! Super fun
Sensorydestination on 1/30/2016
I love this app! It's so fun to find unique pictures and fun patterns, and it also makes for great personalized gifts.
Ijuhuhyghjygrh on 1/30/2016
This is one of the coolest nail apps you could ever buy. It works so well, like me and my family were on vacation and I took a photo of the sun set and printed them out and they were amazing
usc123 on 10/30/2015
My entire NailSnaps experience - everything from designing to wearing them - was an absolute blast! I get so many compliments on my nails and I love being able to tell everyone that I’m the designer. I’m hooked.
Editorial Manicurist
Sandra Hopp Paulucci on 10/21/2015
I can tell you that this is genius. I've been a manicurist for over 20 years and what you got here is a home run. Thank you you will make my job a lot easier and open more doors for me. I'm an editorial and celeb manicurist in NYC. This will fly!!! Thanks!! Sandra Hopp Paulucci
Nail genius
Tifrolfe on 8/26/2015
Such a great idea in the age of Instagram. We can finally put all those digital pics to use. Fun and easy to use!
@thenailartaccount on 8/15/2015
I've been doing nailart as a hobby for a long time, and nailsnaps is totally awesome for beginners and people who are more advanced! You can just wear them as is, but I love to mix them with my polishes and as accent nails. If I use the whole pack for accent nails, it also lasts a lot longer. I love this app!
NailSnaps Rocks!
Nuzi on 8/13/2015
I love NailSnaps! I always have the most unique nails and I get so many compliments from them...even at the grocery store! NailSnaps is the only app I found to express my own unique style on my nails. I love using personal items and photos for my nails. I love owls and have made several NailSnaps of the little owls I have around my house. It's also fun for special events. I made some fun conference themed NailSnaps for a conference I attended. And they last soo long! Longer than a manicure for me! (A little tip: I apply a layer of top coat everyday or every other day to keep them lasting longer.) Have fun NailSnaping! I did. :)
Great Idea!
CateLarsen on 8/13/2015
Who knew doing nails could be so much fun? NailSnaps is a blast!
Creative and fun nails in a snap!
Joshua Kaufman on 8/13/2015
NailSnaps is so much fun. Making custom nail art is easy and wearing it always gets compliments. Keep up the awesome, NailSnaps!
Traetz on 8/13/2015
This app is amazing! Allows you to be super creative and turn any photo, texture, fabric, person, into nail art! Compared to similar companies, these are made from high quality materials which last a long time. 5 stars!!!
Totally Addictive!
JohnsonPerson on 8/13/2015
The Nail Snaps app got my creative juices flowing, and I just couldn't stop making designs. Such a fun way to kill time, with the added bonus of feeling like you actually made something happen. Because you did!
Squale P on 8/13/2015
My wife loves it when her nails look good, but never wants to put in a lot of effort. I get her Nail snaps for all our special occasions... It's her favorite gift!
Nailed it!
haldeen on 8/13/2015
Working on set... this is perfect to keep our talents nails looking great and most importantly consistent day to day when we shoot scenes out of order.
Tailor Made
ahpiro on 8/13/2015
NailSnaps, an already revolutionary app, asked its users for feedback and then immediately implemented the suggested upgrades! Now I can share & steal beautiful nail art with & from my friends - online & IRL. Stoked to be a fan of a company with consumers at the forefront of its evolution!
Nail art made easy!
EwanAnderson on 8/12/2015
So simple and intuitive! Even guys can rock their team logo or favorite band across their nails.
I'm the only one with these nailz!
IssaJ on 8/12/2015
I love this product, the app is so easy to use, and nails easy to apply, and the best part -- I get to use my awesome photos. Keep it up NailSnaps :)
Your nails should never be an afterthought
ShimmStar on 8/12/2015
With this app I can extend my style to my fingertips! Love it.
One of my favorite apps
Luckystar1013 on 8/12/2015
This app not only lets you purchase a super great product but it's also fun to play with!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Best in show
Torrmoz on 8/12/2015
There are a few different companies selling this type of product right now, but NailSnaps is by far the highest quality and most versatile. Do it!
Love this!
FormerlyNoNails on 8/12/2015
I’ve been a nail biter my entire life, but this app actually inspired me to grow my nails out. Such a great idea and so fun to play with. Love it!
Hmboiseau on 8/12/2015
I LOVE you this app!! It's so creative and it makes me even more so! Everywhere I go (currently in Paris) I see images and patterns that I can make for my nails and they're super easy to use!! #1fan
Text images are reversed!
KatieinTC on 8/3/2015
Thought this was cute and simple to use, but app doesn't have any FAQs or ways to comment or ask questions. Received my order and the text printing was reversed on half of the stickers! Not acceptable! I have requested a refund and I will see how the company responds. Not happy.
5 Stars
HeyImJaden06 on 7/27/2015
This app in simply genius. I love using it to buy nails, and it's so much easier and much cheaper than going to get your nails done. I also love that I can request my own design. This app has very few flaws which are not big which I really appreciate.
Very Good
Blackdragonrose on 5/25/2015
Excellent application, but unfortunately the price to order nails with your design is too much $$$. Is good for special event only, not for just have fun with your nail. Definitely I don't pay $19 dollars. No way, not me
So cool
Nailsnaps lover on 1/22/2015
U should totally get this app! It is a way to see people's artistic way in life. My friends love it and u will too!!💅
Great quality
marmiche on 1/11/2015
I received mine in the mail within 4 days, easy to apply. It would have taken hours at the salon to get the same ! And the nails lasted over 10 days... Already designing my next set
jprufrock82 on 12/29/2014
Genius idea and excellent quality -- get yours!
Crystal M~T on 12/21/2014
I saw this on tv and i just knew i had to get it therefore i give it 5 stars
New Favorite App!!
BreezySummer on 12/18/2014
I LOVE this app, and cannot say enough about how impressed I am over Nail Snaps. It's easy and fun to use and I love having the ability to customize and create my own personal nail decals. Nail Snaps offers the freedom of creativity along with the ability to add my own personal flair to each design, with the comfort of knowing it's going to turn out looking GREAT each time. Due to the app being so easy to use and fun to design, I have almost 50 design creations and am having trouble deciding which design to order, ha. (Never a bad problem to have, right?) Clearly, I am officially obsessed. But out of everything, what has impressed me the most with Nail Snaps is how much they genuinely care about each customer. I was having an issue with the app crashing on me, so I emailed them to let them know about the problem. (I honestly expected some impersonal, automated response. Maybe something along the lines of, "Thank you for making us aware of the issue! You are a valued customer and we'll look into resolving your complaint. Thanks!") However, I was shocked (in a GREAT way) to find that was NOT the case. Within literally an hour of sending my email, I received a personal response (as in from an actual person, not some automated robot) thanking me for notifying them of my issue and asking for some additional information to help them resolve my problem as quickly as possible. I was even more surprised to find they gave me a GIFT of 50% off my next two Nail Snap purchases (WOW!!) for reaching out to them and making them aware of the issue. (Again...WOW!) That was a little over day ago. Since then, I have received three additional emails answering any additional questions I had about Nail Snaps, as well as going above and beyond to help resolve my issue. I don't think I can name any other company that would display such genuine kindness and concern for one random customer as Nail Snaps has done for me. They showed me that I'm not just "another customer" to them. That they don't see me as a "dollar sign", but as an actual person...which is a rare quality to come across with any business these days. I know they have tons of customers and are super busy with other issues that need their attention; so, to receive such a genuine response means a lot to me. I will do business with a company like that ANY day. Download this app. You will LOVE it!
Apple Blaque
AppleBlaque on 12/17/2014
Omg.. This is such a great idea. Can't wait for me and my daughters to try this!#Excited
Very cool!
msmih81 on 12/14/2014
This app is awesome. The only thing it lacks (unless it's there and I missed it) is the ability to use more than one image per set of nails.
Gracie moore forever on 12/14/2014
I love this app because I love nails 💅💅💅
Amazing App!
Dr. Doctor5 on 12/14/2014
This app is sooo good! I've always wanted something like this!! Very easy to create new designs with just a few simple steps! Then you can upload it for other nail art designers to see. I have a couple problems: 1. For me it crashed quite a lot, it's a tad annoying but with this particular app it doesn't matter, because I can get right back on and continue what I was doing 2. I wish you could search types of nails. For example, when you create a nail you get a box to put a 'tag' on your nail. (A way for others to find your creations in my view) SO, say I wanted to view nails that had blue in it, there needs to be a way to view nails, without having to go through every account searching for 'inspiration'. 3. I would like to see a popular page, for those who have good ideas/have more followers. That way new users can see what is possible while using this app. (Also so I don't have to search random people to find good designs) Well I wrote a lot, but don't take everything negatively! THIS APP IS AMAZING AND I CANT WAIT FOR FUTURE UPDATES!!! 😄
Pretty limited, but fun if you’re into nails.
Yo-Mommy on 12/12/2014
Title says it all.
So cool!
SocialblingSteph on 12/10/2014
Photos to fashionable nail art...I love it!
Creative and unique nail art!
Jesswhatever on 12/8/2014
I'm a big fan of photography and nail art, so I jumped at the chance to fund NailSnaps. The app is really fun and easy to use, now I just need to load more of my old photos on to my phone so I have more nail art options! The stickers take a little practice to apply smoothly, but once you get it down they look great. They are a little pricier than similar products, but no other nail sticker lets you customize like this. If you have a home gel kit, you can use it to give your NailSnaps some extra durability and shine. I'm looking forward to seeing what designs other users share as well.
Genius, Fun & Simple
Jennkcook on 12/8/2014
The best way to accessorize! Love the personalization and creative control this app allows...parties, weddings, holidays just got so much more awesome. Killer idea, love it.
Best Nail Art App
cr8ive on 12/7/2014
It’s easy to use, the app looks cool and it’s going to save me loads of money from going to the salon. It’s also great to see what other people have done and get inspired. I love that I can express whatever I want now with my nail art!
Ahhhhhhh !!
LUVuLOTSbrucey on 12/7/2014
I've been waiting for you guys and this app for ever....soooooo excited to try this out...!
Great idea
bnunnally on 12/7/2014
This app is a great idea from start to finish. The ladies in the family are going to have so much fun with this, especially with the holiday session.
Brilliant Idea, Excellent Execution
thetankgyrl on 12/7/2014
I'd heard about NailSnaps last year and thought this was such a simple and awesome idea. Custom nail art made from your own photos is such a great idea! And the app is so easy to use. It's simple and clear and easy. Pick a picture, design how the photo will lay out on the nail wraps, save and order. Can't get any easier! The nail wraps themselves are easy to put on, even for someone like me who is completely not good at these sorts of things. If you're looking for a fun way to dress up your nails, this is such a great way to do it!
So rad!
Dani Hurt on 12/6/2014
LOVE NailSnaps. Fabulous product that instantly uploads your instagrams and turns them into nail art while instantly upping your cool factor. Seriously. Awesome
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