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We’re always working on new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Make sure that you stay updated with the latest version for the best authentication experience.


Sign in is easy, convenient, and secure when you use Microsoft Authenticator. Use your phone, not your password, to log into your Microsoft account. You simply have to enter your username, then approve the notification sent to your phone. Your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN will provide a second layer of security in this two step verification process. After, you'll have access to all your Microsoft products and services, such as Outlook, OneDrive, Office, and more.

Microsoft Authenticator also supports multi factor authentication for work, school, and non-Microsoft accounts. The app provides a second layer of security after your password. When logging in, you'll enter your password, and then you'll be asked for an additional way to prove it's really you. Either approve the notification sent to the Microsoft Authenticator, or enter the verification code generated by the app. 

Sometimes your work or school might ask you to install the Microsoft Authenticator when accessing certain files, emails, or apps. You will need to register your device to your organization through the app and add your work or school account. Microsoft Authenticator also supports cert-based authentication by issuing a certificate on your device. This will let your organization know that the sign-in request is coming from a trusted device and help you seamlessly and securely access additional Microsoft apps and services without needing to log into each. Because Microsoft Authenticator supports single sign-on, once you have proven your identity once, you will not need to log in again to other Microsoft apps on your device.

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One star
N328KF on 2/2/2018
One star due to useless update summary.
Resets every update!
BanuGhassan on 1/27/2018
Since inception whenever I have all accounts with their verification setup and on standby... here comes and update, Great! Open to see app, everything gone and have to redo it all over again. Every update!? I stopped using this app and found an alternative from a company that sounds like booble.
How about an Apple Watch component?
Delta5 on 1/20/2018
Does what it’s supposed to do. How about adding an Apple Watch version too?
Not Unique
DK1943 on 1/18/2018
This app cannot coexist with Google’s Authenticator. Upon installing, each overwrites the other.
Works as advertised
jimct on 1/18/2018
We use this as MFA tool for logging onto our corporate network. Flawless and much better than the old text codes as no network connection is needed
Needs key generation
System2600 on 1/15/2018
Needs to be able to generate a key to work with more services. Similarly to how the Symantec app works.
jmstacey on 1/12/2018
Any app that says they’re constantly improving the software but don’t summarize changes are usually bull shitting.
Not secure
sixxt on 1/11/2018
This app works. But it is not secure. If I get a MFA notification on my lock screen I can allow the authentication without unlocking my phone. Fix now please
User-friendly and useful app
ethancdaniel on 1/4/2018
This is a very useful app for two-factor authentication. It’s as intuitive as possible and I’ve never had any issues with it.
No password protection
/criccraze/ on 1/4/2018
Surprisingly the most important app which is required to authenticate is open app. I failed to understand why this app doesn’t have password protection. What am I missing to understand here?
An Apple Watch app would be nice to have.
Birdsong Man on 1/4/2018
Wouldn’t have to fish my phone out of mypocket!
I don't understand this app
DavidCrosmierIII on 12/23/2017
This may be a useful program, but you'd never know with Microsoft's brief & non-descriptive description. Why should I download this app? Authenticate? Authenticate what? 3 stars is all I can give for such poor descriptions.
TheBattman on 12/18/2017
I don’t grasp why MS has chosen an additional app just for the sake of authentication.
Too frequent updates
danielkr_ on 12/15/2017
This app only does one job. Generate some numbers. Why does this need to be updated every other day?
Works great
mdbraker on 12/14/2017
Never an issue
MiaMc on 12/13/2017
I’m not able to set it up.
cgthomas1961 on 12/9/2017
This app doesn’t work very well. I can’t use it for getting to my Microsoft account!
Cannot select username to get code
jonmannon on 12/6/2017
Like the title says. This new update has made it to where I cannot select my username in order to generate a key code...isn’t that the purpose of this app?
Won’t even install
Fig204 on 12/5/2017
I’ve tried several times to install this app and it will not.
Add passcode option
Mr Kar on 12/2/2017
Add a layer a of security like a passcode option if someone click on the app they can see ur code and the account it’s linked too
What did you do?????
cltgt554 on 11/27/2017
Whatever you have recently done, has broken this app. And because of that, O365 Admin App no longer works either. Please get it fixed!!
Forgetful8765309 on 11/21/2017
Like most software nowadays, it is half baked. Does nothing. Uninstalled.
Excellent app, but…
Abraham Isaac Duran on 11/16/2017
It’s a great app, I like it a lot, but could you make it more secure? The login codes generated by the app could be used to sign in a critical site (like a banking account), so if you could add an option to provide an extra layer of security, that would be great. Also… what about being able te backing up to iCloud, so if you restart your device you won’t lose access to your codes?
Battery vampire
PunkRockPidgeotto on 11/14/2017
After I installed it I would be lucky to make it home from work before my battery died, after uninstalling it my battery life has returned to normal. Oddest thing is when I checked my battery usage it didn’t even show up, I never left it open or anything.
Apple Watch App
ian.guider on 11/10/2017
Should really have an Apple Watch app so that I can just quickly accept login requests
George Capote on 11/9/2017
I tried to sign in to my MS account on the authenticator app, but it requires the authenticator app to approve it. That’s hilarious. No, the other methods (email, phone number) do not work.
Works well
1nf0m@g3 on 11/5/2017
However it need a companion app for the Apple Watch. PLEASE
Great update
j_rath on 11/4/2017
Before this update, when using 2 step verification and having to approve a sign in you would have to manually open the app to click approval, now the approval notification pops up instantly. Great app that keeps getting better
Microsoft Authenticator app keeps popping up authentication requests
speedracr on 10/27/2017
Microsoft Authenticator app keeps popping up authentication requests after request has already been approved. I am on the latest V5.4.5.
Nice move from Microsoft.
Mesha Bin Bander on 10/27/2017
But I'm wondering, why they can’t make the log in same Bank accounts.! Each u will enter the Email u will receive a a code in ur mobile phone. The email is the top of everything. If someone take it.!!!!!!! He can take everything from you. Snap, Twitter, instagram, FB, and ur phone data in the iCloud. Pls think of it. Even there is a payment for that. No problem. To be safe is more important. Meshal
Almost a five
Pezcore37 on 10/21/2017
While the Authenticator doesn’t currently support Apple Watch, it’s still pretty good at what it does. I haven’t experienced crashing after updates like others have. Pretty solid with that one glaring omission.
Work made me do it
Prodigy3023 on 10/20/2017
Notifications don't work, so always have to find and launch the app to approve. Every second needing to use this app is unnecessarily frustrating. 30 second code changes... increase it to match our exceed RSA (it's all connected, so you can detect malicious or brute force attacks and stop them). Concept is too verbose. Overall dislike of this authentication concept, as it's an extremely poor experience.
This is totally Cheap Rated App Poor
AnZombie on 10/6/2017
I tried to sign in to ms store to buy some stuff using browser, it required me to authenticate using ms authenticator app, so I downloaded the app, I open the, I logged in to the app and IT IS ASKING ME TO AUTHENTICATE USING MS AUTHENTICATOR. Totally bad app! Bad bad!
3D Touch Concern
BobTech21 on 10/5/2017
The authenticator app has two options during 365 multi-factor enrollment, either Notify or Enter Code. If you have your Authenticator set to Notify (push notification) you can 3D Touch on the lock screen to approve authentication without unlocking your iPhone. It should only allow approval after you unlock your phone. Although this problem can be solved by turning off lock screen notifications for this app. Also it doesn't touch your contacts. Rolled this out to 100 users and had zero problems with contacts being deleted. Update: Adding a star for Apple Watch push notifications.
App Crashes on Every Update
Harrylawls on 9/29/2017
I don't know what's exactly the cause of this but every time there's a new app update for this, it always crashes upon opening whenever I open it up after rebooting my iPhone (previously it would go black for couple of seconds and freezes before crashing). It's been going on for 3-4 months now and it's very annoying. Reinstalling it doesn't help either. However, it is a pretty convenient authenticator app that does what it supposed do. Just wished it doesn't crash every single time these days.
Apple Watch Support Please!!
jarbro on 9/28/2017
Please update to include support for Apple Watch!!
Angelino 562 on 9/16/2017
I notice some of my contacts where erase how can I get them back?? Pls help..
Mani pr on 9/15/2017
katopr on 9/15/2017
Great app!!!
Has made my authentication to work so much easier
Mikeadamsvt on 9/13/2017
My company requires multi factor authentication to many of their services. Previously with smart cards or fobs it was really hard. Now, it takes me 3 seconds to authenticate with Touch ID. Thanks Microsoft!
Need code to get code
dano3006 on 9/13/2017
Confirmed that the app needs a code to confirm before it can fetch the code to confirm.
You need to code to get into the account to generate a code
Emanuel469 on 9/5/2017
So I need a code to get into the account within the app that needs a code. So basically I can't sign in ti get the code because I need the code.
Saerise on 8/28/2017
I'm really happy with the changes they've added.
Selena Heskett on 8/25/2017
This app seems insecure for TFA given the fact that it does not ask for passcode/fingerprint to accept a request . Apps like Duo have a better "security first" approach.
No backup
james_manes on 8/15/2017
Reset my iPhone and it lost all of my logins. Spent hours calling banks to recover my info. Just plain wrong.
Time saver
Legaux on 7/29/2017
Works great, i like being able to use Touch ID to authenticate. Please incorporate a Apple Watch app.
I prefer Authy
Octocroco on 7/20/2017
This app is not bringing anything to the table. Blizzard has an app and it lets you tap to log in and alerts you if someone is trying to get into your account. If this is just an authenticator app we should be allowed to use the one we want instead of being forced to download this.
These people writing bad reviews do not know what they're talking about
Chillicus on 7/18/2017
This app is great it does exactly what it says it doesn't erase anything from your account doesn't erase contacts. It saves me so much time just being able to press a button and authenticate my two step verification!
Apple Watch support gone!
CyberBob859 on 7/16/2017
Used to work fine with my Apple Watch. Now, it looks like support for the Apple Watch has been removed. PUT IT BACK!
Great App, some minor bugs
Tictocwishbone on 7/10/2017
This App is great, i use it for personal use and recently my Job required us to use it as well. The only thing it is missing is Fingerprint authentication. I use the LastPass Authenticator for some of my accounts that i want to be more secure.
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  • Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
  • Category: Productivity
  • Released: May 30, 2015
  • Current Version Released: Jan 12, 2018
  • Version: 5.5.2
  • Size: 37.6 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: Arabic; Basque; Bulgarian; Catalan; Valencian; Croatian; Czech; Danish; Dutch; Flemish; English; Estonian; Finnish; French; Galician; German; Greek; Hebrew; Hindi; Hungarian; Indonesian; Italian; Japanese; Kazakh; Korean; Latvian; Lithuanian; Malay; Bokmål, Norwegian; Norwegian Bokmål; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Moldavian; Russian; Serbian; Chinese; Slovak; Slovenian; Spanish; Castilian; Swedish; Thai; Chinese; Turkish; Ukrainian; Vietnamese;