10 Billion Wives


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.3.3 May 29, 2015 Jun 05, 2018 68.6 MB iOS 7.0 or later 9+
New in version 1.3.3

Minor Bug Fix


All you can marry!
A game to get married to as many girls as you like!
Marry 10 billion wives!

-Common Questions
Q. Why is the background LPS the way it is?
A. This is in order to keep the game balanced. After the app is closed, wives will continue to increase for an hour.

Sound by MusMus, Mao-tamashi, Kurage-kosho and Koukaon-labo

iPad Screenshots
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yasssss love it on 6/22/2018
I love this so fun but id recommend adding alot more wives but ither than that id say DOWNLOAD
It's amazing
That guy that likes u on 6/8/2018
It's amazing and I recommend it
Doesn’t stay open longer than 2 seconds.
Jaysonic9 on 5/24/2018
I would love to play this game. I’ve been playing the 20 Billion Wives game and that works just fine. This one I open and the moment it enters the game, the game shuts down I’ve been trying everything but nothing works. I wish I could play this game but until that bug is fixed I can’t even enjoy it for more than 2 seconds.
It’s cool.
8-BitGreyhound on 5/24/2018
Even though this is just another addictive clicker game I find it really fun! I like the little chibi wives running around and the secret images are beautiful. I want more wives! ADD MORE WIVES!
Kikio 001
Kikio001 on 5/23/2018
Fun game. Worked in my iPhone 7 Plus but keep crushing on iPhone X. Pls fix it.
Wonderful Game
CinniMinniMonster on 5/21/2018
This has been a great clicker game :)
Jon Claude on 5/18/2018
So much fun
So addictive
da beast25158 on 5/18/2018
I love this game but I wish you could see the wife your about to get and not see them with this. ????
Good game, but…
TwoNumberNines on 5/13/2018
I had gotten as far as the zombie wife and had gotten enough love to get another wife, but the game stopped opening. It either crashes at the first screen or just closes right after I click the app.
Best game ever
Hihelpme on 5/13/2018
I love this app
Mipthefox on 4/29/2018
I'm gay
I am truly myself
Randomite10 on 4/28/2018
This game helped me realize how gay I really am for women. I have fully embraced my lesbianism and it’s all thanks to the wonderful app.
App crash on iPhone X
Moraesmv on 3/27/2018
Every time I open the app, it crashes without reason or error code on my IPhone X
Best game
Monkey from minecraft on 3/18/2018
This is one of my favorite games to play when I’m relaxing (OwO)
So Fun
se rang on 2/19/2018
Only Add the options save progress for playing in the other devices, And add more girls :D
Straight up addicting
Ava's Imagination on 2/11/2018
I used to play this game on my Android, but uninstalled due to low storage. I missed this game for its cleaver way to attract people to long on again and again, and the rewards you get for leveling them up, like secret illustrations.
All wives are the best wives
Why do u want my name? on 2/10/2018
Good time
Wow! Best spongebob game. on 2/2/2018
This game is god sent. Thank you.
I wish I had this many wives
The Devil Dog on 1/22/2018
I have no wives
Pretty good
Hectix on 12/28/2017
Cute way to pass some time
Aoliv24 on 12/23/2017
Now I won’t die lonely, thanks.
Frickin adorable yet oddly hilarious
Kiruago on 12/22/2017
Idek what to say this game is genius.
This should be "10 B waifus" instead of "wives"
Denneker on 12/22/2017
The wives should be called as waifus. Waifu. WAIFUS. Same with the husbands game. "HUSBANDO" PLOX
Great game
Sir_SuperPeaches on 12/1/2017
The best thing I've ever played on my phone!
Is fun
DHG Barbarian on 11/28/2017
Is fun
This is magnificent
Jurassicjordan on 11/26/2017
This game is so unique, adorable, and fun!
Its good
Pancakefacee on 11/25/2017
Cute clicker game.
Not much happens but I like it
Passoword12 on 11/12/2017
This game is v cute
Love it
Greatbigbilly on 11/12/2017
This game is great. I don't normally like clicker games but this one is cute.
My final nut
Aidanj637 on 11/9/2017
I had my final but to this game and I ain’t mad about it
What am I doing
SimplyAwsm on 10/12/2017
This game is too chill for words to comprehend. Grab a coffee and sink into the monotonous repetition of this game's beautiful spirit. What is there to do in life but more of the same? Sit back and enjoy. FEEL the vibes of your millions of digital wives, as they gently and near ethereally walk across your tiny stupid screen.
Anonymous Funtime on 10/7/2017
This game is so addicting to me, trying to collect all the wives so actually fun even though it does take a few to get them all. The only complaint is that if u have this game (or the other games) on one device, then u cant save upload your progress from another device, you have to start over. Which is kind of a bummer but other then that complaint, its a cute, and fun game!
Sonicman 203 on 10/6/2017
I can't stop playing this app it's so much fun to play
CelluliteSale on 10/6/2017
This game may look silly on the surface and it hella is. But there is something kind of tranquil and peaceful about playing it.
Abanoub3617 on 10/4/2017
Great Game
I'm in love
polonsky935 on 9/29/2017
This is the coolest app ever
This game is so awesome
Ixander Ortiz on 9/28/2017
The female’s in this game are so cute :3
Great game I just have one request
Nintendo3213 on 9/26/2017
This game is great and I love trying to get the next wife but I think you should add in the "pillow wife" and make it the first wife just make it like a pillow with some cute character you can think of
Love it!
moon_stone333 on 9/20/2017
This game is so cute
kerby w/ wand (>")>/**** on 9/19/2017
This is so ridiculous that I love it.
Luv it
galaxy us on 9/19/2017
Luv it
I don't know what fun this game is but I can't stop myself 😂😂
同座墨门金龙鱼 on 9/18/2017
Actually the game is nothing fun but I kept playing it for 7 hours 🤤🤤I don't why I can't stop. Someone help me🤤🤤
Lorba23 on 9/17/2017
Thank you
Don't know why but I finished it
Ana ayls on 9/9/2017
Really easy game play and a good game to start the little series off with, super wife was ugly but the art is really great and fun to achieve.
Llama Drama 445 on 8/31/2017
This game is sooooo cute and it's really fun! All the different wives really add a unique atmosphere to the game. I saw this game a lot and I would think it would be a waste of my time. I started playing it, and now I can't stop! This game is truly worth your time.
It's okay I guess
Gogogadgetgirl4368943 on 8/29/2017
Glitches for me quite a bit. Idk it's cute and it's decent
I'm not lonely
Spurs-rule on 8/23/2017
With this game I'm no longer lonely anymore
Good game
Zethil on 8/23/2017
Good tap game with cute twist, it's ok
Waifuuuuu >.<
Cpascua on 8/18/2017
This game is good for killing time. It's supposed to accumulate "love" even while you're not using the app but it's usually not as much as it should be. Not really expecting it to be correct anyway lol.
ronaldMCgoat on 8/13/2017
good stuff man good stuff..
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