Chrome Remote Desktop

Google, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Utilities 67.0.3396.22 Jan 13, 2015 Apr 30, 2018 42.5 MB iOS 10.0 or later 17+
New in version 67.0.3396.22

General fixes and stability improvements.


Securely access your computer from your iOS device. It's fast, simple and free.

• Download the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome WebStore on the computer you want to access remotely.
• Install Chrome Remote Desktop software and follow the instructions to complete setup.
• On your iOS device, open the app and tap on any of your online computers to connect.

iPad Screenshots
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elizabeth5588 on 5/18/2018
I can’t get the @ in the keyboard. Help
Great backup
Rickm23 on 5/14/2018
It works it’s free no point in complaining.
Broken since update.
Mizukuu_ on 5/14/2018
As of 5/14/18 it will not connect, I have reinstalled on both ends and when it does connect, it is a black screen I cannot interact with. If you love having shoddy updates downloaded, taking up space and breaking perfectly functional apps because of poor coding and lack of proper testing, this is the app for you! UNINSTALLED.
Bad keyboard
Boucher$ on 5/12/2018
this app doesn't support other language in keyboard , it's only support english language .
Not reliable
stevenwheels on 5/10/2018
I wanted this to work. I didn’t want to pay for LogMeIn or use team viewer any longer. When it works it’s great, but usually when you try to remote connect it shows that the computer your connecting to is offline and also the one you’re currently using is offline. Seems many people are having this problem with no feedback from google that they are acknowledging there is a problem. So 2 stars.
Worse than ever before
cmneal187 on 5/9/2018
Only opens connects half of the time I open it. Horrible update
mufajaz on 5/7/2018
If this app worked 100% of the time I’d give it 5 stars easy. But they’ve had the same bug pretty much since it launched in 2012 I believe? 6 whole years of the same issue. I’ve had this app on multiple phones and always the same issue. More than occasionally you’ll try and open the app and get nothing but a black screen on your device. You have to literally close the app and reopen it a hundred times to try and get it to work once. Other days it works fine, I don’t understand it. -iPhone 6s user
Excellent app
dcabral31 on 5/7/2018
This is how google is going to rule the world!!
NobodyOneEyed on 5/2/2018
It’s been buggy ever since the update. Sometimes you need to force quit the app to get it to connect again
Connects, but then unusable
Aceadams303 on 5/1/2018
Update 5/1/18: still broken. Small signs of improvement, but still virtually unusable. Update: 4/8/18, still broken. On mobile app and desktop app. Using macOS, and latest iOS 11.3 I like the new material design aspect, looks much better, but functionality has disappeared. Screen appears then immediately freezes. This app is super useful when it works, please find a fix Google!
Ethan T. on 4/29/2018
When I go back to the app with the access code to type it in. The code thing isn’t there and it still says the 1-2-3 step thing on the screen.
Does not work
W Simon on 4/28/2018
Never prompts for remote PIN.
“Enter” doesn’t work - FIXED!
WazerRoyalty on 4/26/2018
***Thank you for fixing the “enter” issue. Works great now.*** I agree with others who have mentioned the improvements of the design, etc. However, there is a major break/fix bug that needs to be corrected: The “enter/return” key doesn’t work on either the on screen keyboard or my case keyboard. Please correct this. My specs: IPad running 11.3 Logitech Create Case Remote Desktop into Windows Machine FWIW, I also think the ability to toggle sound would be a nice to have. Once the above break/fix is addressed, I will give this product a higher rating. I’ve been using this app for years and rely heavily on it on both my iPad and my Android phone. Thanks for giving it some attention, but please do address the bugs or the app will be mostly useless. Thanks!
Very useful but...
Zacheri on 4/25/2018
Very elegant looking and very useful in times of need but there’s one thing that does seem of a slight burden, the keyboard. If a semi-transparent keyboard were to be implemented I feel this app would be of 5 stars, as well as trying to optimize data usage.
Has potential to be better
KatzGamer83 on 4/23/2018
This is a pretty good app, but there could be a few things to make this app better than the others (like TeamViewer): • hear the audio from the controlled computer • to be able to wake up a controlled computer from sleep from the remote (another pc or smartphone) Sometimes there are even bugs; I can view the computer screen from the remote computer but I can’t interact with the controlled computer. The rating will improve if some of these are implemented!
Won’t work after new update
Macattck- on 4/23/2018
I have used the app for quite some time and it was awesome. Recently it was updated and now I can’t access any of my remote computers
Update killed the app for me
DezzRivv on 4/22/2018
This was amazingly useful and helpful for me up until the most recent update. The UI overhaul made everything more complicated to use and made it drain the battery even faster. Let me disable the sound playing through my phone and make it easier to show and hide the keyboard like it used to be.
Seth_Tavis on 4/21/2018
No longer works after update, black screen will NOT wake/display monitor
great app, but bad accessibility...
DaneStange23 on 4/20/2018
I like the app, I love it's concept. But we got some problems. I'm totally blind, and i use a screenreader on my iPhone called VoiceOver. The problems. 1. Whenever i connect to a computer the trackpad gets in the way, ruining voiceOver support. It says, tap with 4 fingers. I do that twice, click show keyboard, and there's no tab, control, alt, windows, or anything like that. The window become fully inaccessible. Thanks in advance.
My goodness
Ctp1223 on 4/20/2018
I updated the app last night. My goodness what an overhaul. It’s so smooth now. Good job google
Worked great till last update
remote 4 ever on 4/19/2018
After last update I get errors trying to remote in. After many attempts sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Google please fix. It use to work so well
New update was great!
IrazT on 4/18/2018
Fixed all the bugs I was having and works amazingly
Emempeters on 4/18/2018
I can’t get past the 1 2 3 step page
Keyboard Issue
Shao64 on 4/17/2018
Keyboard fixed in latest update.
Faisal M T on 4/17/2018
Enter key is working now
Update is no good
almightydeku on 4/16/2018
Used this app on a constant basis, since last update app is no longer working. 1 star till it gets fixed
Can’t locate my chromebook
Idgaf__bitch Fmoi on 4/16/2018
The app refuses to acknowledge my chrome book is sharing an access code.
Good update
lostholloway on 4/16/2018
I love the face lift! looks great! File transfer would be a cool paid upgrade. function and other command keys would get 5 stars
Can't connect on data
KrisBow2013 on 4/16/2018
I can no longer connect to remote desktop using data even though my settings are set to allow data.
How do you get out of the instructions page?
Tamesnake on 4/16/2018
It won’t let me leave the instructions page!
Keeps defaulting to a white screen
jasonbw on 4/15/2018
Since the last update all it seems to do is give me a white screen. It was fine before that, rarely gave any issues. Normally 4 stars, two currently until they fix this.
New update broke it
openvpn is better on 4/15/2018
Don’t waste your time. Trying to “improve” the app was a mistake.
app doesn’t register mouse clicks anymore
remix286 on 4/15/2018
In the previous version everything worked fine Now the mouse clicks no longer works, both in touch mode and in trackpad mode, which makes this pretty useless
Good, but some issues...
Adan4Real on 4/13/2018
App is great. New look is awesome, works great. I just wish you can turn off audio, I don’t want what I have playing on my phone to stop playing when I use this app. If you can give us the option to disable the sound playback, then app is perfect. Thank you!
I no longer can’t complain
Googleapple2 on 4/13/2018
This app has been refined, added sound,I do get an error while using hotspot other than that it’s perfect 👌
Doesn’t work on iPhone X Cellular
rb4havoc on 4/13/2018
It will work when I’m on WiFi, but if I’m not on a WiFi network and just use cellular data to try and connect, it just times out. It didn’t do this before with the previous version, so this is definitely a recent issue.
AOxuna on 4/13/2018
Need better UX
curiousmonkie on 4/11/2018
Thanks for fixing the keyboard special chars login issue. Please allow options to add/edit/arrange quick-access menu items, for ex. I use ctrl-alt-del a lot so I would need quick-access, while I don’t care much for docking left/right so I would put that away.
Latest update freezes the access
strudent on 4/11/2018
With the latest update, i am not able to click and browse in my remote desktop. It always cones in “view mode” and cannot use it to work
NotNewtonsApple on 4/11/2018
Typical buggy crap from Google. Doesn’t work on cellular connection on iPhone X. I’ve tried at different locations. Works on WiFi. My iPhone SE works on both. I consistently cannot connect on the iPhone X while on cellular.
Not working since latest update on iPhone 7
rlandy18 on 4/11/2018
Not working since latest update on iPhone 7
Keyboard no longer works
MiNiBUNZ on 4/11/2018
I like the new look with the recent update. However, the keyboard no longer works in certain applications/programs while remoted in
Enter Key Not Working on IOS
Fain80 on 4/11/2018
Fantastic app but the enter key has stopped working on the iOS app. Severely limits the functionality of remoting in! On a positive note, I have noticed an increase in performance with the last few updates (and the issue of using cellular data to connect to your PC was fixed)
Enjoying the update but...
Carguy379 on 4/10/2018
Great app, update made the UI a little smoother and more natural. But it took away the return/enter key functionality. If I'm editing a spreadsheet and change a cell and press enter, nothing happen, the cell stays active. Same for any other return/enter function other than the standard word processor function.
Satisfying update
Betaerat on 4/10/2018
Didn't work initially, but when it did, it is an improvement over the previous version. Smoother and faster.
New update makes Remote Desktop gets even better
SethTW on 4/9/2018
The new update takes the performance of the app on iOS to a whole new level! The movement/responsiveness of the mouse is on par with the Android version now (which, despite the iOS version's simplicity and reliability, has always been noticeably behind the ball compared to the Android version's smoothness). Now, they feel practically the same, something I thought would never happen. This Dev team really is amazing! AND now there is also improved multitasking / background support, so a connection will remain persistent when switching to another app (if you don't take too long, of course). No more having to reconnect just to read a note or glance at another app real quick!
New Update Breaks Mac Remote View
JimNetworkingMan on 4/9/2018
The look and feel of the new update is fine but trying to remote view on an iPad to a Mac-mini causes all sorts of artifacts in the video view. It works on an iPad to remote view into a PC, just not Mac. I hope the developers work on this.
Better Performance, Worse User Interface
SoCal Ken on 4/9/2018
I’ve been using Chrome Remote Desktop for a couple years and it has worked very well, consistently. Just tried this new version and I can definitely see the performance improvement. That’s very nice. The bad news is that Google changed the user interface. It takes two presses to bring up the keyboard or change the mouse mode, instead of one. (I wish there was a “shortcut” press [3D?] to quickly change mouse mode or toggle the keyboard.) Also, the new titles given to the two mouse modes are not helpful. In the previous version and this new version, iOS dictation and keyboard shortcuts (like auto-capitalization at the start of a sentence and adding a period after pressing two spaces) do not work. Still all in all, a great app that I love and highly recommend.
Making it pretty... pretty useless
EricSakariasen on 4/8/2018
Hey guys thanks for the refresh but now the app is super inconsistent. If I’m on the same subnet I can’t reach the computers in my list (spins forever). Sometimes I open the app and it says I have no computers. Also sending special keys is under settings?! Really.... gimmie a break guys. Return/enter doesn’t work.... Cant delete old computers.....
Hamza Snoubra on 4/8/2018
You should add a toggle to deactivate audio
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