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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 2.8.0 May 29, 2015 May 22, 2018 90.3 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.8.0

This version contains more bug fixes.


The official Six Flags app allows you to make the most of your next visit to any of the Six Flags parks in North America. Whether you’re visiting us for the day, or planning for season-long thrills, we have something for everyone!

• View and share your ride and park photos*
• Navigate the park with our interactive maps**
• Access ride wait times***
• View Show and Character Meet-and-Greet Schedules!
• Purchase tickets, parking, meal deals and more
• Plan your meals with restaurant menus
• Check park operating hours
• Find upcoming special events
• Learn about all of our rides, restaurants and shops
• Connect with your company or group outing

Exclusive Passholder Perks!

• Store up to 15 passes for family and friends on your phone for easy entry****
• View and redeem your pass holder benefits

Use this app for all Six Flags parks in North America, including:

• Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
• Six Flags Magic Mountain
• Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
• Six Flags Over Georgia
• Six Flags White Water
• Six Flags Great America
• Six Flags New England
• Six Flags America
• Six Flags St Louis
• Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
• Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey
• Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom
• Six Flags Fiesta Texas
• Six Flags Over Texas
• Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington
• Six Flags Mexico
• La Ronde

*My Photos available for U.S. theme parks and water parks only.

**Maps available for theme parks only.

***Ride Wait Times are available when you’re in the park after 12 pm. Enable Location Services to view wait times in the Rides section.

****Only biometric (finger scan) passes can be used for gate entry. Pass holders with non-biometric (photo) passes, including young children, must continue to bring their plastic card with them to the park.

We’re continuously improving our app! If you have any feedback, please contact us through the Settings section of the app.

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iPhone X
Michael Fortener on 7/15/2018
Optimize for iPhone X!!!!
Ride info is useless
Christine Miller28 on 7/15/2018
We tried to keep track of ride lines and they were all different than what the app said. The app is completely useless for ridetimes.
Six flags app
Amandaj08 on 7/13/2018
This app is ok for storing season passes and checking operating hours. The wait times and what is open or not is NEVER right. This looks like Disney’s but can’t compare. Don’t have a feature if you can’t keep up with it
Doesn’t work
Bennni11 on 7/9/2018
I was trying to buy a ticket and it wouldn’t let me pick the date. It was very glitchy and over wasn’t helpful at all.
App is great but has some issues
Sharecher on 7/7/2018
This app is extremely convenient when it comes to hooking up a season pass or day ticket and looking at the map and finding where you are. I really liked the idea that you can locate yourself within the park. Very cool idea. Two things I wanted most from this app was season pass scanners, which work great, and the ride times. The ride times however are never updated correctly. I am sure this has to do with a person actually updating the app, but I think it would be convenient to know when the times of the riders were last updates, so we can understand how accurate it is. Of course it would be nicer if it was actually updated often, but I am hoping application functionality can help as well! Other than this, the app is very well organized and I like the UI. Thanks!
Doesn’t Show Wait Times
GodSpeed12 on 7/4/2018
I downloaded the app while at the park and come to find out it doesn’t show new rides and it doesn’t show current wait times. I want an app that lists the current wait times so I know what rides to go to first.
App not compatible with Apple Watch
erikalyn79 on 7/2/2018
This app would be so much better if it were compatible with the Apple Watch so I wouldn’t have to bring my phone in the park at all.
Great app, I have suggestions.
CaribbeanKing365 on 6/30/2018
I love the information that the app provides so far, such as show times, Park events, and park hours. I also like the ability to digitally add your pass to your app so you won’t have to carry the physical around with you. A suggestion to the app would be to maybe have the current ride times for rides so us visitors can adjust your day plan to accommodate. Seeing the current ride times and having it update throughout the day could be a great benefit to us. Also, I would like to see the ability to add our membership passes to our Mobile wallet. This feature would enable our membership pass to automatically appear on our home screen when we arrive at the park. The convenience would be nice. Rather than having to search for the app itself to find the pass. Another great idea would be for Dining Pass users to see a the dining pass hours within the app. And maybe even get an alert near the end of the day. I often get to a line to late to redeem a meal or snack. On a non-app specific note, the membership upgrade process needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. It’s very inconvenient and has way to many steps. Upgrading should not be such a hassle. On a Park-Specific note, charging stations through rest areas in the park would be AMAZING. There are no designated charging areas for our phones yet they are designated smoking areas. Other than that, I love the app, and I love the park with all the improvements made over the last couple of years. Keep up the good work! (This is the longest review I’ve ever done 😂)
Ride Times Highly Inaccurate
Chasencris on 6/27/2018
The app is helpful for finding food locations and ride directions, but the wait times are inaccurate. This afternoon, almost every had a 5 minute wait time. While on line for Batman, which was actually 30 minute wait, the app still showed 5 minutes my entire time in line. Fix this, and this will be a very useful app.
Hurricane harbor concord is not in the app
Aamom74 on 6/25/2018
I cannot find any information about Concord Hurricane Harbor in this app.
Great for season pass holders
hufflepuffBugheadFandom Lover on 6/24/2018
The app is great for season pass holders because you can put your season pass on the app witch saves you time in line if you like using technology. Or if you Have a specific you want go on! Has crashes a couple times for me, but I did have poor Service. So if you have a season pass I recommend this app
Simp1y 1an on 6/24/2018
This app comes in useful at the parks but I was wondering if you can check up on the line waiting times because sometimes they’re a little accurate and I was wondering if you guys can design an app where you build your own six flags park?
No updated rides
Ifytifhytghyfhfgchftcfhtch on 6/23/2018
I enjoy this app. I think it is solid compared to other apps for theme parks. I think it is the best one for theme parks around. However what is keeping me from saying it is five stars is they don’t have the updated list of 2018 rides. So they are missing at least 1 ride in every park due to them opening this year. Please update the attractions list.
Can’t see Free Friend coupons
AFCsinceBrady on 6/17/2018
I can see the free friend perks on a browser if I log in that way but can’t get them in the app. It lists deals on bottles, flash passes, expired friend days but nothing that upcoming.
mezquin on 6/16/2018
I can’t put my season pass this app doesn’t work 😡
Kenkers10 on 6/15/2018
I downloaded this so I could look at the wait times for the rides. They all claimed to be 5 minutes even though some of them were easily an hour. Super disappointed since I thought it would be a great feature. It made planning the day much more difficult and a giant hassle.
iPhone X support
Axle Temple on 6/14/2018
Can we get an update that does what it’s supposed to do? Why is this app still letter boxed?
App won’t find your pass
Tristian Kaleb on 6/8/2018
App consistently says server error try again when attempting to pull up an online order. I have a membership that is current but always shows a server error when trying to pull up my pass information.
No Wait Times
TThatcher on 6/7/2018
The whole reason I downloaded the app was to figure out the wait times for the rides while visiting. Unfortunately that it didn’t work, didn’t show up and didn’t filter. Waste of time. Except I was in a long line. Irony.
Only one thing
Benny561 on 6/6/2018
SIX FLAGS PLEASE HEAR ME OUT! I was at SFGAV And I used my season pass as usual but I forgot my seasons pass card so I used the app card. Then some supervisor comes up and says ‘’You need a card and you can’t use the app. It has to have your face on it’’ I put the card in anyways. So then I put my finger print and then the staff member said I had to use the card it said ‘’Go’’ something like that the screen was green and I was good to go but the staff memebers told me ‘’ I HAD TO USE THE CARD’’ so we left with a 2 hour drive back A 2 HOUR DRIVE I TELL YOU! So again please add a face on the card for the app!
App doesn’t work.
WOLFITZ on 6/5/2018
Every time I try to find my order it says server error. Been like this for months. iPhone X. Boooooo
Good but...
MichelleyN on 5/30/2018
Don’t get me wrong I love the app, but it doesn’t give you the wait times.
Needs Update!!!!!
Teeming Cupid 780 on 5/27/2018
This is a great app, especially as a season pass holder. But it really needs an update for the 2018 season. I can’t see wait times for new rides. Add new park maps please!!!
Map is outdated
tvb29 on 5/26/2018
Needs update to map of Fiesta Texas. New rides need to be added/ removed from the current map. Some locations of bathrooms are not included on the map as well.
Worthless app
Randykilowatt on 5/25/2018
No way to login to my account. No way to report a problem. Unintelligible icons on map. Horrible.
iPhoneXUserrrrrr on 5/25/2018
I love the app, it’s amazing and simple. The only issue i have with the app is that the display isn’t suited for an iPhone X. I would appreciate it if you (the developers) would fix this issue to make the app look more pleasing to the eye. Thank You :)
danabanachsmart on 5/19/2018
I love six flags I love the food the rides and the shopping and the characters there
superoctave on 5/14/2018
The primary map screen is cluttered with icons. Simple park amenities like "lockers" don't show up in search results. And ride wait times aren't remotely accurate, nor did it indicate when a ride broke down.
Ride time are useless.
Jddees2017 on 5/12/2018
Ride times are worthless. Park closings are not announced. Needs improvement and a lot of it. Zombie apocalypse may come. Season pass Is a good deal
Jimttttttt on 5/12/2018
The map feature is worthless. Good luck finding a ride.
Missing Park(s)
Valojez on 5/9/2018
Getting season passes this year, thought an app would make the experience whole! But lo and behold; they don’t have my location in Colorado available?!?!?!
The times aren’t correct
Katie Mistler on 5/5/2018
This afternoon I went to six flags with my family, and we all downloaded the six flags app so it will be a good source for any needs we have. The main thing for the app is that it tells you how many minutes the wait is for each ride. We checked out justice league and it said a good time , 15 minutes but on my sisters phone it said 5 which is “better”. We walk to justice league and the employees say about an hour! I understand that they can’t get the waits exactly but that was very inconvenient for how we only had about a hour before we had to leave and we spent a while walking to justice League, thinking we have enough time. So the only use full thing of the app was the map which you can easily just take at the front of the park. It also says discounts on the season passes but there’s signs everywhere. I do not suggest this app as it doesn't make a good impact on your trip to the park.
Unable to access my season pass
wwd1 on 5/5/2018
I have tried already for the 100 times to access my season pass through the app but every time that I do it says server error. I have already uninstalled & installed the app please fix this issue.
Good app/Park, bad reviewers
twolf_ on 5/5/2018
This app is good, the park is good. I am seeing some reviews asking for refunds because of a ride closure on their season pass. I am sorry to tell you that’s life, you don’t get refunded for repairs on a ride, if you have a season pass just come back anyway. These reviewers are making this company look very fraudulent.
Server error
NickCourtney on 4/28/2018
Literally anytime I try to look up a season pass it says server error fix this.
Ride wait times not accurate
Responable3452 on 4/27/2018
Bottom line they showed 5 - 10 wait times and actual times were 20 - 60+. They do this so people will still come to their park even though it’s busy.
iPhone X support
jeffyy_93 on 4/22/2018
Please release update for iPhone X !!
Trying to find customer service
Yesy818 on 4/19/2018
The app erased my new season passes but left my old ones on! It left a message saying they erased my old passes but they erased my new ones!
dstror on 4/19/2018
It keeps saying server error whenever I try to load my passes. It’s junk. I can’t view my passes or benefits on their website either.
Horrible App!!!
abuehrlen on 4/17/2018
Always says server error when trying to load season passes. No way to contact developer. Horrible App!!
Jscairono on 4/1/2018
Says server error when trying to get to my season passes. There's no point to this app even existing. It doesn't work!
Unnecessary access to data
Household_Blava on 4/1/2018
Asks for location service data in order to provide access to ride wait times. This is totally unnecessary. I can see the need for access to provide directions to rides, but certainly not wait times.
Server Error
robstuart4 on 3/30/2018
For two weeks we have been unable to update our tickets as it says “Server Error” when attempting to lookup our order. Also...why can’t we see wait times unless we are in the Park?
Whjwkxbkdksn on 3/26/2018
I scanned my card so I can have it on my phone and it wouldn’t work because I have a photo on my pass it just wouldn’t work😐
xRaileenx on 3/18/2018
It’s a nice app and can be very useful, but the ride times are never correct, wish there was a way we could submit the correct time.
Completely useless
Jdaggie on 3/17/2018
Got to the park and discovered this app. Took literally hours to download (something to do with park reception?). And once it was downloaded no information would populate. Why bother writing an app if it’s useless inside the park? Deleting it now.
iPhone X and Apple Wallet Support Non-Existant
HaveACoke on 3/16/2018
Even though the app store page shows Wallet support, there is no way to add you season pass to the Wallet app. I have confirmed this with their support. iPhone X support needs to come soon.
Did not work during Spring Break
dillistone on 3/16/2018
The app would not load to get us in the gate! Hate to go to guest relations where there was a ridiculously long line of people with the same problem. Just bring your plastic cards and use a paper map.
Needs An Update
GunAndRun on 3/13/2018
I appreciate Six Flags and all the hard work put into it, but PLEASE update the app. It would be nice to have a profile page where one can see their six flags membership and all the benefits they have. I, personally, can’t find out- through the six flags app, if it is possible to bring someone in for free with my membership. And there are so many more in answered questions that I have. Six Flags is great, but the app... not so much. Hopefully, it will be improved soon.
IHateSixFlags69 on 3/10/2018
Not even accurate with times. Thought a ride was a 10 min wait, ended up being an hour. Waste of an app
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