Amazon Alexa


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Music 2.2.211695.0 Dec 10, 2014 May 21, 2018 253.5 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.2.211695.0

• Support for Echo Dot "Kids Edition".
• Alexa App is now iPhone X compatible.
• Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


For Alexa device owners, the free Amazon Alexa App is a companion to your Alexa device for setup, remote control, and enhanced features. Alexa is always ready to play your favorite music, provide weather and news updates, answer questions, create lists, and much more. Alexa's brain is in the cloud, so she continually learns and adds more functionality over time. The more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your voice, vocabulary, and personal preferences.

With Smart Home, control or check status of your smart lights at home and on-the go. Create groups of smart lights and control all the lights in a room with a single command. Automate your smart home with custom Routines - with one command you can wake up with your Flash Briefing, turn on the lights, and get the coffee brewing by turning on your smart plug.

With the Alexa App, you can call and message Amazon Echo device owners and anyone with the Alexa App on their phone. When you’re away from home, use the app to make a quick call or send a message to your family’s Echo. Use Drop In to instantly connect with your Alexa devices to a call home or to let the family know it’s time for dinner.

Stream all of your music, listen to radio stations, and have access to news and information, all by voice -- or with the Amazon Alexa App. Create groups of devices on the same Wi-Fi network to surround yourself with Music.

Interactions with devices with Alexa are automatically mirrored visually on your Amazon Alexa App, providing more information as you want it. The Amazon Alexa App lets you easily manage your alarms, music, shopping lists, and more -- wherever you are.

Connect to your home's Wi-Fi network using the free Amazon Alexa App, with its simple guided setup. Now you can stream all of your music, listen to radio stations, and have access to news and information, all by voice -- or with the Amazon Alexa App's intuitive interface.
Some features are not available in all locations, for example, Alexa calling and messaging, Smart Home controls, and Music.

iPad Screenshots
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Not bad but glitchy
Jamil fakhouri on 5/24/2018
I like it and use it for a list and home automation but the app does would not start a lot
Game I play whoa plays I play on 5/24/2018
why’d y’all make this it’s horrible it doesn’t even work
Forcing You to Sign Up for Calling/Wants Your Contacts
Happyspringday on 5/24/2018
No. No. No. The app won’t let you bypass the calling feature setup. And once you do sign up just to put the app on your iPad, you must call Amazon to cancel the calling feature. Don’t bother. I have the old app on my phone — I hope it never tries to force me into the calling feature. If it does, goodbye Echo. The calling feature is creepy.
Totally agree - app is getting worse
DaBroph on 5/23/2018
I just downloaded update and the app locks up. On Home screen. Nothing can be clicked. Been trying everything for an hour. Maybe I should switch to Google.
Typing Feature?
juliaelizabethh on 5/23/2018
I really wish I could type things to say to Alexa for the times that I scream her name and she doesn’t respond... i feel like every night to play my music I have to say her name three times to get her to turn on, then another few times for her to actually to do what I want. Also, while I’m here, it would be great if I could remove songs from the music queue on the app for the times I shuffle an artist and I don’t like a certain song.
Hi honey I am going home
itch 3 on 5/23/2018
Hi honey I am going home
ScreamMonroe on 5/23/2018
It worked once. Now it is useless. I expect better from Amazon.
Music Freeky on 5/23/2018
This latest update is useless. I get the same message over and over “Error, try again”.
Less useful over time
Knightwork on 5/23/2018
Loved the app when I got my first Dot. Added skills and checked out what it could do. Bought another Dot and an Echo to be able to use Alexa through my place. I bought smart plugs to operate lights not on wall switches. Something changed over the last year, and Alexa is not able to turn on or off lights anymore. Alexa has also had started having problems understanding my voice - and it’s getting frustrating. I’m down to streaming music, asking about the weather, and setting alarms. Two stars may be harsh, but when software becomes less useful it indicates the developers aren’t paying attention to real world users.
Bad app
Mitchellteam5 on 5/23/2018
Just had to delete and download the app again to see if I can fix the glitches. It freezes constantly
Ghhhoosstt on 5/23/2018
Can not get app to open shopping lists! Main reason I use this app for is for that. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still not working. Not working on husbands device either.
And.... Frozen.
@MadameMotoko on 5/23/2018
This thing freezes up every two seconds. What gives?
Alexa app
TexasNene on 5/23/2018
I can not get my Alexa App to work on my IPhone X. I have been very disappointed with not being able to retrieve my lists or reminders. I am beginning to regret I count on Alexa so much.
cdjfkf on 5/23/2018
The app and echo dot seem to disconnect whenever they feel like. The app then freezes during setting up the WiFi again. Expect more from amazon.
Less operable with each version
Zenmiester on 5/23/2018
It used to work great, but with each update it gets worse. Update: The App no longer works on my iPhone. If a tech company like Amazon puts their name on something like this, you would expect much more. This app performs worse than apps I’ve seen coming out of a basement apartment from a 20-something hacker. Come on Amazon!, step it up and support your products and live up to your name!
No active scroll
Timbo347 on 5/23/2018
I use with sonos one but no longer synchronously scrolls commands and Alexa’s interpretation to evaluate any errors.
d-trick3000 on 5/23/2018
There’s no way to email support through this app. I have an Echo Show and we ask it to turn on the lights, and it will either say “ok” and do it or it will say, “I’m sorry, a few things share that name” and you need to keep trying. Very strange to work sometimes and not others using the exact same words. It’s extremely frustrating. Lots of other issues with it. Siri always works consistently and everything it set up properly so it shouldn’t be this bad. The updated app no longer allows any options to send a message to support for issues like this.
Please fix the issues!
Wildrizzo88 on 5/23/2018
After your update yesterday the app it absolutely un usable. It does not respond to and input on iPhone X.
Brief Mode for iOS
Shelbo1492 on 5/23/2018
Love everything about the Alexa App and my house basically has an echo in every room. The only reason I am not giving this review 5 stars is because I run iOS and would like to see Brief Mode. Frankly Alexa gets annoying lol after I say “turn off this light” or “turn off the tv” or any command in general. My brother was able to turn brief mode on and it’s something I’d much rather have seeing how I use Alexa on a daily basis. So here is to hoping brief mode gets added to iOS very soon!
Not compatible
Gsc1623 on 5/22/2018
With an ipad4?! Please sort out your latest update (21 May 18)
Really needs the ability to remotely control my Echo Show
hitherescotty on 5/22/2018
I want to be able to remotely start a video for my cat. No way to control your Echos from this app.
Control the Show.
Ladydow on 5/22/2018
So we have a Echo Show. It can play movies. What you cant do, is use the app as a remote for the show. Thats dumb. I should be able to put on a video for my kid from my phone.
App getting worse
timer less on 5/22/2018
I can hardly use this app anymore. I have to delete it and reinstall it so I can use it once. Please somebody fix it.
Phillips Hue worthless
Leonardoty on 5/22/2018
The latest update rendered the connection to Hue worthless. Every time I use the echo to turn my lights on they are pushed to "unreachable" in the Hue app. I've reset my wifi. I've reset the Hue app. Fix your crap Amazon.
Hate it. Returning.
m4fav on 5/22/2018
She doesn’t work with TiVo as promised. Spent forever with tech support. Also was overcharged for my show and amazon doesn’t price match even themselves apparently so I’m done.
FunnSoup+4 on 5/22/2018
I used to use this app daily to add items to my shopping list. Then, while at the store, I couldn’t get my app to load. It would freeze once opened. I finally had to delete and reinstall the app, while still at the store, just to get it to load and then disappear. It simply won’t load no matter what I try now. Which is par for the course because my Alexa, which is only 5 months old, three days later, decided it no longer wanted to power on any more either! SMH, I expected more of Amazon.
Jorgebees on 5/22/2018
Very controlled reviews. App updates mean nothing. Big deal ask Alexa something else. Update Alexa and make it do a bunch more things. Getting boring.
Volume control in app won’t work.
Sox Pedey 15 on 5/22/2018
Tried to adjust volume since I am not directly near Alexa. Will not work. Uninstalled and re-installed... nothing.
Almost useless
Pasdad on 5/22/2018
Incredibly slow, volume control doesn’t work, will not reliably play music to groups of devices as promised. Maybe they have big plans for something completely different and are abandoning this app?
Last update
chillaluna on 5/22/2018
Since last update can’t use the app at all. It frozen.
1 veggin on 5/22/2018
I updated and now it doesn’t work at all on my iPhone. Very disappointing!!!
windy woods on 5/22/2018
I am unable to use the shopping app at all in the stores.
Alexa app
Polo1947 on 5/22/2018
5/22- app is still trash, lists still freeze- fix this ASAP as the app is garbage Some of the screens are not usuable after I have opened them and then closed; if I reboot, the iPhone SE will open the screen for ‘lists’, let me open a list, scroll through, delete, add, etc., but if I close and then reopen the app, the lists app will open, but I cannot open the individual lists; some of the other screens will also be ‘frozen ‘ so cannot access them. If I shut down and restart the iPhone, the app works normally. Not acceptable, and quite frankly, the app is a pile of garbage if I have to continually turn off and back on my phone in order to use the app. Needs fixing ASAP, or I will need to see what Google offers, rendering my Alexa Dot (which works fine and I love) useless and sending back. This app gets 1/2 of 1 star until you fix these issues.
Not good!
lastditch on 5/22/2018
New update will not load home on app it appears and then its gone!!!! Broke this is on a 10.5 iPad Pro!!!
New update no good
Science Elf on 5/22/2018
New update has rendered the app useless. I cannot even connect to the app. Please fix this smoldering pie of poo.
Freyja-Ann on 5/22/2018
The app does not open most of the time. Frustrating as heck. I also know how to use the app and technology period. If the app would actually work it would be a pretty cool app. Time will tell. Fix this app! Seriously! There is no excuse for a company so powerful that employees the best to fail so miserably at a app for simple use! Fix it!
What Happened to Echo Spot support?
DontMindMeNow on 5/21/2018
I recently moved locations and, naturally, brought my Echo Spot along for the ride. Now, however, I find that there is effectively no way for me to connect my Spot to the new Wi-Fi network because the app doesn’t have any support for Spot anymore! I have no ability to do anything with my Spot other than change its name and nominally change its described location, as there is no way for me to update Wi-Fi settings. Unless Amazon reinstates support for Echo Spot, my device is now a criminally expensive paperweight. Wow.
The update made it worse
unabashedly tori on 5/21/2018
This app is Trash fix it!
Bloated App
bellbon on 5/21/2018
The app has increased in size 5x since I got the first gen echo and the increase in size has brought very very few useful features. Amazon needs to gut this app, rebuild it lean, maybe dump some of the useless features. Amazon updated, the app got bigger. Down to one star.
Still crashes
Aramancm on 5/21/2018
Not getting any better!
Voice Support When?
theDrTek on 5/21/2018
Still waiting for voice support. Promised back in January. Going on six months. Why the delay?
Horrible app
Troyschh on 5/21/2018
I love my amazon Alexa, but this app is honestly useless. If you want to know what is being said into the Alexa, it displays it in the feed. And That is the only feature that works on this stupid app. Everything else lags, or just simply doesn’t work. I can’t go into the app to change an alarm, i click on buttons numerous times and they just don’t work. Im going to be deleting this app if something doesn’t change. Don’t you see your app is rated at a 2.5? Do something about it.
Unable to Import Music
tel12131415 on 5/21/2018
I love Alexa, and the app would be worth 5 stars! The only thing is, I can’t import my music. I don’t want to listen to the radio every time. I like to pick out my music. And since I don’t have Spotify Unlimited, I rely on my Apple Music Library, not the membership, just the normal app. I can’t import the music so I can’t listen to it. It would be great if you could fix this so I can start jamming out!
App freezes constantly
theguywithapkan on 5/21/2018
I use Alexa regularly for shopping lists and initially found it really helpful, but lately it freezes up regularly and I have to close it and reopen it to MAYBE get it to respond. If reception isn’t great in the store and the app freezes I loose the ability to access my list making it worthless! My advice: get a piece of paper and a pencil- better than Alexa.
Still no Alexa....
tmcb82 on 5/21/2018
Still does not have an Alexa button for voice commands like Android has had for months!
HELP!! Latest Alex says app version 21May18 completely freezes up my iPhone X running iOS 11.3.1
NY2S on 5/21/2018
Help latest version of the Alexa app that was released 21st of May 2018 says it now has support for iPhone X. Well I have an iPhone X it was working fine before now everything completely freezes please update and fix the problem thank you
Website, it’s not an app
signoutpuzz on 5/21/2018
This app behaves more like a website that works on a poor internet connection. It’s slow, it’s laggy, when you swipe and try to stop the swipe it assumes that I am tapping.
Pinfanti on 5/21/2018
You would think with all the money Amazon makes they could build an app that doesn’t freeze constantly. Worthless
Lists freeze
American frequent flyer on 5/21/2018
I am having the same problem as others with the lists not opening. Once it happens the lists menu is unusable until I delete the app and reinstall. It then may work for a few days and then freezes again. I love the list capabilities but am very frustrated with its instability. This has been going on for a while and I would think Amazon should have come up with a fix by now. From the reviews I see I am not the only one having this problem.
App keeps freezing
Kaipobear on 5/21/2018
Not sure what is going on but this app is useless. It won’t do anything once I open it up. Please fix this ASAP!
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