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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 1.42.0 May 10, 2015 Aug 15, 2018 151.8 MB iOS 9.0 or later 12+
New in version 1.42.0

Keep the feedback coming, we love hearing from you!

What's new:

- We've made performance improvements throughout the app, it's faster than ever!
- We've also fixed a few bugs to make buying & selling even easier. Enjoy!

Like it, love it? Leave feedback and a rating to let us know! And make sure to give us a shout at support@letgo.com if you have any suggestions or need help!

Happy Buying and Selling on letgo,

letgo Team


letgo is the biggest and fastest growing app to buy and sell locally. Over 75 million downloads and 200 million listings! Find great local deals, from secondhand phones, fashion, sneakers and games to furniture, cars and real estate.


• David, letgo user: “Quick, easy and convenient.”
• Sarah, letgo user: “Great app, better than OfferUp... I use it all the time”
• Business Insider: “letgo is becoming the go-to app for selling your stuff”
• The Wall Street Journal: “...surging in popularity among people looking to buy and sell everything from used clothes to used cars through their smartphones...”
• The New York Times: “It recognizes what you are selling from your photos and writes the headline for you.”
• BuzzFeed: “Letgo's for basically anything and everything”
• USA TODAY: “...ditches the need for e-mails and phone calls - a Craigslist staple”
• CNBC: “Second fastest growing app in America”

Here's why tens of millions of people are buying and selling on letgo:


• Shop for the best deals on anything you need, whether you’re looking for a PlayStation, a pair of Air Jordan sneakers, a new iPhone or furniture to decorate your house. Forget garage sales and old-school classifieds sites!


• List something in seconds, as effortlessly as taking a photo. letgo’s the only app with advanced technology that automatically titles and categorizes your listing.


• Discover what’s for sale nearby or search for something specific.
• Check out other users’ profiles, ratings and reviews, and chat instantly in the app.

**NEW** Buying a new car or selling your car? We’ve made it even easier to buy and sell used cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles.

**NEW** Looking to invest in a house or to sell your own property? No need for a realtor - now you can find and list properties for sale or for rent: apartments, houses and other real estate on letgo!

Download letgo and start selling your stuff, shopping for the best brands and finding discount deals on anything from fashion to electronics!

It’s time to letgo!

The letgo team

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My experience
military wreath lady on 8/18/2018
I believe this is a great site. I’m just now posting on it and am not 100% sure if I’m doing it right. I hope so because I like this site.
Fun App
Bootsieaosihe on 8/18/2018
Fun to browse and easy to sell on!
Top notch service
wdog3973 on 8/18/2018
Awesome service!
Mostly good
krollfranks on 8/18/2018
I like the ease of use. However the messaging logo is so easy to tap accidentally when you are swiping up to browse. I have accidentally messaged people about things that I am not interested in and then it gets a bit awkward. Can you guys fix that? Thanks.
Awesome app
sionscheryl on 8/18/2018
Loves this app
Love it!
YoNameNnUmma on 8/18/2018
I tried a lot of apps that offer the same type of service, and this one seems to be the best to me.
htgjju on 8/18/2018
Too slow too many unwanted notifications too much junk people sell
Too many scammers
jnhruska on 8/18/2018
I’m sure this app does the best it could to cross reference the seriousness of those who create an account. At best 10% of my responders are serious buyers. The other 90% , well I can’t believe they waste their time to inquire about items that they had no intention of ever purchasing :-(. Super disappointed!!!
Jjjjjjjjjohny on 8/18/2018
aldbrind on 8/18/2018
Some person names Allison is constantly sending me emails wanting to repost my year old posts. I have asked countless times to stop sending me emails but she refuses. Horrible app
Let it Go
Esdb on 8/18/2018
I absolutely hate this app. It is very difficult to place your ad more then once because before you have added any info it is only giving you the post option and that’s it. The app notifys you every single day multiple times about absolutely nothing. If you by chance try to look at any item it sets a notification and now every time an item simulR comes up you are notified. Every time the price drops a nickel you are notified. ALERT: This is the final straw. I had a seller tonight send me a text. She has been getting messages from my account, not me, trying to negotiate on a bedroom set. I have not sent any of these messages and if you have seen my post I have a bedroom set I’m trying to sell. I don’t have any desire to buy another. This app is a mess. Too many quirks and now unreliable and unsafe. I’m going to be delegating it tonight and will be continuing to us “Offer Up” and Craigslist.
Best app ever
Moenymike74 on 8/18/2018
I really enjoy using this app
If you got it to sell post it
wynidk on 8/18/2018
Haven’t sold my big ticket items but the small stuff goes quick
Great place to find what you need
Rays_wow on 8/18/2018
App helps find what you need or something similar at times you have to wait but they come to you.
It works
S. Marie H. on 8/18/2018
The app is easy to use. Some glitches to work out with accidental messaging, but otherwise, I recommend it!
Allison will make me leave Letgo
Gfank on 8/18/2018
If I can’t truly block Letgo’s bot “Allison” soon, I may just quit Letgo. Also, preset messages are awful, and it’s way to easy to accidentally send an “I’m interested” message.
Slow to load
Jeremy Todd Miller on 8/18/2018
This app takes longer to load then most buy/sell apps. I am using an iPhone 8. That can be a little frustrating.
Recommendations for Mobile
User121891 on 8/18/2018
I’m assuming most of your users browse via mobile so I have the following suggestions to make this app a more pleasant experience: 1. It’s so distracting and annoying that the bottom menu moves up and down as you’re scrolling. Use a a service like CrazyEgg and you’ll probably notice people speed scrolling cause they know what they want. This makes that tedious. 2. It is so easy to accidentally click on that bottom right corner icon on each image. Why would I ever be interested in contacting the seller before even clicking on the image and getting further information such as price?? The only thing this feature is currently doing is getting in the way of me speed scrolling as I keep having to say “Undo”. Also, this provides and easy way for people are not seriously interested in an item to spam the seller’s inbox. 3. People go on apps like this for deals. If money was not an issue then they would buy new. Therefore, from a user perspective the price is crucial to filtering out whether you want to click on an item. Please add the price on the bottom right corner instead of that useless icon that automatically spams the seller. Try a tool like Optimizely or something and run tests to see for yourself. But most importantly have common sense and keep UX/UI top of mind. Thanks.
DaisyS33 on 8/18/2018
LOVE this ap so far! It’s simplicity makes it very convenient
jrddos on 8/18/2018
Great way to buy & sell Used and practically new items of all SORTS! Thank You
Shok. Gizzle on 8/18/2018
I think the business is doing a great job so keep up the good work!
Letgo could use a better coder and use a few tricks from OfferUp? Thanks!
10681068 on 8/18/2018
God137 on 8/18/2018
If you want to sell your unwanted items fast then this is the site that allows you to do that
Update added horrible feature.
IAmSixNine on 8/18/2018
Your most recent update added a horrible pop up after you leave the message area. Even if you tap don’t show again. Still does. Fix this.
Letgo is Great!!!
DJ Crix on 8/18/2018
App is awesome for buyers and sellers! I’ve found some great items, and sold some as well! 👍👍
No Thats personal info on 8/18/2018
Love the pictures. Just confused about the location of items
Looking for things I need
EvelynAgnes91 on 8/18/2018
The process is easy.
kkhgfghb on 8/18/2018
Love it!
ChrisLASD on 8/18/2018
This app is very user friendly!! It couldn't be easier to post and sell items I love it already and I just started using it today!
BABYLOVE-TYLIL on 8/18/2018
Awesome app
Ucbrian on 8/18/2018
Awesome app, easy to use, love it
Strong and effective sales model
RSARhino on 8/18/2018
Very easy to use and fast. Perfect combination
Great app
captain Juan on 8/18/2018
Great way to do local business
d.sjones on 8/18/2018
Great app
Cmisty on 8/18/2018
The app hardly lets you in anymore! It’s obnoxious! You get an error message every time!
bc852018 on 8/18/2018
Full of people trying to scam or low ball. People trying to swindle. Doesn't seem like anybody is legit. Stupid notifications. Need to be customizable.
Easy option
Brianmojo1 on 8/18/2018
Easy to use way to sell unused items.
aydiei on 8/18/2018
Love it
Great app
Karate34 on 8/18/2018
I love this app... the only down side is the letgo assistant that keeps sending tons of unwanted messages. I had to turn notifications off.
81969 on 8/18/2018
I’m enjoying this easy to use app... but be careful, of you accidentally hit the text bubble on a picture it sends a message of interest to the seller! If you see the message at the bottom you can undo it, but otherwise expect a message from someone expecting to sell you their stuff!! Otherwise this is a very handy website!!
Great idea
Hjuiytt on 8/18/2018
No matter what you have, this site will unload it for you.
prodigal p music on 8/18/2018
It’s the best
My review
jillypo on 8/18/2018
I enjoy is vary so much , have made many purchases. Don’t plan on stopping anytime soon having to much fun!!!
Great shopping app
Cheerleaderlkg on 8/18/2018
I just put my camera for sale and within 39 minutes it was sold, Thanks Letgo!
Great app.
Joaquin-3000 on 8/18/2018
Good for buying and selling stuff.
Fun and easy!
Bra-jeweled on 8/18/2018
So easy and everything I've bought has been totally worth it. I like whipping around LA and getting great stuff, in great condition.
Not many responses
rondahfnp on 8/18/2018
Not getting a lot of responses for listings
Great App
Me8765309 on 8/18/2018
Found many deals already!
Not a good app
sir barks a lot on 8/18/2018
I had 26 replies to my ad and I responded to everyone if the and never heard anything back. Seems to be a lot of fake people
Good so far
Stealth Shooter on 8/18/2018
Working great for me so far.
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