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$9.99 Education 7.4 Feb 18, 2015 Sep 23, 2017 6.7 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 7.4

Ready for iOS 11.


MathStudio brings unprecedented computational power to your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. From building simple algorithms to creating interactive plots and animations, MathStudio bridges the gap between technology and your imagination.

"It is a programming tour-de-force, and really does provide a substantial subset of the functionality of desktop powerhouses like Mathematica and Maple."
▸ Simply the best calc app by ilachina

Develop your ideas to their fullest extent with MathStudio's expressive scripting language that features new syntax to do amazing things with just a few lines of code. Research and development in the scientific, engineering, mathematical and computing fields almost always involves the need for a scripting language to take your results one step further. Sync your documents with iCloud and have access from any device including your Mac.

"Perfect app for quick, powerful computation and visualization. I keep using it instead of Mathematica on my home computer because it's just so convenient. I can't believe how well it renders the evolution of such complex systems. I am blown away."
▸ Mini Mathematica by Professor Dave

MathStudio goes beyond a traditional graphing calculator by combining the power of the fastest proprietary computer algebra system available on iOS that can create cartesian, parametric, polar, implicit, vector fields, cylindrical, spherical, regression and image plots. Plot time graphs using the T variable to create animated plots that graph in space and time!

"This app really goes beyond your typical graphing calculator as well. How? By allowing you to interact with the graphs that you generate by touching them! I could go on and on about this app, but If you're still reading this review, let's just say that you're probably not going to find a better graphing calculator than this in the App Store."
▸ Replace your old graphing calculator! by AppShouter

From basic calculations to college calculus, MathStudio is a full featured scientific calculator and is an indispensable tool for students, teachers and engineers. It provides features that go beyond what you will find in traditional TI calculators with a modern and intuitive interface with hundreds of mathematical functions that cover Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math and Linear Algebra.

"This app is way more than a graphing calculator. Capabilities like solving differential equations, preforming matrix factorizations and many more place it in a league of its own for hand held computation. The interface is simple and the extensive catalog makes it easy to quickly learn how to execute any operation. As an undergraduate math and physics student, this app has completely replaced my TI and drastically reduced the time I spend on MATLAB and Mathematica. I would recommend MathStudio to anyone!"
▸ Amazing Capabilities by Mac-Lover

From unit conversions to compound unit arithmetic, MathStudio includes complete support for units with intuitive syntax. Plot lists of data with powerful regression analysis functions, invert and multiply matrices, calculate determinants, solve derivatives, integrals, limits, differential equations and more with the most powerful computing app available on iOS.

"This app offers so much, and everyone can learn from it. Amazing 3D graphics, intuitively designed with the end user in mind. It is apps such as MathStudio, that show us why the App Store for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is by far the best for mobile devices."
▸ Creatively genius by howwaya

Are you a user from Mathematica or MATLAB? MathStudio offers much of the same functionality! For more help getting starting using MathStudio visit our discussion forums.

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Halloween7 on 6/3/2018
I have just downloaded this app to use specifically on my smart watch and I am unable to use because the Apple watches don’t have a keyboard and I have searched everywhere in the App Store for one. Can anyone please tell me how we use this app then without a keyboard or how I can acquire one???!
Comprehensive, affordable, programmable
turbostar111 on 6/3/2018
Much more comprehensive than a hand-held programmable calculator. Comprehensive programmable app for science and math students, as well as field workers.
I want my money back
Jackie214☕ on 2/22/2018
I’m lost here but I got this app to help me with college algebra and I don’t see where this app helps with parabolas quadratic functions I don’t even see where the square root symbol
Fantastic app!
Jimmyz70 on 10/19/2017
A fantastic app that gives MatLab a run for its money. Loved the equation solvers and the quality graphics. Plots3D uses the right orientation of axis by default.
Where is the old button layout?
MACANCHE on 9/30/2017
Hey Developer i owned previous versions of your app and i got to say they were far superior that what it currently looks like. Yes I bought the $20.00 app back in the day and I decided to give it a try again since it was $4.99. I feel a little disappointed though. I cannot change the color of the app interface (purple is horrible) and having the same phone keyboard is really not intuitive at all. Bring back your all app even if it was $20.00 it was far superior!
This is a calculator??
Reviewerxx on 9/5/2017
Sorry, this is silly, but it doesnt even have a proper scientific calculator number pad with variables and operations such has power operator in one place. There is a number pad but you have to switch to it, and you have to scroll through the extended keyboard to get to the power operator. It says it is a calculator, but its keyboard is more like a notepad you use to write memos. Are you kidding me??? Yes, it seems great. But is it really a calculator that makes it easy for you to input equations??? Not on the iphone anyway.
darkgoob on 8/9/2017
Tired of Wolfram Alpha? Can't be asked to learn the J programming language? Get this. It has many of J's matrix features... maybe one day all of them... but without J's cryptic syntax.
Phenomenal App!
bryanurbe on 5/22/2017
I use this app for some of my R&D work. I also use it for recreational learning when traveling or with down time. Very complete and easy to use!
Prefer the old math studio
Mnonig on 5/8/2017
This is more powerful but the old one was better as a calculator and not cas. I don't know why it has been removed from the app store...
Good app for Math
Victim_12jan2014_mad on 4/1/2017
MathStudio is far more capable than the other math apps for iOS or macOS. I have been looking for a good math app. It took me a while to find MathStudio. I have it on my Mac and IPhone.
Kudos to Pomegranate for their Persistence
chuston on 3/2/2017
MathStudio has been a decent math tool for years and rather than coast, Pomegranate has kept MathStudio fresh and stable.
My go-to calculator for undergrad physics
garrekds on 1/19/2017
Better than a stand-alone graphing calculator. Beats WolframAlpha for longer computations. Love it.
Worth The Upgrade
addiszx12345 on 1/16/2017
I have been using the previous app, and now here is a new one, allowing ios keyboard, unicode variables, file export and import, and so many improvement. I use this app with Unicode Pro, in which I can create a custom keyboard with 3*3 number pad and other symbols like a real calculator.
没有随心所欲 on 11/16/2016
flaws so far
Rootentity on 10/13/2016
I give this four stars because it is well designed, responsive and probably the best calc on the app store so far. The tutorials and manual are lacking. It's taken me two days to draw a line segment because almost every definition in the manual uses sin or cos. There is not support for using indent styles, or any form of object orientated programming. This makes it hard to split up complex functions. I dream that this app will have OOP, and if I'm greedy visual mapping of scripts and functions, However if they make the learning curve less of a hurdle and build a library of community contributed functions I will give it the fifth star.
Show equations on graphs
ElectricMug on 9/28/2016
This is a wonderful app. The only complaint i have is that the equation doesn't show on the graph. Maybe I'm unaware of a setting that can change this.
MathStudio rocks on...
promentor on 9/15/2016
First, if you are looking for a fully functional programmable calculator and can't find anything suitable for your iPad, then you are looking for MathStudio. If you are looking to do mathematical modeling, MathStudio is also for you. Second, there are only a handful of applications I feel make the iPad worth purchasing. MathStudio is on the A list along with GoodReader, ProCreate, Noteshelf, and Apple's productivity applications (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote). All these applications are well designed and do what they do reliably and very well. Third, MathStudio gets better with every release. Watch out Mathematica! We're on your tail. I highly recommend MathStudio.
Great Program
Mahbrother on 8/26/2016
When I first reviewed this program, I simply hadn't read the instructions. This program is really fabulous. I went to engineering school in the days of slide rules. Certain calculations took pages to evaluate. I dream of how much easier life would have been with a program like this. Incidentally, I downloaded the ti nspire app. It's a great program too, but MathStudio does many of the same things in a much more straightforward way.
Fabulous app
Illbay on 7/27/2016
Not quite as nice as the old (Mathsoft era) Mathcad but much easier to use than Mathematica or Matlab. Very full featured. Needs some work but my complaints would be more in the way of suggestions e.g. Tex and Mathml support.
The best cal.
Aliximus01 on 6/20/2016
Very good interface and useful for math student n eng. I really love this app
我打~ on 2/13/2016
I would pay 100 bucks for this app, Cz that's what I paid for Ti89, but the app is way better than Ti89!
Great concept, fatal flaws.
Observer2010 on 12/27/2015
Love ------ Symbolic math Flaws - -------- iOS version crashes often. The OS X version has a serious memory leak. Causes the entire OS X to crash. Rotating a 4D graph causes instant crash. No numeric keys ! One has to switch keyboards to get the numeric keys, what a pain. No way of recording 4D graphs for presentation. No way of sharing files with Windows users. No app for windows. Eliminates more than half the people. Needs a web based or internet app based user interface even if we have to use our own desktops as servers. This way all our files and Mathstudio engine is accessible from any device. Please no VNC solutions. Not sure if a iOS issue, but significant digits is only 13 digits ... why so small on a 64 bit system? Would like a efficient way of importing very large tables and utilizing OpenCL. Perhaps a iOS limitation. Testing hardware ------------------ Tested on a iPhone 6+ and Macbook 12 2015, both with the latest updates as of this writing.
DarkGene on 12/27/2015
Thanks for a great app. It would greatly benefit customers/users if this app was equipped with a keypad similar to the Wolfram Alpha app.
MathStudio review
ReaperAK on 10/14/2015
Excellent math and calculation program. Rivals mathcad.
...rmk on 8/25/2015
For forty bucks I expected this to run on a 4th Gen iPad. It's my own fault. I have been burned by this app before. Do not buy the "new" version.
It's great, of course.
Donnie Herman on 5/15/2015
A tool for serious users.
Just great!
Mik Koné on 5/7/2015
A must have if you are a mathematics lover! Well worth the money!
Great mathematical app!
Арви on 2/26/2015
It has the same tremendous power, as previous version, and much easier to use. Interface is intuitive and logical, not cryptic. But acot(0) is π/2, not NaN. Such things should be tested before public release.
DePeopleSay on 2/25/2015
The same app re released for $20. Compensation for low sales? Fair enough but, removing features like GUI themes, π button, etc. No good.
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