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This app was last updated on: May 10, 2017
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New in version 2.5.4

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! Our Parks are opening and your favorite rides and entertainment await you!

Be sure to check out our new park maps in the App! This version also includes bug fixes.

If you’re enjoying the App, please consider leaving us a positive rating in the Store!


The official Six Flags app allows you to make the most of your next visit to any of the Six Flags parks in North America. Whether you’re visiting us for the day, or planning for season-long thrills, we have something for everyone!

• New! View and share your ride and park photos*
• Navigate the park with our interactive maps**
• Access ride wait times***
• View Show and Character Meet-and-Greet Schedules!
• Purchase tickets, parking, meal deals and more
• Plan your meals with restaurant menus
• Check park operating hours
• Find upcoming special events
• Learn about all of our rides, restaurants and shops
• Connect with your company or group outing

Exclusive Passholder Perks!

• Store up to 15 passes for family and friends on your phone for easy entry****
• View and redeem your pass holder benefits

Use this app for all Six Flags parks in North America, including:

• Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
• Six Flags Magic Mountain
• Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
• Six Flags Over Georgia
• Six Flags White Water
• Six Flags Great America
• Six Flags New England
• Six Flags America
• Six Flags St Louis
• Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
• Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey
• Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom
• Six Flags Fiesta Texas
• Six Flags Over Texas
• Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington
• Six Flags Mexico
• La Ronde

*My Photos available for U.S. theme parks and water parks only.

**Maps available for theme parks only.

***Ride Wait Times are available when you’re in the park after 12 pm. Enable Location Services to view wait times in the Rides section.

****Only biometric (finger scan) passes can be used for gate entry. Pass holders with non-biometric (photo) passes, including young children, must continue to bring their plastic card with them to the park.

We’re continuously improving our app! If you have any feedback, please contact us through the Settings section of the app.

Good but
Tymoney91 on 7/5/2017
This app is good but the wait times are horribly inaccurate was at Magic Mountain the other day and it showed a 15 minute wait for Super Man Escape from Krypton and ended up waiting 45 minutes and later in the day it said twisted collossus was a 70 minute wait and it ended up being a 20 minute wait witch was nice but still
Awesome App
Stella O. on 7/4/2017
Six flags spent their money well with this app. Holds your seasons passes, wait times, current promotions, and even locates your current location in the park, and helps you get to your next ride
Absolutely useless
RonnieG47 on 6/29/2017
Ride times are wayy off. Do not trust. I've been waiting on green lantern for 30+ mins when it's been saying 5mins even with refreshing. Stuck waiting though since superman is not working and nothing else on this side of the park =p
SeasonPassHolder on 6/28/2017
Server down again today...trying to make app purchases for season meal pass, and it has been down for FOUR hours already. So irritating.
Jordanfirst on 6/28/2017
Very confusing couldn't find the waiting time . And there are no information for each game for example what is the height is required to ride the game I have two kids and one of them is 47" while some of the rides require 48" so we had to walk to the game to see what is the requirements. Waste a lot of time to figure which game we need to go too.
Nurseratcheted on 6/27/2017
There's really nothing more to say before I delete it
Six flags great America
Alma Felix on 6/26/2017
I love this app I use it when I go to six flags great America it's easy to show it by the parking lot and by the ticket booth faster I have my season pass scan on here my phone hope to keep this app I love it :)
It's crap
BRG2 on 6/25/2017
The ride times are rarely updated. They never give you times until you are at the park and even then they aren't updated. It's 7:20pm and the last time the ride times were updated was 4:00pm. Several rides were closed after we arrived at them despite the app showing they were open. Frustrating when you are toting around four kids.
Complete Trash
#school on 6/23/2017
Nein, I went to Six Flags and saw a.... a robot. His name was Mr. Krabs and he killed almost everyone with his claws, batteries and red eyes.
Six Flags Great America!
Charly Dat Duc Lai on 6/13/2017
A wonderful Amusement Park and the best Theme Park in Gurnee, Illinois. I will always use this app to help me make plans every single time I go to Six Flags Great America, which is outside of my hometown, Chicago, Illinois. I've been to Six Flags Great America before and the thrills were fun and terrifying.
Missing scan bar
Kittycat245581 on 6/11/2017
Apparently on the app the scan code won't come up.
Rice wait times NOT updated
Froogalmom on 6/11/2017
I'm at Six Flags right now. It's 11:11 pm and the app says that the waiting times were last updated at 12:19 pm. That's almost an hour ago! What good is this feature if it's not accurate? Otherwise, it's been ok. I bought my one day passes online a couple of days ago and I was able to pull them up in the app and get them scanned without any problems.
No wait times
Alc0000 on 6/4/2017
Handy app but there are no wait times!
SowanSwan on 6/1/2017
Everything I need to get in a park. The mobile app takes advantage of the good food and thrilling rides! Highly recommended!!!!
Location services!
SabrinaRMCK on 5/27/2017
I love this app! The only thing that could make it PERFECT, is if the location services/routining system was working 😭
Awesome! 3875 on 5/18/2017
App freezes up
DJ OXIDE on 5/16/2017
This was a decent app, but after the last update I was looking at my available coupons it locked up won't reload or reopen. Tried restarting my phone, still same issue. Froze won't load.
Meh... don't count on wait times
DB-Georgia on 5/14/2017
I downloaded the app to see wait times. It's 4:56 and the last update of wait times says it was 1:59... that's not very useful!!!
Really nice (Updated)
ItsaMotto on 5/13/2017
Updated review: Convenient to see park hours & card benefits directly from the app. Also enjoying the ability to purchase dining passes directly through the app. Several recommend updates: * Wait Times for rides when not in the park. * Add to Passbook functionality for Season Passes. * Add an easier way to View/Edit items in "your cart." * Report an issue while in the park
Easy to use and Helpful
TxBoy on 5/11/2017
My family has season passes and we love Six Flags. The app stores your passes and coupons that come with it. Ride times are sometimes off a bit. Ride closures and reopenings are updated quickly, saving you time. But the interactive map and filters for types of rides or activities make it a great addition for anyone visiting the park. It's really helped us to plan and enjoy the park even more.
Very handy!
Phd fd on 5/11/2017
Use this app freaquently because I recently got a season pass and when I get to the park all my pass info is right on my phone, I can see wait times for each ride and which ones are closed! Many, many different things! I would definately recommend this app to anyone who goes to magic mountain!
Server error
Shoegal1084 on 5/11/2017
Just updated the app for our visit this weekend and it will not allow me to purchase a parking pass. It keeps saying "server error" when I try to pay. I have tried five times and have restarted the app with no luck.
Good app when you go to the park
Anirudh_Kaja on 5/11/2017
It shows each and every ride in the app and the wait times. You can filter out the rides you want to go to and then go to only those
Six Flags Magic Mountain
lyssahdelrey on 5/11/2017
Best amusement park in California! It's seriously the happiest place on earth tbh 🤗
Useful in and out of park, well designed
AJ Storey on 5/10/2017
I use this app every time I attend Six Flags Magic Mountain which is often as a pass holder. I have had a couple issues with content refresh which is why the 4 stars. The Ride wait times for pass holders is great and keeps getting better.
_CattSaysMeow on 5/10/2017
🖤love Six Flags 🖤
Gameyall232 on 5/10/2017
Barely works, out dated, cheap, and I'd probably do better with a regular map. The map doesn't load well, it isn't made well, the search doesn't work, and it's just a waste of space on my phone!
Good but Missing Something
Hydraminion on 5/10/2017
I really enjoy this app. It's pretty easy to get around and is a good source for information. The only thing that's missing is reliable wait times. Last week I was at Great Adventure and the app showed a 45 minute wait for a ride. Wound up being walk on. Then a ride with a ten minute wait posted on the app was around a half hour in line. Would love to see that fixed in a future release
Wait times completely wrong!!
jerrodbear on 5/7/2017
Great map and gps, but the wait times at Great Adventure were completely wrong, all day! Too bad :(
Dewerski on 4/26/2017
The app works except for the photos. When you click on photos it takes you to another site and require you to log in again to get to the photos. It would be nice if it was only a fingerprint.
Cherry122000 on 4/26/2017
it's good
Great App
132685930 on 4/26/2017
I have season passes and I always can check it for ride wait times and what rides are open and which ones are closed
Factory53378433 on 4/25/2017
This app is very goos if you go to great America a lot
Needs improvement
Jnecc1981 on 4/22/2017
Wait times for rides rarely update. App says 10 min, actually took 30 min. Another said 15 min, actually took 45 min. Without correct wait times app is essentially useless.
Decent app to use as a map, BUT
CStaas on 4/22/2017
The wait times are updated once per day and it's pointless.
Schvox on 4/21/2017
If you have a Six Flags season pass or membership, don't think twice about getting this. It has the maps for each park, lists current and future coupons, and holds your pass so you don't need the card. It also doesn't take up much space on our phone.
Does this app give accurate timing for rides?
Elkay67 on 4/16/2017
I'm going to six flags tomorrow and I just would like to know if it gives accurate timing for the wait for rides. I want to know the wait for all the rides so I can pick the shortest wait first. Please respond if this gives accurate timing for how long the que line is.
So Glad this app was created
JoeVlogs on 4/12/2017
I am amazed that Six Flags created an app for not only one, but all of the Six Flags parks in the chain. I love the edition of season pass holders getting to see wait times but I personally think that all users who are at a park whether they have a season pass or not should be able to see the wait times for a ride. Also maybe in future updates, the park map should include a little direction map, like the one on a smartphone map, to find directions from one place to another for first time guests arriving at the park. Other than that I love the edition of a map, the app has a nice setup, and overall I'm overwhelmed and so great fun that Six Flags made this app.
Oh, the humanity!
brygorder on 4/10/2017
Flowbee, Hair in a Can, Segway, The Pet Rock, Olestra, Smell-O-Vision, Asbestos, Coconut Water, Red Dye No 2, Helicopter Ejection Seat, Agent Orange……some of the utmost heinous and useless inventions in the history of mankind. It is beyond safe to say that all of our lives and the lives of our children would be better if they had never existed. Add this app to that list.
Should have an Apple Watch app
Pat_Track on 4/10/2017
An Apple Watch app with the season pass loaded on and able to be scanned would be great, I wouldn't need my phone then
Season pass
HenBry on 4/3/2017
What happen! I was able to add my family cards and use it with the app. Now I cannot change the cards to scan. It only shows my card to scan. The other accounts are there. But not the scan bars. Good thing I discovered this before I left with kids and no wife. (wife has the physical cards)
Employees will not take it - fail
Onfus on 4/2/2017
Employees have been told not to take it. So having the tickets loaded on the app is a waste of time. Bought photo pass, same issue. You need to go to the photo booth and wait... major fail.
Too much inaccurate information
3XW on 4/1/2017
Being able to scan a season pass into the app is great but, it displays discounts that cannot be obtained and ride wait times can me 3 times longer than the app shows.
Needs updating
Lokidaughter on 3/31/2017
Dear app developers, this was my first time in Magic Mountain and it was fun but the app was no help. I tried using the map but it seems to be outdated and my friends and I were lost quickly. There were shows and rides that did not exist in the park at the current time and rides were misnamed. Please fix this so no one else hindered experience.
Usable but could be better
dawn8179 on 3/19/2017
I like that it has wait times. I have found the map useful since a lot of the restaurants changed since the last time I had went. The photo section is a fail. It is really just a link to their photo site where you have to enter your login every time to see your photos. I had hoped that it would be tied to my season pass and app so that it would work a little more seamlessly without having to enter my login each time.
Love it
DawgyDawgs on 3/19/2017
Great deals for the park, got to sign in with a season pass
Horrible Customer Experience
Family-Big-8@ on 3/19/2017
Do not waste your time downloading this app....terrible overall experience and doesn't allow key features that would make it its buggy
For the app dinning info
HezBoo on 3/17/2017
Dear App developers, please improve the Dining section of your app for those looking for allergy friendly options. No one wants to walk all over the park to ask "what is (insert allergy) free?" What would be Really Nice is to have a section for Allergy Friendly then under this section list the foods that are OK by allergy and The place to find that item. Ya, you have a healthy section but NOTHING in there tells me what items are gluten free. I have to assume my only option is a garden salad without dressing. Sounds yummy to you? Prob not; me either. The most common are: milk, eggs, nuts, soy, wheat, gluten, fish and shellfish. I'm starving and the family is frustrated we are have to walk all over so I can see what my options are. Please make this easier. 😡
Still need the plastic card ?? why???
Nikkipat_tx on 3/14/2017
Ok so it looked like a great way to keep a backup of your pass-- nope, still must have the plastic card to get in. Why bother. Wallet also not working.
Where's the Wallet integration?
SidneyRoy on 3/9/2017
The app description says it supports Wallet but scanning the code doesn't work nor is there any way to put your season passes into the wallet app to pull up easily without unlocking and digging into your apps. When I walk into Walgreens my card shows up automatically on my lock screen. Why can't this do the same based upon my location since it'll be used while navigating the park anyway?
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