Yelp for Business Owners


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Business 4.9.0 Dec 16, 2014 May 22, 2018 107 MB iOS 10.0 or later 12+
New in version 4.9.0

Every few weeks, we polish the Yelp for Business Owners app to make it better.


Millions of people turn to Yelp every day to make spending decisions. Yelp provides a free suite of tools to showcase your business and connect you to the Yelp community. The Yelp for Business Owners app allows you to view important business analytics and connect with customers, including those who have written reviews for your business. This app puts the power of Yelp’s tools right in your pocket!

NOTE: This app is for business owners to manage their Yelp business pages. If you’re looking for the Yelp app that will help you discover great local businesses, go to

Use Yelp for Business Owners to:
• Track visitor engagement and customer leads from your Yelp Business Page.
• Respond to reviews with a private message or public comment.
• Respond to customer inquiries and messages.
• Upload and manage photos for your business.
• View reports on ad clicks from Yelp users (advertisers only)
• Report reviews and messages.

To get started, download the app and sign in with your business user credentials. If you haven’t yet claimed your business on Yelp, go to, and follow the steps to find your business and create your business user account.

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Lo peor de lo peor
Pachinas on 5/21/2018
Esto debería de ser considerado un scam. A mi me cobraron mas de $1,500 dls. por NADA. solo sacan dinero por absolutamente ningún beneficio. Y lo peor es que cuando llamas para poder aclarar las cosas todos se echan la bolita y nadie resuelve nada.
Jhutch2 on 5/19/2018
Yelp is a pathetic excuse of a company app and website are nearly useless for business owners. Not even worth the hassle of the backlink. I wish I could remove my company completely but I don’t even think their terms of service will allow that. Horrible company and experience.
Expensive AF and not necessarily effective
Stefnitly on 5/18/2018
Yelp contacted me to set up my business and I thought this was due diligence to confirm service category, address, etc. Actually it’s those high pressure sales tactics... I wouldn’t have been surprised if oil dripped out my phone from the sleezy sales scenarios rattled off to me. The competition they present to you is erected by their page design, then they want you to pay extra to counteract it. They overvalue their services like a government contractor with high paid lobbyists. They offer you a free $300 promotion and take your credit card, to then charge you between $10-$14 PER CLICK that in my case never resulted in a sale. You pay more per click if there’s more competition in your service category, and with more competition you’re less likely to make a sale. Even though I talked to two reps to help me gauge my timing to not incur charges as a new business owner, I failed to avoid those 6 f*#¥ing clicks that cost me $70. They basically told me tough luck when I called to see if anything could be done about this... a change of time from the reassurance that there service would help me make, not spend money when I signed up. I placed a $5 dollar ad on Craigslist and got more business than I did on yelp. Craigslist isn’t actively trying to extort its advertisers.
Clean up the inbox
EmilGas on 5/16/2018
I’m not sure why I don’t have the option to delete or archive messages. There is so much junk that I can’t find the message I’m looking for. I’m sure it’s not a complicated task to add a delete button
They have trolls
Mehta J on 5/14/2018
They have trolls that bother you with nonsense calls and give fake reviews. All in an effort to get you to but ads. In other words extortionists
No paguen publicidad con Yelp es una estafa no boten su dinero es u
1D number1Fan on 5/12/2018
No recomiendo esta compañía para hacer publicidad de pago tengo varías razón. No vote su dinero.
Lack of truth!
Gemofdesert on 5/10/2018
If someone one wants to destroy you - they have the ability thru the Yelp app. Sad!
barber blackmail on 5/9/2018
Basically yelp is financial blackmail. Give them money. They will pretty up your reviews. Will be glad to see them gone.
Do NOT use Yelp advertising!
Rjax92x on 5/7/2018
Do not sign up for a free trial! They will empty your bank account and they don’t even generate leads. Seriously upset about what I went thru with yelp. They will NOT refund you for anything. I was scammed by yelp and will never use them. I will spread the word to everyone I know business owner, or consumer, to stay away from yelp. TERRIBlE experience.... Cannot express how angry I am.
Larry772sebastian on 5/7/2018
Unethical to allow bleeding images on reviews. Take the image off before we sue your ceo for bad management✌🏼. Turbo Nails Fl 34655
Do not buy ads
DDSgill on 5/5/2018
Do not buy ads. There won’t be any leads that get converted to your clients. Zero ROI. And worst, the moment you cancel your subscription, all your 5 star reviews will be filtered to not recommended reviews. It’s pay and play thing.
It’s a review company not an advertising one
Coronado1 on 5/5/2018
Don’t do it, advertising with them is terrible, there are no real targeting strategies, the ROI is not worth it, they have horrible business practices and you’ll find better success with facebook for a whole lot less.
The best transmission service
elenamariadolores on 5/5/2018
If you have car transmission trouble go to Lee Myles in College Point and see Jeff or Cary My suburu needed a transmission replaced or rebuilt. Jeff took the job in hand w a smile and the most friendly courtesy and accommodation to my situation. The team is amazing, going out of their way to make the customer feel comfortable and do a good repair job. Elayne D
Horrible experience
Alb9029 on 5/4/2018
DO NOT EVER SIGN UP WITH THEM! BIG SCAM! CON ARTISTS! I signed up for the business account, the rep on the phone told me it will be firm $150 per month budget. Out of the sudden I see a $700 charge on my account and without getting any costumers from them. I called them right away and the person who answered beside being rude, she was telling me that there is no way I can talk to a supervisor, like that option never exists and basically told me that the rep misled me when I was signing up, but I should have seen and red everything I was doing while signing up. Thank you so much for telling me you are a huge scam! And great job on training your sales reps to be con artists!
Beware!!! This site can kill you business
Gifts4Warriors on 5/4/2018
This site lets anyone post whatever they want, true or false, and if someone that you haven’t even done business with post a bad one star review on you business page they refuse to remove it even if you prove it to be false. They try to just talk you into buying ads telling you it will make your rating go up, that’s a lie! Do yourself a favor and do not let this site get your information, Shame
Leroy_Biggums on 5/4/2018
Do not waste your money. Throwing money down toilet... no ROI
dhsttvyu on 5/4/2018
If you are not a paying customer , they strong hold your 5 star review and I mean almost all of them . I have 28 review and (39) not recommended 5 star reviews. Fast to put lower ranking ones on.
Gabblebabbi on 5/2/2018
Do not EVER sign up for ANYTHING with Yelp!They are mobster extortionists! I merely signed up for a business page with them last year, and now they’re trying to claim that I signed up for a $300 ad campaign, which is impossible because I was far too broke to be paying $300 on anything besides bills! They’re saying they have proof, including my cc#. I went through all the emails from them and there’s no email asking me to confirm activation or payment. Now they’ve got collections coming after me for over $500 that I am NOT paying, and it has affected my credit score! I’ve shared this with several groups full of small/private business owners and have been flooded with responses from people who have experienced the exact same thing, as well as quite a few people saying they leave bad reviews on your yelp page, then call you and say they’ll remove that review if you sign up with their $300 ad campaign. This has happened to so many people that apparently yelp is being sued!
Free advertising program is a total scam! Don’t listen to them
beryon on 5/2/2018
Don’t listen to whatever they say to push you start this free ad program! They will force you to put down your card info and Once you start this free $300 free ad trail they will charge you an additional fee
Scammers and Con Artists
Iphone 5S Alex on 5/2/2018
I had a yelp salesman submit a fake client inquiry a day before his sales calls. When I questioned why I didn't see the inquiry for two days (for some reason I didn't get any notifications as I usually do), he got defensive and said (in writing) that he never submitted any inquiries and was only doing research on my site - to which I replied that I never questioned the source of the inquiry and was only curious why I didn't see the notification because it extended my average response time... Is this a lawsuit? Now my reviews don't even register and they are somehow downgrading them to "irrelevant." Do not do business with them. I'm contacting my attorney and filing a BBB complaint. Alex
Under no circumstances
Army Man Corey on 5/1/2018
Do NOT deal with this company. They will leave FAKE reviews up even when proven. They are the “mafia” of the restaurant business. Promising “protection” while soaking you with their useless ads that only bring in elites. The ELITES are the worst reviewers and most critical reviewers! The whole Yelp scenerio is a scam. The CEO recently bought a $24,000,000 home in San Francisco and he refuses to disclose his name. That should tell you everything you need to know about these “thugs!”
Do not do not do not put up your company on this site
Ash122456789 on 5/1/2018
Warning warning!!!! Don’t put your company on the site! Anything that anyone else puts in the yelp account is owned by yelp and you the business owner have no control over. Competitors and any Joe or Sally that doesn’t know you or have a real relationship will actually review you. Only negative reviewers will. Warning warning don’t do it!
DaveSUPs on 4/25/2018
I’ve been on all the major review sites for years and this is by far the worst experience I’ve had with any of them. They try to sell you ads and “fully managed” programs to grow your business- DONT FALL FOR IT!! Their goal is to keep you locked in a contract NOT to grow your business. Save your money and run Facebook ads and Google ads. I’ve been trying to cancel for several months now, each month being charged again and another call to customer service assuring me it was cancelled. Well this time it was - with an additional $700 cancellation fee. SMH. Run the other way FAST!
yelp do cheated advertising!!!
我很委屈 on 4/24/2018
Don’t do yelp advertising!!!!!keep it in mind, they will steal your bank money by telling you you still have a balance to pay which you even don’t know where they come from!I said I do one month ads and I paid already.later they mailed me and call me said you still have two months ads balance over 5,00 dollars you didn’t pay.I asked the yelp representative Christine Nishinaga ,she said “she didn’t see any campaign right now,”which later she didn’t help u to cancel the yelp campaign at all!!!!!!I believe I will not be the first person who experienced this .if this yelp have a zero star ,I will give your yelp ads as zero!you put out trust into dust.even I pay to you,I will only be just be your one time customer!The Christ lamb only sacrifice one time for you!
Pet Services
luvyrpets on 4/23/2018
Don’t trust the salesperson selling Yelp ad. Promised me locations & didn’t deliver. Bate & Switch sales tactics. Customer Service is terrible.
sergiu deac on 4/22/2018
Same think with $300 promotion. Do not advertise with them. 1 click out of $400.
do not waste your time downloading the app and signing up at the end of the day is not worth it
32xl384 on 4/20/2018
If you are looking for people to leave comments on your website this does not work for you.every customer who leaves a comment yelp eliminates it.
Fix your app please
Grimmer girl on 4/19/2018
My customers message me through this app and they say that they aren’t getting my messages back on their end? Please fix this as its making me look bad!!👎🏻
do not add with yelp they will rip you off
Kings9966 on 4/19/2018
do not add with yelp they will rip you off
Built to destroy business
Lulu567974 on 4/18/2018
Yelp LOVES angry reviewers, they literally delete a lot of my five star reviews and kept all 1 star reviews. Even if you call a million times for concerns and other things,They don’t try to help you
Big Scam Avoid before you get hurt
Zahmetli on 4/16/2018
I should listen to what I read on reviews but I didn't and paid $2000 so far and don't know when this torture gonna end they don't use their database to send you extra customers so don't think you will have extra customers from yelp all you pay is to use their program which you really don't need To pay $250us and almost $315cad you should book at least minimum $1000 in resraurant business they are so blind to see that your hard working money and wasting it for nothing If you receive their Ipad in Canada you will get charged duty tax which is $81.35 which is not fair because you don't buy the Ipad and they don't tell you this They will tell you it's only $250 but not mention in US So many things that you can't imagine a big company like yelp will do AVOID FOR YOUR HEALTH
Hapciupasimatteo#vioara1 on 4/13/2018
I want Yelp to prove it to me that I do not work with these students..... as soon as you don’t want to advertise with them , they put all your reviews as “not recommend it”. I have video proof that I work with each student... from 2006. How can you put the reviews “not recommend it”? Shame of you. Choose THUMBTHUCK AND FACEBOOK!!!!
Yelp Sales People are the WORST!
Krazydave65 on 4/11/2018
The yelp sales people only want your money and don’t take “no” or “maybe” as an answer. Luckily I had the courage to hang up on her! Let me explain. The day after downloading the app, I get a call from a sales lady that works at Yelp. She was very nice at first.. but then without notice she’ll abruptly tells me to enter my credit card information. Like, hold up! Right when she asked me that I knew she was just concerned about getting her “SALE”. I then told her I will have to think about it to weigh out the pros and cons and do my research on Yelp Ads. That’s totally fair right? Then for the next 10 mins she argues with me and doesn’t let me refuse the Yelp Ads or doesn’t let me leave the conversation. She was very manipulative and difficult. Then I hung up on her. That was then followed up with 4 phone calls and 2 voice mails left by her. I ignored them all. Phew, it was horrible. I’m sure glad I didn’t spontaneously give her my credit card info.. because after reading all these bad reviews I know I could have lost a lot of money. (I hope yelp is reading these reviews and knows that their sales tactics just create bad customer service for businesses)
Do not use Yelp Ads
Unclecharliemag on 4/9/2018
Was given a free $300 Yelp Ads credit. I set up my Yelp ads suggested that I could spend just $300. What they don’t state clearly is that as soon as they run through the $300 (which is very quick as they must charge for mere impressions) it continues to rack up charges. I spoke with a representative who said she couldn’t do anything. Asked to speak to a supervisor severest times. She said they are very busy, I said I would like to speak with them anyways, she finally agreed but said she is not sure how long it will take but it may be a long time before they contact me. So for $675 of Yelp ads I got 8 clicks to my website. Would not recommend this deal to anyone.
Yelp is Horrible
OC Gary on 4/7/2018
Crappy business model and high sales pressure tactics. Don’t buy ads. Total ripoff. There are so many more effective. resources to use your hard earned money.
Fraudulent ad service
Phiremuziq on 4/7/2018
Yelp is fraudulent. I would rather not do business with them. But everyone is on yelp so it is what it is for now. But yelp says I owe them a balance of $600 for the ad service I paid them for - when I got no traffic! Very fraudulent, DONT I repeat DONT PAY for the ad service they will rip you off.
Awful company
Westside Pizaa on 4/6/2018
My two negative reviews show up. My positive reviews, which I can prove were my customers and whom I did NOT ask to leave reviews are filtered out. I absolutely hate Yelp and hope the go away. Please Google, push you ratings so this awful company closes.
Just No.
Suckered Customer on 4/3/2018
Absolutely terrible experience. After 4 months I received 0 credible phone calls or inquiries while paying $325/month. Went to cancel two days prior to my payment and told me I needed a 30 day notice. Frustratingly I accepted this thinking that one more payment would be ran, but was informed that 2 more would be because I don’t pay for the month in advance but for the previous month. Absolutely no understanding that I didn’t want their services anymore. Terrible company. Just no.
In the words of Mr. Slade “What a sham!!”
tkbarca9 on 4/2/2018
I politely declined their service for several years.. recently I caved when they called for what felt like the 1,000,000th time and agreed to a free trial period. The rep said she would follow up when the trial was over and evaluate the performance and price going forward before I commit long term. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! I never received that follow up call/email. Today I got a late Easter present in the tune of $500. I have never advertised and 90% of my business comes from existing customers and referrals. Calling Yelp didn’t help. The charge stands, I didn’t reap any benefits from the ad, and here’s the kicker... I’ll see another prorated charge in the very near future. As a small business I provide an honest service, and a memorable experience. If something goes wrong I immediately make it right or offer a refund no questions asked! This philosophy allowed my business to thrive through the toughest of times. SHAME ON YELP!!!
sacmm!!! on 4/1/2018
Very bad experience please do not trust these guys.
Yelp is a terrible platform
Duece Poppycock on 3/26/2018
All they do is try to push you into advertising with them. They will absolutely not help you if someone leaves a fake review....the only way to combat is to make fake yelp accounts and write yourself good reviews to make up for the fake bad ones. The people that work at yelp offer absolutely no help. I am sure one day a huge class action lawsuit will be filed against them and they will have no choice but to make reviews be verified. DO NOT pay for advertising with them! You will get the same results as if you didn’t!
Shady and dishonest
whatisthisnewupdate on 3/25/2018
I wish I could give yelp zero stars. They hide behind "our users are free to post whatever they want" to exploit small businesses to buy their RIDICULOUSLY priced advertising. They purposely put up OLD low ratings in your cover page and they hide your five star reviews (from legit reviewers) in their not recommend page in order to drop your rating. I can not wait for a more honest company to come along and rid us of these pests.
Brief yelp advertiser
jacrispy2 on 3/23/2018
As a brief yelp advertiser I can tell you that they have done away with contracts and now are on a sales fury to try and sign everyone up giving $300 or $100 every month for 6 months but it still does nothing for the fact that it does nothing to help generate leads all you get is “guest” messages, quote requests and then conversations that lead to NOTHING. Don’t do business with yelp trust me or you’ll be sorry.
BIG BAD BOD24 on 3/20/2018
Yelp is a necessary evil in business today. We unfortunately need them to help grow, I am constantly being hounded by a sales rep to purchase advertising, but the services already provided are not up to date. There are reviews that are on my yelp page, but not showing up in this app. I should have responded yesterday, but was unaware of the review. wish it functioned in real time, can’t trust my money there.
D-REX1 on 3/18/2018
Yelp comes at you from all angles promising this exposure and this marketing, and this team, and the reality is, once they get your contract locking you into 1 year, it becomes like a ghost simply don’t hear from them again!
Volkana00988 on 3/17/2018
Yelp totally disappointed! A lot key words which is not related with my business and some spam 1 star review and when u guys report it Yelp management never remove that bad reviews from ur page. Even when I respond right away text message it’s still showing 40 min respond rate :) I will never AD again on Yelp
No, I will not give Yelp $4000 a month
Seamonster124 on 3/17/2018
I feel sorry for any business owner who falls for Yelp scams. Yelp = low-quality leads. Our business receives about 100 calls per month and the lowest quality ones are from Yelp. Not sure how this pattern developed but quality clients ready to buy and ready to pay for high-quality service do not use yelp.
Worst site ever
GeorgeKoval on 3/15/2018
They are very bias they remove legit reviews and leave the bad ones until you sign up to there advertising
Bad App
Semandn on 3/13/2018
If you don’t buy advertisements they will put you down good comments and keeps bad comments. Don’t going with them.
SDP’s Yelp, Yelp review.
SDP Contracting on 3/9/2018
1 star. 10 TURDS!!!! Refer Yelpers to HomeAdvisor! Another Lead Scam!! I have 2 Negative reviews from non-clients that posted screenshots of partial conversations to my photos in order to slander my business and my name. At the same time hiding several 5 star reviews from happy clients. Do not under any circumstances do business through Yelp!!
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