Run Bird Run


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.4 Feb 11, 2015 Aug 13, 2015 28.4 MB iOS 6.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.4

◉ 10 new birds to unlock.
◉ New background.
◉ Daily Prize Wheel to spin every day.
◉ New Hard Mode.
◉ Bug fixes.


Touch the left or right side of the screen to move your bird and avoid the falling boxes! Collect candies and unlock new birds.

iPad Screenshots
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Just 1 little thing
RockerReese06 on 6/18/2018
This game TOTALLY ROCKS!!! Get it!!! My Only thing, I don’t like how you can’t pause the game when you need to. You have to get out of the whole game!!! Which bothers me. What else bothers me is you LYING PEOPLE! People lie and say you don’t get your prizes on challenges and you have to wait! Lyes! Please.... listen to me this game rocks!! Thanks!👍🏼👍🏼
Game is horrible
Jadeandeson on 3/25/2016
I was very frustrated with this game, the controls are worthless and the game has no sense. You can't make the bird go up and it's honestly just a waste of time, DONT DOWNLOAD.
Smuleam23 on 1/30/2016
This app is sooooo fun and addicting but the adds...... There are so many, and it screws up my game and makes it run too slow every now and then。 **********⊂(*☻-☻*)⊃*********
Just one thang
Loulou5567 on 1/10/2016
I can figure out how to jump
Whale Clan on 1/4/2016
Multiple occasions when I was doing well, an ad would pop up and block the screen but wouldn't pause the game behind it so the falling blocks would kill me. Really frustrating when you can't get past your high score because an ad kills you.
LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE on regular mode you can't even jump! I FELT LIKE BREAKING MY IPHONE!!!!!
RunBirdRunStinks103 on 12/30/2015
0 stars! on regular mode you can't even jump! I FELT LIKE BREAKING MY IPHONE!!!!!
Generic Game Marred by Intrusive Ads
171819 on 12/14/2015
This game is fun enough, not overly special but entertaining. EXCEPT the ads are quite glitchy. Sometimes they pop up when you're playing and some have annoying music. Several ads are are extremely difficult or impossible to close - there's one ad that is totally non-responsive to tapping the x, such that you have to hard close the app and restart it to get rid of it. Plus even if you love the game and want to buy the ad free version, you can't! The button either does nothing or actually crashes the app. Awful.
Great Game But No Ads Doesn't Work
oldblue910 on 11/23/2015
I adore this game but I'd love it even more if the "No Ads" button worked. On my iPhone 6S Plus (iOS 9.1), tapping on "No Ads" the first time does nothing. Tapping it a second time causes the app to crash.
2FierceForU on 9/4/2015
This game is one of the best games out there!!! It's a must have!!!
Really Great App But Please remove the ads
CovetCountry2015 on 8/17/2015
I love this game and it is so fun but i am in the middle of playing the game and ads come out of nowhere
Really fun but one problem
DogBuggies on 7/24/2015
This game is really great and you should get it but, I've beaten 24 challenges and it still won't give me the 20 challenge bird.
Buggy buggy buggy
Fur3 on 7/21/2015
This game does not keep track of challenges well at all! I need to complete most challenges 20-40 times before I'm credited with them. Nothing but ads spamming every 5 seconds
Anna03468 on 6/30/2015
Can't Download
MaxApps on 6/29/2015
Says it downloaded but won't open. Isn't on home screen or search engine either. :(
Bizzyizzy💜💜 on 6/4/2015
I absolutely ADORE this game! I just downloaded this yesterday and am addicted! The only issue I'm having is with the Challenge Birds. I've done 26 challenges and none of the birds have unlocked.. Would be great if you could fix this :)
T_Real64 on 5/30/2015
I usually don't review games but this game is truly amazing! I cannot BELIVE how complex but fun this game is,I guess leave it go ketchup to make a awesome game like this one. It's fun silly and cute!! ;)
Do u have a reborn???? You need 1!!!!
I like dogs :) on 5/26/2015
Idk but u people really need a reborn.Do u even know what a reborn is ? No it is not a baby that has been born again. A reborn is a baby doll that looks so realistic!!!! I got my reborn on ebay for $73 on a bid!!!! Byby now!!!!!!!!!:):):):)
Great game
Stevewynn8 on 5/25/2015
Another awesome game from Ketchapp, my favorite developer. Keep up the good work guys!
ooRJoo on 5/25/2015
Ok so i like the game. BUT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO JUMP!!!!! You have like 1/20 chance of jump in a game! Please fix this!!! You could add a jump button or something just please fix it.
Fun Game
Bexter rocks 101010101 on 5/21/2015
This game is very fun!
Great game but one problem...
EditedCookie on 5/10/2015
This game is frilly addicting, but the challenge birds don't show up once you complete a certain amount of challenges. Once the challenge birds work, I will give 5 stars to which this game deserves.
Love it
Aaron4311 on 5/4/2015
I love this game so much, I used to play it a few times a day until I got the batman bird. Now I play it all the time!
Good game but...
Calvin10.0 on 4/18/2015
I love this game but it lags a lot so it could be better
Way too many ads
Black ehhhz60 on 4/14/2015
I am not going to pay to remove ads. Literally right when you open it up you are bombarded with ads for other apps made by ketchapp. It is like this on all their apps but on this one it is worse.
Chum Scruber on 4/14/2015
The ads are terrible. The game is good, but there are so many ads. After each round there's a video ad. Sometimes I can't even click out of the ad. Then it'll take me to the App Store.
Great just like all of your others
Honk lobo on 4/8/2015
Thx please make more applications!!!
challenge birds
i can take picx read how on 4/4/2015
i've done every single challenge and not one special bird came up! how to I unlock the special birds!! only giving 3 stars until it allows me to get those. also wayyy too many adds.
Has potential but some flaws
Da game xpert on 4/1/2015
I don't want to be a critic and say all terrible things about this. It is a good game that you can play a while and not get bored. The missions aren't very hard, controls aren't confusing, and graphics are great.However there are problems.The ads kill me. Every about fifth time I play a 30 second ad comes at the bottom of the screen always mess me up because when I'm trying to run I hit them and it takes me to another page and I end up dying. It's the same every time. Could you please put those ads on the home screen and the pop up ones only when they click on them to ear more candy? Also there are not many birds, and most of the stuff in the shop is limited and expensive.
Young_king23 on 3/29/2015
Love this game but one problem/bug
🏈🏀🎮🎨🎬🎤🐱 on 3/29/2015
I absolutely LOVE this game!🐤🐥🐣🐦 But, I have noticed one bug. I have completed the first 20 challenges, but I can't collect my bird. Once this is fixed I will give this game the five stars it deserves.
Very good but ads
Diantos on 3/24/2015
This game is very fun. You can get lots of different characters and maps. You also do challenges but there's one problem. Ads sometimes will pop up on the screen as you play. Like I was on 243 doing fine and all of sudden an ad pops up and I die . There is too many ads on this game but it's still pretty good
Challenges are problems
Callie Jean Gustafson on 3/22/2015
I've completed 22 challenges and it won't give me a new bird. It is fun but there needs to be an update.
Great game but needs more
Great game but needs more on 3/20/2015
GREAT game but there should be levels And a shop you should be able to get coins and by power ups and different color birds other whys this game is GREAT
Great So Far!!
HappytoGame on 3/18/2015
Ketchapp makes great, fun, and addicting games, and this one is definitely one of the best. This game helps amazingly with boredom, and there's lots of birds to unlock in the shop. However, none of the challenge birds will unlock, even if I've completed the necessary challenges. This glitch should be fixed. In the future, a few more backgrounds added to the selection would also be nice. Otherwise, this game is good, and I would highly suggest downloading it!
Great but there's a problem!
Audball25 on 3/18/2015
The app needs an update for the challenges because I've completed 41 of them and none of the challenge birds have unlocked so far! Otherwise it's a super addicting game and really cute, I love all the ketchup games!
Chipper rocks on 3/18/2015
This Is possibly the worst game I have ever played in my whole entire life!!!!
Good game
VvvvvvvvKkk on 3/17/2015
I like this game, i think it would be better if different "birds"had different speeds or something. But its pretty fun the way it is i guess.
Vajgrt2001 on 3/14/2015
This is a really fun game. The only problem I have is when I have completed the challenges the birds do not unlock.
Truly Amazing
Me101Awesome on 3/13/2015
The selection and variety of birds in this app is amazing. Details in the birds enhances the experience greatly. As far as originality, the actual contents of the game are far more imaginative than other applications. However, when unlocking birds that go with challenges, they do not unlock. This is a major issue in the overall performance of the app, Run Bird Run. The original bird is very distinct. Adding birds that depict cartoon characters places a nostalgic feeling on Run Bird Run. Suggestions for new birds in the next update include Pokémon, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Naruto, and Tom and Jerry. Ketchapp makes many amazing applications, using strategy, skill, and patience, as well as reward. This is by far, one of the best ones. The limited advertisements and self-promotion make playing this app enjoyable, as long as there are no distractions around yourself. To conclude, this app offers an amazing experience, as well as detail, originality, and comparability with the other Ketchapp games
Fun but new birds do not show up
Four Little Rugrats on 3/12/2015
I completed challenges and I am not getting any new birds. That is why I give it only 4 stars until it is fixed
Fun- I guess
Choochoo bobs trains on 3/11/2015
Fun but confusing... Not only this, but ads are everywhere! So annoying!👎 plus, the controls are horrible!
Challenge birds not working.
Creeper distroyer on 3/11/2015
Some games are addicting, but this one is extremely fun and addicting. However, the challenges are fully functional but to unlock birds by doing challenges is not working. I did 21 challenges and there is no bird appearing on the 20 challenges bird. That is the only bug I have experienced so far. I highly recommend it. Finally please fix the bug. Unlocking birds is my favorite part of the game. Thank you
csxej on 3/10/2015
I love yall as an app developer , I get youre trynna get payed but the ads on your apps make them 10x less enjoyable .. tone it down a little?
Gshjjcnndh on 3/10/2015
I really love all of ketchapps games they are very fun and addictive
It's fun, But...
⭐️ Mystery Mare ⭐️ on 3/8/2015
I really liked this game. But there really needs to be more to it. Like side stuff, and not just quests. The game in general is fun, but you lose interest quickly. Also, every time I die, an add for something pops up. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Now, I don't mind adds here and there. But every time just makes me not want to play it, especially when it's the same add repeating over and over. It drives me nuts! I want to continue playing but the attacking of adds makes me not want to, mostly cause they're super annoying. Fix the app bombardment, and I'll give this 4 stars until more is added. But either than that, it's a fun game.
Flynn cook on 3/7/2015
When I get to 20 missions and more it doesn't seem to give it to me
Terrible controls
#15soccer on 3/7/2015
This game has terrible controls. It's impossible to get the bird on top of a box so you die every time. So frustrating!! This is a huge problem!! 😡😡 this game stinks
Great game but...
Mouseman1627 🐭 on 3/7/2015
Love this game, it's endless fun and completing challenges is always satisfying but speaking of challenges, the birds won't unlock if you do the right amount of challenges but it's still great.
Pretty cool
Hammy w. on 3/4/2015
I really like the game overall but I have one problem. I got through over 20 challenges but my free birdy isn't unlocked for them :((
Jecyx on 3/3/2015
I passed 23 challenges but my bird was not unlocked.
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