Mobile Contraption


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Free Games 1.0 Nov 18, 2014 Nov 18, 2014 55.3 MB iOS 4.3 or later 4+

Mobile Contraption is a physics game where you build machines to move a circle or rectangle objectives to the finish/goal zone.
One of the challenges you face is that you are only allowed to build you contraption in a limited area of the play zone.
Besides the objective components which are part of the level design, your contraption can be made out of three different types of wheels (rotate clockwise, counter clockwise and motor-less wheel) and two types of rods (one solid - nothing can pass through it and one fluid through which both wheels and rods can pass).
The campaign levels will teach you how to play the game and go through some basic concepts.
Creativity is essential in the gameplay of Mobile Contraption.
While strolling around Mobile Contraption you can also stop by the community area where you can create and play your levels or the levels submitted by other players. Features a very simple and cool level editor with intuitive design.

• lots of challenging levels
• physics based game
• freedom of construction and level design
• simple form elements rectangles, circles, triangles...
• multiTouch Support
• infinite number of solutions for each level
• new levels every day in the community area
• community level rating system
• nice music
• free to play

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Terrible game.
Longeyes on 7/29/2016
No help. No tutorial. Cannot figure out how to place the objects. Total waste of time.
Glitchy and awful
.Bill on 12/15/2015
If you are looking for a mobile version of fantastic contraption, this is not the game. You can't create anything. The controls are not responsive at all. Garbage app.
Stupid stupid stupid
Fxhtrdhtfutrdhtrdutf on 12/6/2015
This games does not show you how to play.Also it does not respond to your finger AT ALL.
Horrible glitches- cannot even complete level 2 without it messing up!
🐶Roxyryder on 12/4/2015
I enjoy physics and construction games and am very disappointed that this one will not work. I have tried coming back to it to play many times and am finally giving up. It just goes haywire and the parts get completely mixed up and start shaking in a horrible uncontrollable heap. It's impossible to play. I was used to playing Droid Machine before switching to the iPhone 6 and was hoping this game would be similar, or at least work. I hope it can be fixed, but for now I will be deleting it.
Could be better...
Spaklebutt on 7/26/2015
With more work, this app could be a lot more fun, but at the moment, it's a bit lacking. I jumped into this app, and was a little lost. I easily found out how the wheels worked, and already understood that the bars were to structure your contraption, but it took me a little while to find the eraser, under the move tool. Shouldn't that be easier to access? I also found that when placing the bars, the app was a little finicky. Sometimes, the app wouldn't even let me completely attach the bar correctly, leaving me to undo it and try again, even when using the helpful view box in the upper right hand corner. All in all, this app has potential to become so much more. All it needs is a little more work.
Well done
Aww crap on 7/24/2015
I honestly believe this game is very well made and plays very smoothly
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