Walgreens Connect - for Well at Walgreens devices

Walgreen Co.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Health & Fitness 1.2.2 Jun 11, 2015 May 02, 2017 42.9 MB iOS 7.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.2.2

Enhanced Security
-We’ve updated our login system with 2-factor authentication (2FA) for better data protection


Walgreens Connect makes monitoring your health easy and rewarding. The app syncs with select Walgreens medical devices to track various health-related activities, like monitoring your blood pressure or blood glucose, so you can earn Balance Rewards points for staying on top of your health.

-Works only with Bluetooth-enabled "Well at Walgreens" compatible devices (sold at Walgreens)
-App easily syncs devices to your Balance Rewards account via Bluetooth
-Supported devices can be purchased at Walgreens.com and most Walgreens stores

Note: To earn Balance Rewards points with the Wrist Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor, you will need to set the device to the current date

Walgreens Connect works on devices running iOS 8 or higher

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They can't seem to fix this app
WizofOz58 on 7/15/2018
Bought one of the BP monitors which used to sync with this app. But since 11.3 he app crashes. I think this app has been abandoned. 11.4 won't work and 11.4.1 won't work either. No useful feedback from support. And when iOS 12 comes out will most likely break again. Learned my lesson with Walgreens.... Do NOT buy any hardware that the support app is from Walgreens. Now my only workaround is to use Homedics app for iOS and manually enter data or use an Android tablet...
App not well updated
BarbaricAlchemy on 7/12/2018
Please update this app more frequently! It’s a shame I just bought a product to use with Walgreens Connect daily and the last time it was updated was a year ago...
False advertising
cheaters are loosers on 7/11/2018
Walgreen’s sells devices that supposedly connect to an app. This is not the case because it does not work. I returned the device to Homedics and received a replacement, well it does not function properly. I will go to walgreens and demand a full refund for falsely advertising that the device connets via bluetooth and their Walgreens Connect App.
App keeps crashing
KaleidoscopeEyes8 on 7/10/2018
I haven’t even been able to completely create an account because it keeps crashing before anything can save.
Worst app ever
Jevans12312 on 7/10/2018
It literally does not work at all ! ! Come on Walgreens. I bought this BP machine for $100.00 for because of the Bluetooth ! ! App only crashes and that’s it !
Waste of time- starts and vanished on iPhone and won’t run on iPad Pro
morber104 on 7/10/2018
csanders86 on 7/6/2018
Once I get the app installed and logged in it will not pair with my blood glucose monitor. After initial sign in any time I tap it to open it just goes black and takes me back to the home screen. Completely worthless.
Just crashed
Not happy93618 on 7/6/2018
Waste of time and money. App doesn’t work on iPhone X. As soon as you login it crashes. Buy something else if you want it to keep log for you.
Maddskilz on 7/5/2018
It does not work. Crashes when I attempt to log on.
Totally useless app
Seahawk69 on 7/5/2018
Requires a login to Walgreens loyalty program to use Bluetooth, TOTTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! Confirming previous review app crashes immediately, taking this back
Doesn’t work
sbrews on 7/4/2018
Really tired of apps that require giving up personal info in order to use. Hate it more when app crashes upon login. Unusable in its current state
upset513 on 7/2/2018
App stinks
sarita2965 on 7/2/2018
Returning the monitor. App crashed both times that it was loaded on phone
App is crashing
Jake4005 on 7/2/2018
Having same problem with app immediately crashing after login. I never would’ve bought this blood pressure cuff if I’d know the Bluetooth wasn’t going to work. I hope someone can fix this.
All it does is crash
N0OA on 7/1/2018
It’s a shame that the app won’t work. The BP cuff works great.
Worthless app!
Zkwhjsl123 on 7/1/2018
This app doesn’t work! I just bought the blood pressure monitor and downloaded the app. After having issues and had to have a code sent to my email twice...it just keeps crashing! Why is this still an issue??? I read other comments and see it has been an issue for a while now. Fix it geez! I’m going to take this cuff back and buy one that actually works with it’s app!
KelseyyNicole on 7/1/2018
The app always crashed after I login... I haven’t even had a chance to use it.
ILGoon on 7/1/2018
Will not launch in 11.4. 0 stars, for an app that makes a $100 Walgreens branded Blood pressure cuff worthless. UPDATE REQUIRED!
Doesn’t work
Breanne98 on 6/30/2018
The app crashes every time I login. I had to download a different app to track my blood pressure. Kind of defeats the purpose of spending the extra money for a Bluetooth enabled blood pressure cuff.
Problematic is An Understatement
TXbjp on 6/30/2018
This is a huge disappointment! The app lets you download it, attempt to log in, but then cycles it’s self down. Crash upon crash upon crash. At this point it’s a useless app!
No good
dreday72 on 6/27/2018
Can not get the app to stay open after logging in called CS no help. Wasted money on my Bluetooth BP cuff because I cant sync it. Worst app!!
Force closes.
Kamokittie on 6/27/2018
Force closes immediately. Not happy about buying a blood glucose monitor that has two useless apps that haven't been updated in years. Waste of money.
WallGreens needs real developers
toniv4 on 6/25/2018
Horrible it does not work
Crash crap
Keith Duvall on 6/24/2018
App crashes and won’t open. The helpline said to use Walgreens app. Balance rewards to load but instructions said this crap app. Won’t work. Uninstalling and getting a refund on the blood pressure cuff. Just awful not $90 worthy at all.
Kinnison on 6/22/2018
App tries to log in and immediately crashes.
Horrible, horrible, oh did I say horrible?
Girl_6 on 6/22/2018
-5 Stars. I just downloaded this crap app and it won’t even open. Just keeps crashing. Shame on y’all for even releasing such GARBAGE.
Fails to load
ducati_man on 6/21/2018
Crashes every time after login.
cbrn123 on 6/20/2018
This app is worthless. I’ve installed 3 times and it just crashes and closes when i open it.
Frustrating...App DOESN’T work!
Choestoe on 6/19/2018
Frustrating...think my blood pressure went up trying to get this app to work! Just purchased a Walgreens cuff blood pressure monitor today, followed the instructions for downloading the app, signed into my account with the verification code, and all to no avail. The app does NOT open. I will be returning the monitor & deleting this app from both my iPhone and iPad.
DaxOpolous on 6/19/2018
Can’t even sync my blood pressure monitor because the site crashes during lob in every time. Don’t spend the extra money for Bluetooth enabled gear. It doesn’t work.
Fails to sync with app
SaintZed on 6/18/2018
Neither automatic nor manual sync works. The device connects so the Bluetooth link is there. Also, the app won't link to the iPhone health app. Downloaded and attempted to use the app two years after my initial review and it has only gotten worse. It now crashes on login.
App keeps shutting down
jessie031085 on 6/18/2018
Every time I go to login the app crashes so I never even get to connect to my machine
Waste of time and space!
Bahegsk on 6/17/2018
It let me sign in and that’s it! It went to “pair device” screen and force closed itself and now it won’t even open at all.
Kodydog5 on 6/16/2018
App does not work at all just crashes
Shame on you Walgreen’s
1markat2 on 6/16/2018
Bought the wrist band BP monitor and thought the Bluetooth feature would be great to log the data. I checked the apple App Store and the Walgreen’s connect app doesn’t appear when you search for it. I eventually found it by doing a google search. That was the only success that I had with this app and the Bluetooth feature. I too wish I could give a lower rating this is so disappointing. I could have saved about 30.00 and just got a BP monitor that didn’t claim to be able to have the Bluetooth capability. Shame on you Walgreen’s your loyal customers have come to expect more than this.
Horrible app
RWR1980 on 6/15/2018
I had to download this app to connect a blood pressure monitor to my phone, but the app continues to crash, worthless.
Don’t wast your time
madblkwman on 6/15/2018
Trash trash trash. Does not do as intended 99% of the time.
Dozerbee on 6/15/2018
Truly a waste of time. I have a 7+ with the latest update and have never even been able to open the app. It crashes while opening. So why do I have this app?
No longer works
Auhnald on 6/13/2018
Initially worked reasonably well. Now it abends, goes back to icon, every time I try to use it.
App Keeps Crashing at login
av8or_chris9807 on 6/11/2018
Unable to use the app as it keeps crashing before I can use it. Even tried reinstalling with no luck.
App crashes
rypatlel on 6/10/2018
I can’t connect my new glucometer because the Walgreens connect app keeps failing this is really frustrating. Please fix this
Does not work
grannybig on 6/10/2018
App does not work and I will be bringing back for refund
w/g junk on 6/9/2018
I downloaded and made an account to use this app with their blood pressure monitor. Every time I log in it crashes and doesn’t come up at all. So this $100 Walgreens brand blood pressure monitor’s Bluetooth functions is now total junk.
Crashes when opening (iPhone X)
Ray Woolery on 6/9/2018
Security update. This app is so secure that it never opens. Your information is sure to be safe! Yes I reloaded the app and restarted the phone
Ric2013 on 6/8/2018
You really need to develop an update that fixes the constant crashing issues on sign in!!! As it stands now, this app is useless!!!
Support nap A LOT on 6/7/2018
Bought a Walgreen’s Bluetooth cuff. Would not link to Balance Rewards app. Instructed to use this app. This app won’t get passed “logging in”. I touch it, it scrolls then black screen, the home screen. Since Walgreens went WBA, the resources go to the Brits.
After you login it goes black and exits out
A.Lu on 6/6/2018
Just downloaded the app. Logged in and it exits out. Deleted the app and redownload and also reset my phone. Still won’t work. I have an up to date iphone8
Use to work well
fella5 on 6/5/2018
The app never gave me an issue while using it with the BP wrist cuff. One day the app crashed after login and never worked again. Multiple times I have removed and installed the app but once I login, the app crashes. So now the BP cuff is useless as I want to sync the data which now I would have to log myself. Hopefully they update their app.
Missing One Feature/Quit Working
SuperH! on 6/5/2018
Updated: 05 June 2018 This application stopped working for me with the iOS 11.3 update. After login, the application immediately crashes. iOS 11.4 experience is the same. Reinstalling the application didn't fix the issue. The issues with this application are a shame - the blood pressure monitor is fantastic; the application leaves much to be desired. If I could leave 0 stars, I would. What good is an application which crashes? Previously: This application does a great job tracking your blood pressure, but for the iPhone there is an obvious miss: no ability to feed the blood pressure data into the Apple Health application. I use Health for other aspects of my fitness, and was disappointed to see that the Walgreens Connect application is not one which I can select as a blood pressure data source. If this can be resolved, this application would be remarkable. Considerable updates were made recently, which make this monumentally more useful than in times past.
Needs updating
TJJ1980 on 6/2/2018
Needs updating. Closes before it gets open
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