Forest Home

The Binary Mill

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 3.0.3 Jul 16, 2015 Sep 28, 2017 162.8 MB iOS 6.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.0.3

iOS 11 Support


Something's gone wrong in the forest! All the animals are lost, and only you can guide them home.

Draw colorful paths that grow right beneath your finger to lead the forest critters to safety. Avoid obstacles, navigate bridges, and collect food in this cute but challenging puzzler. Just watch out for the mischievous goblin!

But brain-bending puzzles are just the start of the fun in Forest Home. There is a host of collectables and achievements to unlock, and with full social media and Game Center integration, you can share the fun with your friends. Compare progress, help them out with tricky puzzles, or take to the leader boards to prove who is the Forest Home master!

In Forest Home, home is where the path is.


- Simple but addictive gameplay; pick it up in seconds, spend hours mastering it
- Thousands of unique puzzles, ranging from easy to mind-melting!
- 8 wondrous forests to explore, from deep woods to mountain range to mangrove swamps
- Varying obstacles and puzzle mechanics and a dynamic puzzle system, to maximize replay value
- Ultra-challenging ‘boss levels’
- Colorful characters, beautiful art, and a fun, family friendly theme
- Build up your scrapbook with dozens of unlockables and achievements
- Compete with friends via social media integration

iPad Screenshots
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So awesome 😎
Kdeti10 on 6/22/2018
This game is amazing, cool, awesome, cute, excellent, intelligent, and more! This game is the cutest game I ever seen! I love this game so much I don’t know what to say!❤️❤️❤️! How about I guys come out with a dragon, it’s likes flying, dislikes eels, eats fish, lives on rocks and it’s name is Draggo, Draco, FlameBurst, Blaze, or even Pyro. I was just thinking a dragon would be cool if there was a unicorn. ❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
I love this game!
haiden2214 on 6/22/2018
This game is super addicting! I was just wondering if you could fix this one problem I have: When I mute the music and the sound effects, there is still this weird clunking noise that plays. Anyway to get rid of this that doesn’t require me to mute my whole phone!
Such a cute game
Casy4334 on 6/20/2018
Honestly, it's adorable. I don't like that you have to go from the animal to the place, like you can't go the other way around, but that's fine. It's a great game!!
Good game
Rosebug:) on 6/7/2018
I really love this game. My son who is 7 is always wanting to play what I’m playing. This game keeps me interested while being just as accessible to him. Great job!
Cool beans
Freaking pandas man on 5/31/2018
This is a super cute game with puzzles that have the right easy to challenging ratio. Just a cool little game to have :)
Puppy look on 5/31/2018
I love love Love love love love Love Love. If you do not have this app YOU HAVE TO GET THIS APP and I highly recommend it.
Buyer beware. No credit for IAP
longstockinggirl on 5/31/2018
Such a cute app. Fun and educational, and approachable for all ages. But! The app does not credit IAP, and what’s worse, there is no way to contact the developer directly for resolution. Their website has about eight pre-written help topics for each of their many games and that is it. Do not trust anything by this developer. They will scam you out of your money.
P2la on 5/17/2018
I love this game! I am sure it was originally made for kids, but I’m 40....something, and played this everyday! Unfortunately, I ran out of levels! Hey creators, make more levels!! Please! Highly suggested game to keep you thinking!
Fantastic game
KissyBonney on 4/9/2018
I honestly downloaded this to pass time. Super cute animals. Not super difficult, but enough to keep you engaged. I play everything on mute, so I don’t know how the music or sounds are. I see me playing this quite a bit.
Amazing game!!
Sara/L on 2/26/2018
My 5-year old daughter and 8-year old son are addicted to this game - and I love it!! It is all about problem solving and makes them really think about how to make all the animals find their way home. I highly recommend. They both beat the 160 levels and we are looking forward to the next game from this developer. Most games are a waste of time - but this is a wonderful find! Download it!! I even love it as an adult and look forward to when they need help!
Fun addictive
Cowgirljjen on 10/1/2017
Fun game addictive easy at first then more challenging.
Amazing game
AZunigaJones on 9/29/2017
While designed for kids with cute graphics, it is a challenging game as the levels progress. As an adult, I find that the further I progress, the harder the game gets. It is nicely designed and I like that the levels are not impossible, the just require some thought. I also like that you do not have to spend money or wait days to progress, like in candy crush saga. Overall a very well designed game that I find hard to put down!
aaronlovestacos on 7/6/2017
Fun fun fun
Kid compatible puzzle fun
Squidbunny on 6/4/2017
Great puzzle game to play with kids; you don't run out of moves so little ones are able to make mistakes trying to clear a puzzle. The cash shop is not required to progress. Very cute visuals and sound design.
UPDATED: Can't open app since latest update!
Barbara Jones-Smith on 5/5/2017
I love this game but ever since the latest update my app won't open at all. Please fix this and please come out with new levels! UPDATE: The app is fixed now and is great! Thank you!
Internet connection
Can't open chests on 4/25/2017
They still haven't fixed the internet connection issue and emails to developer get basic, terse reply.
Frustrating internet issue but cute game
AppleDumpling6 on 4/17/2017
I can't connect to Facebook or get chests on the side of the game play. However the games are challenging and fun and the animals are cute.
Lost Data and Can't Connect
Lrtemple on 4/16/2017
Great game, but I randomly lost my data. Guess what. I'll probably play it again. It's that good. But I'm a little annoyed. I also can't connect with FB or buy anything.
Internet connection error 😠
OneSassyB on 4/12/2017
Really like this type of game, and these characters make it super cute and amusing. My only problem is that when I click on a chest on the path to open it, I continue to get a "check your internet connection" error. I KNOW I'm connected to the internet...even opened safari to make sure...always connected so I'm not sure why the error message. Kind of annoying not being able to enjoy the full experience of the game...and hearing the rattling chest constantly is bothersome. I emailed support so hoping they fix this glitch. I should also mention I restarted my iPad and still have the same problem.
Kalmsha on 4/9/2017
This game is fun! Not annoying at all, the animals are adorable! Also, I like the change of pace. It gets challenging which keeps it interesting, along with the addition of the bridge and so on as you move forward through the game. Good times!
So cute!
K&Msmomma on 4/9/2017
I absolutely love this game. It super cute. And as simple as it seems, some levels really make you think. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good puzzle game!!
Good game
Sir bobato on 4/8/2017
Thus gud gam fiv strs
This is the CUTEST game!!
Lyn2424 on 4/8/2017
I ❤️💜💚💙 it!!!! I just can't stop playing it!
Save file deleted
Suerras333 on 4/7/2017
I had fun with it for a day but when I went on to play the following day and everything was gone
Jewjewboo on 4/7/2017
I just got this game today and it's so cute! Because it's so cute it's addicting and I can't stop playing it!!!
A Done All King on 4/7/2017
Great graphics Great gameplay Great Fun
Love it
Smarti1769 on 4/7/2017
I love this app it is so much fun!
It's alright
catfish360 on 4/7/2017
It's an amazing, fun and challenging game for the whole family, but it won't link to my watch. I followed the instructions up to the point where a camera came up and I don't know what to do with it. Please give more instruction.
Really Fun
Gehdgsfwg on 4/6/2017
I really love this game. I don't know why but it's so fun.
Sparty Cyclone on 3/26/2017
Don't let the cute graphics fool you. This is no child's play. It quickly gets challenging, so I haven't lost interest yet. Well done!
Xandersnannie on 3/19/2017
Awesome fun for me and my grandson. My grandson said thumbs up with a star.
Crust is the best part on 2/25/2017
Cute But...
Leszekely on 2/18/2017
This game is cute but when listening to music, through iTunes music, the app makes the music volume lower. This happens even when the music and sound effects are off. It is really frustrating because when I play the game while listening to music, I have to turn the system volume all the way up and then when I exit the app the music goes back to matching the system volume and it is too loud at that point. Please fix.
Cutest game ever!
Cycle-gappula on 2/18/2017
Love this really cute game. It's perfect for any age from 5 to 50! The animals are so cutely drawn and animated. Thank you, developers.
chullfish on 2/9/2017
Love the game but currently having an issue in this version where I crash every time I try to click Adventure. No problems with quickplay.
Simply fun
FosieBear0 on 2/9/2017
Just a fun little game.
Love it!
Tsum tsum addict! on 1/24/2017
Wonderful game! Big fan!
My Wife and I love this game.
jpool7 on 1/22/2017
Truly addictive and challenging fun! Must try for the whole family.
One of my favorites
Wndksjsnska on 1/21/2017
Was concerned when I saw that it was for younger players, but it is fun for all ages! Love it!
It's ya boi!!! on 1/18/2017
Overall a good game,fun and addictive and to top it off there are really cute animals. Like flow game only better.
No more timer!
FoxyJosh on 1/17/2017
This game is great!
Forest Home is Awesome!
StarGameFun! on 1/12/2017
I have 3 stars on every quest and I payed 99 cents to get the panda and some extra hints! Please continue to update this game because it is so awesome and addicting and adorable!
I love it
Blaze baby on 12/23/2016
I love this game, but It would be nice if the hints would replenish after so long on the hard puzzles some times and we could win more than one acorn at a time.
Ebaze on 11/27/2016
Cute game! I'm waiting for the puzzles to get really hard but so far they are pleasant and a great way to pass the time
Best puzzle game I own
HalyaB on 11/23/2016
This is one of my favorite games! I love how it has 5 different levels at each step of the game. You don't only have very easy levels but also challenging ones. The mix of levels makes it more fun to move forward with game play. The graphics are great and this game is a great way to pass the time, even if it's for a few minutes at a time. Being in my 20s, I recommend it for both kids and adults. Definitely get this game and you will not be disappointed.
Furrburger1228 on 11/3/2016
Love it
Great for all ages!
Jessi_B_14 on 10/23/2016
This is a fun game that is suitable for everyone of all ages. I highly recommend it!
Still won't load
SummerRoza on 10/3/2016
Really sick of trying to get the game to load. I've even tried on other devises and it still doesn't work
Bad for eyes but good for brain
Mary`Jane on 9/25/2016
It is so addictive. Got a few frens addicted to it and we race to see how fast we do it and how much points we earn each level... Thank you for creating this game. Takes my mind off my stress and problems...
Very goood
Cookie is yum on 9/21/2016
So awesome and fun
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