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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 2.7.1 May 29, 2015 Nov 10, 2017 86.8 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.7.1

This version contains more bug fixes.


The official Six Flags app allows you to make the most of your next visit to any of the Six Flags parks in North America. Whether you’re visiting us for the day, or planning for season-long thrills, we have something for everyone!

• View and share your ride and park photos*
• Navigate the park with our interactive maps**
• Access ride wait times***
• View Show and Character Meet-and-Greet Schedules!
• Purchase tickets, parking, meal deals and more
• Plan your meals with restaurant menus
• Check park operating hours
• Find upcoming special events
• Learn about all of our rides, restaurants and shops
• Connect with your company or group outing

Exclusive Passholder Perks!

• Store up to 15 passes for family and friends on your phone for easy entry****
• View and redeem your pass holder benefits

Use this app for all Six Flags parks in North America, including:

• Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
• Six Flags Magic Mountain
• Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
• Six Flags Over Georgia
• Six Flags White Water
• Six Flags Great America
• Six Flags New England
• Six Flags America
• Six Flags St Louis
• Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
• Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey
• Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom
• Six Flags Fiesta Texas
• Six Flags Over Texas
• Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington
• Six Flags Mexico
• La Ronde

*My Photos available for U.S. theme parks and water parks only.

**Maps available for theme parks only.

***Ride Wait Times are available when you’re in the park after 12 pm. Enable Location Services to view wait times in the Rides section.

****Only biometric (finger scan) passes can be used for gate entry. Pass holders with non-biometric (photo) passes, including young children, must continue to bring their plastic card with them to the park.

We’re continuously improving our app! If you have any feedback, please contact us through the Settings section of the app.

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Trying to find customer service
Yesy818 on 4/19/2018
The app erased my new season passes but left my old ones on! It left a message saying they erased my old passes but they erased my new ones!
dstror on 4/19/2018
It keeps saying server error whenever I try to load my passes. It’s junk. I can’t view my passes or benefits on their website either.
Horrible App!!!
abuehrlen on 4/17/2018
Always says server error when trying to load season passes. No way to contact developer. Horrible App!!
Jscairono on 4/1/2018
Says server error when trying to get to my season passes. There's no point to this app even existing. It doesn't work!
Unnecessary access to data
Household_Blava on 4/1/2018
Asks for location service data in order to provide access to ride wait times. This is totally unnecessary. I can see the need for access to provide directions to rides, but certainly not wait times.
Server Error
robstuart4 on 3/30/2018
For two weeks we have been unable to update our tickets as it says “Server Error” when attempting to lookup our order. Also...why can’t we see wait times unless we are in the Park?
Whjwkxbkdksn on 3/26/2018
I scanned my card so I can have it on my phone and it wouldn’t work because I have a photo on my pass it just wouldn’t work😐
xRaileenx on 3/18/2018
It’s a nice app and can be very useful, but the ride times are never correct, wish there was a way we could submit the correct time.
Completely useless
Jdaggie on 3/17/2018
Got to the park and discovered this app. Took literally hours to download (something to do with park reception?). And once it was downloaded no information would populate. Why bother writing an app if it’s useless inside the park? Deleting it now.
iPhone X and Apple Wallet Support Non-Existant
HaveACoke on 3/16/2018
Even though the app store page shows Wallet support, there is no way to add you season pass to the Wallet app. I have confirmed this with their support. iPhone X support needs to come soon.
Did not work during Spring Break
dillistone on 3/16/2018
The app would not load to get us in the gate! Hate to go to guest relations where there was a ridiculously long line of people with the same problem. Just bring your plastic cards and use a paper map.
Needs An Update
GunAndRun on 3/13/2018
I appreciate Six Flags and all the hard work put into it, but PLEASE update the app. It would be nice to have a profile page where one can see their six flags membership and all the benefits they have. I, personally, can’t find out- through the six flags app, if it is possible to bring someone in for free with my membership. And there are so many more in answered questions that I have. Six Flags is great, but the app... not so much. Hopefully, it will be improved soon.
IHateSixFlags69 on 3/10/2018
Not even accurate with times. Thought a ride was a 10 min wait, ended up being an hour. Waste of an app
Wait times are incorrect
sjbld Mom on 3/10/2018
I’ve been waiting in a line that says “25 minuets”, I have been waiting in line for 60 minuets. 🙄
Bug fixes
Kdndvhof on 3/8/2018
My pass keeps saying server error when I bring it up on the phone .
AntPets1 on 2/23/2018
Great application & easy to navigate. I love the UI & all the different colors being used. Very organized app. I hope the app is updated for the iPhone X before the Spring/Summer season begins.
No point
Shan729 on 2/17/2018
I can not add my passes to the app, what’s the point of using it if the feature does not work? Please fix soon.
Needs Apple Watch Support
bjj0001 on 2/5/2018
I will be getting an Apple Watch to go with me to Six Flags instead of my iPhone. The only problem is that I have chosen to have my membership as a digital token only. If only there was a way to use both Face ID and Touch ID on an Apple Watch to send that token to an admission turnstile via Near-Field Communication. If I had that, I would have no need for a physical card. I’m trying to save trees, so this would help me…a lot.
BANDIT188 on 1/28/2018
The application works well on most iPhones. As for using it with any iPad, not so well. This app very much needs an update to support all platforms. Please help voice this
shdbdbdvd on 12/21/2017
How do you see how long the wait will be for a rollercoaster? That’s honestly the only reason why I got this app... Any help will do👽
dbemf fnfjfj on 11/26/2017
Helpful app just wish they had wait times
App is useless for events
UmmSureOk on 11/21/2017
Finally had a new enough OS to finally be able to use the app in the park. Went to Holiday in the Park at SFoTX, for the first time in 20 years. Map claimed that all the special holiday stuff was in the “Merry Marketplace,” which is located in front of the Majestic Theater. This was where the snow hill was in the 90s, so I believed it. Took my family all the way to the opposite side of the park, only to have to ask three different employees where it was. When the third person actually knew, it was on the opposite side of the park again... ...where I already was before trying to go where the map told me. Also, things that are Flash Pass don’t always have an icon. My family had a free one, that we would’ve used for the snow hill, but didn’t ever know. My husband told me at the end of the line that half down the line there was a sign. Like that would’ve helped by that point. Instead I stood there seeing what I assumed was a bunch of line cutters, since that seemed to happened a lot today, even at the ticket booth. So I was getting worked up over people who honestly did nothing wrong.
Wildly inaccurate wait times
potatoheadbobby on 11/18/2017
App is not good for much except ride wait times, and those are wildly inaccurate. Most rides show a 5 min wait time even though they’re closer to an hour.
Awesome! 3875 on 11/14/2017
Should have Apple Watch app & iPhone X
Pat_Track on 11/10/2017
An Apple Watch app with the season pass loaded on and able to be scanned would be great, I wouldn't need my phone then. Also iPhone X compatibility please
Weak. Confusing for family memberships
TheGreatUnknown on 10/10/2017
I see no way to switch passes for scanning. I have four members on my account. I also don’t see member benefits and promotions. Sigh.
Wait times are a joke.
BladeBoy on 10/7/2017
I got this app to assist in planning our day with regard to waits times for rides. Waited 90 minutes for a ride that kept saying 30 minute wait. What a joke.
3kings5 on 9/26/2017
The app is ok and easy to use. The park is fun to enjoy the rides. But as far as emplyment the park needs to improve from childish policys and make it fair for everyone.
Info only as good as it's input
MBinAtlanta on 9/23/2017
Just started using the app in hopes of avoiding long(er) lines. Unfortunately ride info was last updated 2 1/2 hours ago. Not exactly useful! Good map and dining info. Will try loading card info as well.
I love the app
jimmys614 on 9/22/2017
I don’t care about ride times I just use it to get around the park
Update please fix
Red pokee on 9/20/2017
This latest update won't let the app work keeps crashing right when I open it.
Very useful app
Subash Patel on 9/16/2017
We have season pass and this app provides all information about our pass, its benefits, park details etc in one place. Very beautifully done and moreover very useful to have in the device.
Fraudulent company with no customer service
pouriajoon on 9/15/2017
Got the season pass and within 2 hours due to ride closures requested refund and left Park. I was given a number, for 9 months I've asked for a cancellation and they've charged my cc every month. I've cancelled the cc now they're spamming me for nonpayment, ridicules. Last cs person said too bad u signed a contract. Never setting foot in this place. Don't give them ur cc info, don't sign anything. Their desperation for money is far more than concern for a customer.
Needs photo card
omarwbu on 9/14/2017
It needs to be able to have my photo season pass just as it does with my season passes. I hate having to carry the little paper card to get all my photos Everything else is good
Pretty worthless
Livinginthecloud on 9/3/2017
Ride time updates were 5 hours behind today. Might as well not post ride times if you're not going to update them.
Wait times for DFW Six Flags
Assassin2147 on 9/3/2017
Where are the wait times? Not showing in app.
pebblesdapanda on 8/23/2017
I got this app with low expectations due to all the low ratings, but was genuinely surprised. the app works great, and i am basing this with my home park, which is six flags over georgia. six flags white water has a really nice animation when you go on the menu. the season passes are super handy to have on your phone. i am impressed!
Not well thought out
Wisteso on 8/15/2017
This app was pretty much useless when we visited six flags. Only small pieces of the map downloaded, and the rides we cared about weren't showing up on the list. The map was also fairly useless due to the huge icons for map items blocking the background graphic. As a developer myself, I don't think it's unrealistic to expect the map to download decently on highly saturated cellular networks (that should be expected at theme park). The map should also be able to display lower res rasters until high res versions can download (like any other map app).
Six Flags Fiesta a Texas...wait times not updated all day
primadox on 8/12/2017
This could be such a great app, but for our needs it was basically useless. Wait times said that they were updated at 2:20 pm when we checked for the first time at 3:15. Ok, it wasn't current but it was close, and the wait time was actually less than the app said. But all day after that, no matter how many times I'd refresh or close and reopen the app, the ride wait time would still say that it had last been updated at 2:20pm. At 9:30pm, it STILL had the 2:20 update time. It finally moved past that...after the park closed for the day. SO helpful...not.
Waste of time
Thatguypatt on 8/9/2017
Shows no time app is definition of trash if you need assistance in finding a ride or want to see a picture then sure. Of course it works if you want to see the manufacturer of the ride, exhilarating 😁
Wait times not even close
BallnGlove on 8/9/2017
Not accurate at all
Very Impressed, Simple
Ancient Alien the game LOVER on 8/7/2017
I recently lost my card, but with this app it was surprisingly easily to set up my account! Usually apps like these take forever with confusion but with less then 3 minutes of your time you can easily log in to your season pass and even have it scanned to get in.
Raiderserg on 8/6/2017
The wait time feature is way off on almost every ride. Some said there was a 15 min wait when the line came all the way out to the regular walking area. While others rides claimed a 90+ min wait only took 30 mins. This app just about ruined our trip yesterday because it was impossible to trust which wait times were accurate
Wait times need work!
Nevershoutholly- rock it on 8/3/2017
It showed 5 min wait time for rides that were 30-45 min waits and a 10 min wait for a ride that was a walk on. Apps for Disney and universal studios who have wait time apps have customers who just got off the ride send in about the amount of time they waited and then the app averages that out for a wait time. Those wait times were much more accurate than this app. I was trying to figure out how to send in our wait times to make it more accurate and there wasn't a way to do it.
App Needs Work
Attach chewbacca on 7/31/2017
This review is based on my experience at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. First and foremost, the wait times for rides were off and usually way off. This is probably due to the ride times being updated only one to two times an hour. We waited sometimes twice the time the app listed. It worked once in our favor when the app listed a 70 min wait time for Bizarro, but actually landed up being 20 minutes. The map feature and getting directions to a ride worked great and we found it to be the most useful feature. However, for some reason when I would sort the rides by distance (those closest to me) it was drastically off. We could be waiting in line for El Toro and when I wanted to see what other rides were close to us, it would list El Toro 8 rides down on the list, therefore that feature was unreliable. Lastly, because the last feature was unreliable, it would've helped if you could have grouped or sorted the attractions into their perspective Lands (Frontier Adventures, Fantasy Forest, Adventure Seaport, etc.) The Six Flags app desigers should look at apps for Disney World.
E tickets are only reason it gets 2 stars
PVDtoPHL on 7/30/2017
The E Tickets are the only useful function in this app. The wait times are horribly inaccurate, even when updated - which is infrequent at best. Six Flags has a long, long way to go if they are trying to compete with Universal and Disney on the technology front.
Looks good but not useful enough
Relearnn on 7/27/2017
Used this app last fall. The interface was ugly but had the info I needed, especially ride status and wait times. This update looks gorgeous but is almost useless. Doesn't show when a ride is closed or any wait times at all. At Six Flags America the Batwing is at the end of a long walk - if it closes, it is a huge pain to go over to Gotham City for nothing! The app needs to tell you when a ride is temporarily closed, and it needs a big refresh button with a "status as of hh:mm:ss" time stamp so we know how recent the info is. Add this functionality in a future update and I'll give it five stars!
Three months after no updates - wait time off
Onfus on 7/23/2017
At Six Flags Great Adventure having someone to take it is still hit or miss... They go as far as saying that have been instructed not to accept it. Yet some employees do take it no issues. Not sure it is an app issue as much as training or a profound desire to aggravate people. I have given up, after I have never heard Six Flags and good customer care on the same sentence. Now wait times, are never accurate. I am currently 45 minutes in a supposedly 5 minute wait. That is typical.
No shows
Elpeacen on 7/22/2017
Map feature first it went bad. After a couple hours it quit working!! Could not find Raging Bull ride, Winners go karts, Big Drop ("no search redults"). It had them a minute ago, then found nothing! Very frustrating. Then saw that it had switched over to a Six Flags in California!! It's also missing list of shows. That's what some parents want while kids go on rides. No list of shows and show times for the day. Had to go to shows and look at marquees. Time waste. Good I didn't pay for this app...
Good but
Tymoney91 on 7/5/2017
This app is good but the wait times are horribly inaccurate was at Magic Mountain the other day and it showed a 15 minute wait for Super Man Escape from Krypton and ended up waiting 45 minutes and later in the day it said twisted collossus was a 70 minute wait and it ended up being a 20 minute wait witch was nice but still
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