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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 1.27.0 May 10, 2015 Apr 15, 2018 124.2 MB iOS 9.0 or later 12+
New in version 1.27.0

Keep the feedback coming, we love hearing from you!

What's new:

- We've made performance improvements throughout the app, it's faster than ever!
- We've also fixed a few bugs to make buying & selling even easier. Enjoy!

Like it, love it? Leave feedback and a rating to let us know! And make sure to give us a shout at support@letgo.com if you have any suggestions or need help!

Happy Buying and Selling on letgo,

letgo Team


Quickly sell things you list on letgo and find great deals nearby.

Electronics, games, clothes, automobiles, furniture, décor and much more. Featured by TechCrunch, Wired, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Apartment Therapy and others.

letgo’s not just a different way to buy and sell, it’s the amazingly simple way. Tens of millions have already downloaded letgo. Here’s why:

• FAST AND CUTTING-EDGE: Post an item for sale in just a few seconds. letgo’s the only app of its kind with cutting-edge image recognition and artificial intelligence to title and tag your items so you don’t have to.

• EASY, SLEEK AND INTUITIVE: letgo shows you great deals nearby on a huge variety of items. Browse your area or search for something specific. Chat instantly with other buyers and sellers right in the app.

• BIG AND GETTING BIGGER: Join the tens of millions already using letgo worldwide to post and buy hundreds of thousands of items every day.

the letgo Team

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JustLearning the ropes but so far I 💗 it!
Terrie2234 on 4/21/2018
I just have to get used to the different ways of communicating. Great site.
Great app!
Dayledbl on 4/21/2018
Sold a lot of stuff
AmCapoeira on 4/21/2018
You’re able to buy and sell really fast. I like that!
Awesome and trustworthy
titalamboy on 4/21/2018
We were skeptical at first, but we have had the best experiences selling our stuff on letgo. We recommend it to our friends all the time.
I like this app
Shelayne77 on 4/21/2018
This app is pretty good. I’ve bought a few things- sold a few things.. just have to watch out for the flakes..
Me gusta letgo estoy muy contenta
me gusta letgo on 4/21/2018
I love you letgo me entretengo mucho compro cosas sin salir de casa además que vendo cositas que me ayudan a tener un dinero extra gracias letgo
Great app
Smart man 53 on 4/21/2018
Very helpful and I’ve sold and bought and made new friends
Let Go App Review
4ever JC on 4/21/2018
I have been using this app for sometime now. I am very happy with the easy listing process and many sales.
生活湖 on 4/21/2018
Great way to clean house!
revs yaya on 4/21/2018
Easy and fun way to make a little extra cash selling things you no longer need/use!
Great site and app.
SwemeOne on 4/21/2018
Easy to use. Great support. Great app.
Not now
NJNbonner on 4/21/2018
Just download your application too early.
Starr Lin on 4/21/2018
I love this app! “One persons junk, is another persons treasure!” One of my favorite sayings lol. If you don’t find what you are looking for, always check back, as chances are it’ll appear! Have fun! 🌶😊
Works well
Moosedadog on 4/20/2018
Easy to use
Great site to sell
rgh9 on 4/20/2018
Letgo Shopping
melissatxs on 4/20/2018
I’ve been a member of the Letgo community for several years. My experience has been very good. I have both sold and purchased some great items and saved a bunch of $$!
Steve H Turner on 4/20/2018
Letgo has done a lot for me! I enjoy meeting people and making deals! I appreciate the people that invented Letgo!
Great app
Schyguy on 4/20/2018
Easy to use
Great app
ninjatres3 on 4/20/2018
Very easy and convenient way to sell and buy. I think the founders did a excellent job!!
PascoMom on 4/20/2018
It’s fun looking for stuff to buy. Most of the time everything is nice clean n good. Can find pretty much whatever your in need of on here ! Ppl are good about prices. Try it out
Good but one major problem
haniarris on 4/20/2018
The app is really good and works for what it says- but there is one dang thing that really frustrates me. When you like a post and the darn “tell them you are interested” pop up comes and you accidentally hit it and you have to wonder to yourself if you are going to ignore the hope this person has that finally someone responds or are you going to explain to them it was an accident?
Great app
deathby47 on 4/20/2018
Easy to use
2020.dando on 4/20/2018
Great selling site.
Let go app!
Tiffdanduck on 4/20/2018
Great app! Very easy to use 👍🏾
Love this app ! :)
Sonia4898 on 4/20/2018
Love this app ! Shows distance and price on listings page which is very helpful in browsing :)
Great app! Needs a little improvement in navigating to speed up views . Other wise , I enjoy it !
Wcs22 on 4/20/2018
Great app
Fast deals
Vodoochile on 4/20/2018
Nice to buy and sell in warp speed to friends, and the general public, your neighbors , and so easy , I have a lot of fun and satisfaction when I sell And see someone enjoy the item as as I did,
Great App for Local Selling
Anonymous8081 on 4/20/2018
Good app for selling atuff. be carefull of shady people
Dvjvv on 4/20/2018
Best Ever
1tradnwilli on 4/20/2018
Best place to sell my stuff, quick & convient!
Let it gooooo
jdawg24 on 4/20/2018
Get rid of old stuff and make money. It’s easy, safe, reliable and there is no catch!
Navlight on 4/20/2018
I’ve sold lots of stuff didn’t need anymore
Let Go Review
Karnl on 4/20/2018
It’s a great app for buying and selling. Only issue I have is with messages. Sometimes it takes awhile to load messages which is annoying
Enjoying this app
Pattysadultplayground on 4/20/2018
Will be buying and selling more in the future
5 star potential
Teleport on 4/20/2018
They still haven’t fixed this—->The key word search is infuriating. If you're looking for an "ice machine" for instance, you have to search through every post with the words "machine" or "ice." I do not want a coffee machine or a sewing machine, or a Mercedes Benz with "ice" cold air conditioning; I want an "ICE MACHINE"! I could throw my phone, i get so annoyed. OfferUp does this better so I find I use that app much more.
Constantly harassing me to rate their app when when feature is turned off
BeyondtheTech on 4/20/2018
It obviously doesn’t jump out to the App Store if the setting is off, but to have it ask at EACH AND EVERY TIME if I am enjoying their app after EVERY reply to someone’s instant message, it’s a beyond annoying.
Easy as 123
bigeyedoll on 4/20/2018
It’s a very good platform to sell those items stuck in your garage for years. Very friendly to use. Love it!
Good App!!!
green eyes 702 on 4/20/2018
Good to get rid of stuff that you no longer need.
Great tool
F5pilot on 4/20/2018
Great handy and useful app for buying and selling.ive been able to sell bunches of our stuff using this app.
SinCynnn on 4/20/2018
It’s been a great experience. Easy and simple
Awesome app
daily shopper2017 on 4/20/2018
I use this app everyday, I'm hooked
Muy bueno
pinnpom on 4/20/2018
Muy bueno
Lots of lowball buyers
Grndwd on 4/20/2018
Need to breakdown more categories. Search capabilities to eliminate junk vs quality product and screen out lowball buyer. Need ability to filter out multiple categories.
frentuda on 4/20/2018
So many great finds
Howitiz on 4/20/2018
I highly recommend this app. I have had so much fun finding special items for my decorating project. People are very reliable and easy to work with so far.
Love it!!
Te'Airra on 4/20/2018
Thank you for making this app user friendly and exciting!!
Wish more people responded
SammyV8203 on 4/20/2018
I get hits from time to time but buyers don’t seem to respond after saying they’re interested. Also I don’t get notifications right away. Sometimes it takes a while to receive a notification. They don’t seem to come through right away . I don’t really sell much on here.
RealLifeDanceMom on 4/20/2018
Love this app! It’s so easy to use!
C9Ray on 4/20/2018
Completely useless al full of Bots just to spam
Geezy04 on 4/20/2018
Great way to sell things I really enjoy using the app! I haven’t had any trouble with it at all
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