Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 Pro

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$1.99 Games 1.3.2 Jul 08, 2015 Jun 15, 2018 281.2 MB iOS 7.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.3.2

Minor update


** Winner of 5 Webby Awards - Draw a Stickman Franchise **
** Played over 100 Million Times around the Globe **

Grab your pencil and get ready for the most creative DRAW A STICKMAN adventure yet!

Imagination is the key, as you enter a magical storybook full of mystery and wonder, unusual creatures and enigmatic puzzles! Create your own original stickman and then watch it come to life in DRAW A STICKMAN: EPIC 2! Challenge yourself to unlock every secret, collect every drawing and share your creativity with the world!

Unleash your creativity as you draw a Stickman from your own unique perspective, and then watch your animated hero come to life before your eyes! Make every idea a reality by saving drawings in your Sketchbook, and sharing them with friends!

Embark on a perilous journey through time! Draw your Stickman and create a friend! But be warned….disaster falls upon your ally! It’s up to you to become the hero! Maneuver your way through the magical world of EPIC 2 in a quest to save your partner!

Create and save unlimited drawings in your Sketchbook that comes to life throughout your adventure!

With the new share feature, you can now send your creations to your friends. They will then be able to use your drawings in their own epic adventures!

Face off against inked-out goblins, tongue-lashing frogs, fire-breathing dragons, and BIG bosses! You must use your own strategies to solve intriguing challenges and puzzles, while battling all new villains!

Jump in to this action-packed adventure that allows for endless creativity!

As you explore each colorful environment, choose from an assortment of drawing pencils and tools to help you successfully overcome every obstacle along the way.

New features and enhancements allow you to choose from a larger color palette, along with a variety of pencil sizes. With the new share feature, send your drawings to your friends! Unlock hidden Color Buddies, locate puzzle pieces, and enjoy new drawing pencils for Wires, Eggs, and Ice! This is an experience like no other, personalized by you!

DRAW A STICKMAN: EPIC 2 is the sequel you’ve been waiting for and is sure to offer hours of entertainment to avid gamers and creative minds alike!

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Green the indoraptor on 6/16/2018
I HAD SO MUCH PROGRESS IN THIS GAME THEN AFTER MY BROTHER LOST HIS PROGRESS! I DID!!!!!! I DESERVE MORE THAN THIS CRAP! I hate school, I had to do an assignment that made my hands tired, it was really cold outside, I figured out there is a MATH TEST ON MY BIRTHDAY (My birthday is January 26, Plus, I HATE math) and now I wanted to play this game and now my progress is GONE!!!!!!!!!! (Gender=boy).
baconhairfurbacon123 on 6/10/2018
I want there to be chapter 11 and 2 players even 10 players even add shovels axe etc. also hungry bar thirsty bar etc. that’s all if you did this I will be happy
Grant Wiley on 6/2/2018
I love it 😍 so much I hope you make a sequel to the game today.it will be about saving the world and setting the characters as roles that will help you to get to the end of the game and interact as you move forward to the end of the game. I never said anything about ending the series. Never end the series of stick man.
I love this game and it’s very addictive
Eva YT on 5/27/2018
Please never let this game close because it’s really addictive to me so you should probably do you kids and YouTube for kids and adults put some tips how to go beat some of the level because I’m stuck on level six and I just need to beat that level then I’m onto the fire alarm so please give some tips and it’s very addictive so thank you I gave you a five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤩
loganslogin on 5/10/2018
Excuse me but when I try to play the game it says “something went wrong” and it’s annoying! I hope it’s not because of WiFi and I’m at school and I have NWEA but I finished so I’m playing games so yeah
The Happy Reviewer on 5/6/2018
I downloaded this game with my birthday money, expecting nothing. But, I was wrong. This game is really fun! I have completed the main story 100% and I am working on the DLC “Drawn Below!”. I have 1 suggestion. On level 8, when the evil ink lands on top of you and you have to run to the tree, add an ending where if you wait until the Purple Hearts full up, your face has red eyes and you fly away, laughing. You get an achievement, “You Monster! :Successfully turn evil:”. It would be fun to have 3 endings!
Windak on 4/26/2018
It will not let me past level 1. I have already completed the level 10 time. Yes, I counted. Please fix this.
So bad
happydogtotheresue on 4/8/2018
one problem
Ashley Roney on 4/5/2018
the game is fun but when i get to frog bog the frogs seem imposable to beat
This game is like paper mario
Pigibit on 4/3/2018
4 words, I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Needs More Sharing Sign-up Options
Joshua D. on 3/27/2018
I think that this is a fantastically creative and fun game, especially if you enjoy artwork and being creative yourself. The game has a Community Sharing function where you can share your drawings with other users, to use in their games. But, the only way to sign-up and participate in this is by using Facebook or Twitter. I don't use either social media and even if I did I wouldn't want to use them this way. Would you please offer an alternate sign-up option, preferably just signing up with an email address? I would really appreciate it if you would consider my feature request please, thank you. And thanks so much for this really fun and entertaining video game and all of the hard work that I'm sure was put into building and maintaining it. Thanks again and God bless.
Please make a daw a stick man epic 3
Superdestroyer912 on 3/19/2018
The epic 2 game was soooooooooo FUN!! Please make another one maybe it could be about the ink returning and maybe it infects one of the villagers? So if you read this please tell me if you will or not and what it this drawn below I’m still confused about what it is and I hope you finish It.
Like it
Tlaloque on 3/15/2018
I like it
Epic 3 but a big problem!
Remtgm on 2/16/2018
This game was amazing but when I played the game today my file was gone and I beat the game payed for drawn below and got every thing that you collect and I want my file back please 😢
I beat the game
Rainbowboy10 on 2/10/2018
Thanks for playing the game
Hdheheheidjhdhd on 2/7/2018
it’s not what you’re hoping for. Sure this game would be ok.. if you didn’t have to buy it. It’s worth a few minutes but not worth money. I know people worked very hard to create this game and I appreciate that but it’s just not the game for me
Good game but...
Galing ah on 2/3/2018
I love the game a lot I play it everyday but every time I make something or get something it goes away every 10 (maybe) seconds it goes away please fix this.
Awesomeeeeee!!!! Love it
Floridagirl1986 on 1/20/2018
Well I loved 1 and 2 my cousins are still on 2 I finished it tho I loveeee the first and the second and it would be the BEST if you could make a three it would be sooooo cool ! Pls do I really liked the first and second:)
Impossible level
THUMPERFOXY on 1/14/2018
Chapter or should I say level 4: THE INKY MINE is pretty much impossible at least for me and I do not like that level what would make me PLEASED would be if there was a way to star over all the way at the beginning where you make your first 2 Stickman and the friend becomes EVIL and your other Stickman becomes GOOD.
I love it !
meself34 on 1/8/2018
The weird mystery is I saw the book had like 200 pages when it wasn’t ripped yet so that means more levels right ? Or was that the sequel to drawn below !? But I need literally neeeed DRAW A STICK-MAN 3 !!! Please ! Sincerely, ****** ****
It wieped me
Kreitzer29 on 1/6/2018
I love this game but the newest update wiped me.
Love this game but one problem
Megafan2017 on 1/5/2018
I love this game but when I beat the whole game and even saved my friend from collecting all the puzzles a couple months later I had to start the whole entire game again!nothing even got saved like my drawing,puzzle pieces,levels and not even the colors!!!!!please fix this because now I have to start the whole game again!!!!
This game reset randomly
This game reset randomly on 1/5/2018
For some reason the game reset for no reason and I lost all my data I am really unhappy
Lost my data
Jmjskdkmsmskk on 1/4/2018
This update ruined everything!
What. The. Hell.
Flutter wing on 1/3/2018
The game is amazing and fun and I love it but SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! When I updated the app it reset ALL of my progress! And I spent so long on the game to lose it? And I’ve had this game for a year and it just now did this! But other than that it’s a good game and recommend it!
I don’t get it
Lionfriend61 on 12/27/2017
so im on the first level and cant get past it! its impossible
I love this game!!! So make a 3rd
Super puff on 12/23/2017
This game is fantastic it has a lot of things to do from saving the bad guy to loosing all your stuff in drawn below but once you finish it gets a little boring because you have master armor your like oh cool then you draw you're charter in it play a round with it then it's like let's get drawn below beat that well now what so make please make a third
Undisclosed Fee
Kz1. on 12/22/2017
There was no where on here that stated I was going to get charged. Indicating that this was a free download.
Cool game
Minecraft masters 67 on 12/21/2017
I like this just stick man epic two it's really cool because there's a story and everything but I didn't get to collect all the pieces so can you please pick a stick man epic three something like this but not just like this please happy face
I need help!!!!
KMcCathran on 12/16/2017
Well I love the game but in "Drawn Below" I am stuck in a place I have a screenshot
Review from Calvin.
Imonsa on 11/26/2017
I love your game. It was very fun.
Darw a stickman Epick 2
Joey Jaxen on 11/23/2017
This is my favorite game in the world but.... I want a level 10 I really want to see more of the adventure (PS. I mean when you finish the game it DOES say “The Adventure continues”.
Beat the game in an hour.
Joe. Dude on 11/19/2017
It sure can be confusing, but it's quite easy once you figure it out. This game has lots of replay ability, so I wouldn't worry a about running out of things to do if I were you. There are tons of secrets in every level, so good luck finding everything. The game is definitely worth five bucks.
Awesome awesome awesome🌈🌈🌈🌈⚡️🗡🐬⚔️💶🎮💎
💎TDM💎 on 11/11/2017
Please make more of these games they are awesome🎮💎
Awesome, but....
Trish Foster on 11/6/2017
This app is amazing, got it for my kid and she loves it! But there are glitches in the game that make her frustrated, on one level, she went behind the whole map, it was cool until she couldn't get back, she had to restart the level and go again, she was almost finished with the level....but she still loves it!
I’ve done had to buy the game twice
BrandeeLyAnn on 10/21/2017
Once on my laptop and on the Apple App Store I’m unhappy to see that it cost another 99 cents to play the Halloween update especially considering the game has been beat already I think it should be fair for the Halloween special not to cost more money especially since I’ve bought Stickman 1&2 & epic bundle since I couldn’t convert my games from outlook to Apple
LandenKoz on 10/14/2017
Dab Dab Dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab
Epic Stickman 3
Dannyxbam2016 on 10/9/2017
I've found the taste for more of this good game the first one was dramatically tense and it was good. 2nd had a happier taste to it so I'm pumped seeing what the third one is going to be.
Smarcell34512 on 10/7/2017
I love the game so much
It's Epic For A Reason
Gamerandvloglord on 10/6/2017
I Love The Pencils And Bosses As Well As The Story And DLC.11/10
Need Draw A Stickman Epic 3
Add this please... on 9/19/2017
The game is the best game I've ever played and we need and epic 3 because the game is so awesome!
Katk55 on 9/12/2017
Having so much fun! Can't quit!!(help)🤗
Fix is needed
AutismMommyBoo on 8/13/2017
So on several levels you can only use pick. Can't swap to sword. It's frustrating.
It is fun
Pow φ on 8/12/2017
It is fun
GodyGamer234 on 8/9/2017
You should make like a custom level, like you can like draw the enemies and arrange the items and stuff. That would be really cool.
Awesome game but one problem
TheMichaeltron2000 on 7/31/2017
I loved this game a lot because of the adventure and entertainment but just one problem my iPad broke and didn't work from playing this game or it was just my cracked screen I'm pretty sure it was my iPad and not the game.
It's pretty good
Goatgirl11🐐 on 7/21/2017
I really liked the game for a very long time, and still mostly enjoy it. However, I recently just spent 30 minutes on ONE drawing, and the game crashed and nothing on that drawing was saved. If it is possible, could someone please fix it so that the game will not randomly shut down?
Love game but
Manor3665 on 7/15/2017
The game is awesome but it take a long time to load like NBA 2K17 it is a great game but it takes a long time to load and I would love a draw a stick man EPIC 3 I have some suggestions first make the game have 24 levels and have drawing suggestions thanks for the game and I am having issues please fix it thanks for the game.
Mr krabz on 7/11/2017
Creators I bought drawn below and never got it wondering if I could get money back
862537 on 7/6/2017
I love this game! Now make a 3rd game where the friend joins you! And you can switch characters and there will be draw a villain and draw a 3rd friend where the 3rd friend gets kidnapped by the villain but the hero and his rescued friend from the second friend has to continue also make entirely new pencils with this being said!
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