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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Music 1.1.1 Jun 27, 2015 Oct 20, 2017 9.2 MB iOS 10.12 or later 12+
New in version 1.1.1

- iHeartRadio for Mac is now available in Australia and New Zealand
- Fixed minor bugs


Our brand new app is the easiest way to listen to the music you love on your computer:

1. Easy access to your favorite music and stations.
2. Sits in your status bar for easy use.
3. Runs in the background so you can quickly change stations, thumb, or skip with fewer clicks.

iHeartRadio is the only free music app that features thousands of the best Live Radio stations AND interruption-free Custom Artist Radio. Choose your favorite station or artist from our library of 20 million songs and 800,000 artists and iHeartRadio creates a station just for you. Thumb up a song and we’ll play more like that, or skip a song you don’t want to hear.

iHeartRadio is easy to use, always free, and CNET's pick for "the best streaming radio app.” Download iHeartRadio today.

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Not connecting to Facebook
dyelsin on 7/15/2018
When I go to use Facebook to login to the iheartradio app for macbook, it gives me an error stating, “Not Logged In: You are not logged in. Please login and try again.” Where am I supposed to go to login? I’ve tried signing in and out of facebook on my chrome browser as well as doing different things on my phone… not really sure why it isn’t working as it used to work prior to the most recent update. PLEASE FIX!!!
Cannot log in with Facebook
Derek gamer on 7/15/2018
Clicking on “login with Facebook” only brought me to a page saying “You are not logged in”.
Needs work!
it7777 on 7/5/2018
I love the App and it worked great before but… since I upgraded to macOS High Sierra (Version 10.13.5) now it doesn’t work. I signed out, tried signing back in but it’s not letting me. I keepy getting a error message saying that i’m not logged into my Facebook Account and try again. It works fine on my Android phone and tablet but the Mac version is not working. Please fix this, okay. Thank you.
Doesn’t Allow Login
NolaNatty on 6/25/2018
I use this app in my phone often. I downloaded the macbook version but it won’t let me login. It tells me that my facebook isn’t logged in (which it is on this device through 2 browsers as well as the facebook app), but it gives me no option to login to facebook through the iheartraido app. I tried to login with my email instead. The email method gave me an error message saying that my email addy isn’t associated with any accounts. However, when I open the app from my iphone & go to settings, the email addy is definately visible there. Deleting from my macbook as it is simply just a waste of space. One star becasue leaving no stars isn’t allowed.
Great Mac app store, needs more improvement
ftcy on 6/13/2018
This app should be able to control using F7, F8, F9 functions and also appear music on Notifications 'Now Playing’ widgets.
Absolutely LOVE this app!!!
&Grins on 4/24/2018
I have this app on my computer, my iPhone and my watch. I LOVE the LARGE VARIETY of music I can choose from. Getting radio stations not close to your area playing the musical genre you love. And if one is not playing something which you don’t like, change it to one of your favorites list or something new. Once yo create a list of favorites, it’s easy to choose from them. Once you get your favorites list, you’re good to go. You can always add more and delete as you choose. The hardest part is selecting which stations for your favorites because of the variety and quantity. IT IS THE BEST RADIO APP! The best that I have found. No crashes. I have had absolutely no problems. LOVE THIS APP!! (Running 10.12.6 OS)
Can’t log in through google
me11111695 on 4/12/2018
Downloaded this on my mac book pro and I can’t log in through my google account. It will let me log in through google on my phone, but the computer only has facebook as an option….will not use
They need to fix their problems
Swetz on 4/6/2018
The app is OK but it is incompatable with bartender which I need to use on my mac to allow me to work will all my menubar icons. When running bartender I have access to all my menubar icons EXECPT FOR IHEART. Literally every other app that rely on works. I have contacted the bartender developer and he has said he has reached out to iheart but they have not responded. So now I am reaching out to iHeart. Looking forward to seeing if you will fix this problem.
Sign Up doesn’t work
bbbboris on 4/4/2018
Signing Up just doesn’t work.
Just deleted it — tried to install malware
tvstevek on 2/21/2018
My OS-X bs detector quarantined it after stopping a background Bitcoin mining app that was attempting to sneak into my system. Good-bye iHeart
Live Radio Static
Qjeff on 1/11/2018
I use the iPad and iPhone app often. They are great. I installed the Mac app today. While listening to my favorite talk radio stations on the Mac App, the audio goes to static. It does not matter which station. They all do it. It's like old fashioned FM static. I pause and then play the stream and all is well for a while. It goes to static 1 to 2 times an hour. Frustrating. Not what I expect form iHeart.
What happen?
Allen Richard Yeager on 1/6/2018
I’m a fan of iHeart Radio and use it every day. I don’t know what happen. After updated when I click play my Mac freezes and I need to hard power off-on every time. iHeart 1.1.1 Mac mini Late 2014 HiSierra 10.13.2 (17C88)
Unable to view my playlist?
Unhappy77777777777777 on 12/10/2017
I spend money every month on this app, reason being, i like having unlimited access to any music i would like, save to a playlist and play later in what ever order i see fit. After downloading this app there is no way for me to view any of my saved music, any of my saved playlist. Absolutely obsurd, why would i pay money to build my own playlist and then not even be able to use them on all platforms. poorly thought out. Not many user options.
One of the best radio app for macOS High Sierra, but
Captain C128 on 12/6/2017
This is a great radio app for macOS High Sierra. It has lots of internet radio stations and it is easy to use and is accessable from the menubar. It is also very elegant and well designed and a work of art. It is a very well crafted and beauiful program. My only issue with iHeart RAdio is: When wifi is off the program makes my Mac spike up in temperature and the fans kick in really hard. Please fix this and I will give it 5 stars.
NOBODY MATTERS on 11/23/2017
great for as an anytime music app, plus you can at least turn off your device and have it still play, a lot don’t do that…
does not work at all
==[HemiCuda]== on 10/20/2017
stopped launching on my Macbook Pro 2010 in os x sierra; app does not open, and was a waste of time to download, i would give zero stars if possible
i can’t open
someone who need music on 10/16/2017
I am now unable to open this app at all on my desktop and I have macOS Sierra 10.12.6
Great app works like a gem
frank_the_snake_master@01 on 10/16/2017
Works great on my new update on my iMac with High Sierra and the team there is awesome they helped me out since day one and they fixed it within a few days because apple had the new update so they had to update the app too. I was in complete contact with them and they were awesome to first email to last email with them. If you want to make yours work all you have to do is unistall old one and download it from the store now. But the people involved with this issue was awesome. They are #1 in customer service and very polite to me. If I ever had a problem tjey took care of it right away or if was going to take longer they let me know and app works awesome the way it is suppose to work. Wish more companies were like them in cusotmer service they bring customer service back and love them. So enjoy the new app works great and people behind the scenes that you do not talk to are awesome #1. I dropped my Pandora foe them cause they are #1 in customer service.
Nice App
fksimon on 10/16/2017
I listent to iHeart radio pretty regularly. Just found this app while looking for something else and thought I would try it out. Apps works fine. I enjoy the streaming and can listent to my stations I had setup on the webpage. The one place I really find it lacking is not having any keyboard interaction for play/pause/skip and for rating songs. I always have to click back up to the icon. Keyboard integration would get this to a 5 for me.
please link the previous version thanks
VaNeSsA MaNtiLLa F. on 10/15/2017
Where can i download the previous version? Ty
App Closes with High Sierra - FIXED!!
Bsmith120276 on 10/11/2017
So the app had been working great until upgrading to High Sierra. Now as soon as I start playing a station it immediately closes. Please fix this as this makes the app unusable for me. Thanks for the quick turn around guys. This is great.
frustrated_in_austin on 10/8/2017
What’s to say. I have a Mac Laptop running 10.12.6. I have downloaded the application three times. I have tried to create an account at least a dozen times. Nothing works. Wasted 30 minutes — and I won’t hear a game I wanted to follow.
Doesn’t seem to like High Sierra
Ajaxxe on 10/5/2017
I’ve been using this app under earlier Mac OS X versions with no problems and really appreciate it. However, after updating to High Sierra, the app crashes every time I try to stream a station, or change stations if I’m lucky enough to get one going. Guessing something in the guts of High Sierra is sufficiently different from Sierra that makes iHeartRadio allergic to Mac OS X. Looking forward to an update! UPDATE: The 1.1.0 update fixes the issue with crashing in High Sierra. I’ve been able to listen for the past 30 minutes and changed stations as expected. Thanks!
Works great!
BlackScorpionX on 10/4/2017
Seems to work great now that the bug fixes were made and it work sgreat on the MacOS Beta version! keep up the great work.
Great, but not on macOS High Sierra
TJX72 on 10/4/2017
This app was great under Sierra and El Capitan, possibly Yosemite (forgot how long I’ve used it). But after upgrading to High Sierra 10.13, it now crashes immediately. Please fix, this app is a huge part of my day and am lost without it. Update 2017-10-04: The crash problem for MacOS 10.13 has been fixed and the app now works flawlessly once more. Thank you!
Great App…now works with High Sierra
Dklosen on 10/4/2017
As the description says, they fixed the High Sierra crash issue…works great!
Update now works with OS High Sierra
phepler01 on 10/3/2017
Updated the app Oct 2 and now it works with OS High Sierra.
Used to be great, until iOS 11. Now it just doesn’t work.
EJ Russell on 10/2/2017
Functionally, this used to be a great app. But it is incompatible with iOS 11. This is inexcusable for a company like iHeart Radio. iOS 11 has been coming for months — it isn’t a surprise. For iHeart Radio to completely ignore this and not update their app in nine months is lazy and shows they are completely unconcerned about their users. Until it works on iOS 11, it is less than one star for me. Fix it iHeart Radio!
High Sierra
one consumer on 10/2/2017
Simply does not work with mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1
Works well, but currently crashes when trying to listen to a stattion on High Sierra
Neoneddy on 10/2/2017
I tried looking for a bug report link, and looked on the iheart radio support page. Got a 404 there. SO my only recourse here is to leave a review which I’d rather not, but someone needs to know somehow. After upgrading to High Sierra and loading a station and then clicking play, I hear ½ second of audio, then the app crashes. Hope they can fix it.
Just OK …
jvinthehizzhouse on 9/29/2017
As of the MacOS High Sierra update the app no longer works on 2014 Mac mini. It fires up then crashes. Please fix it, not sure how an app for a service this popular can pass testing and not be ready for a major MacOS update. It worked fine and was stable in Sierra. I love iHeartRadio but the app is just OK … needs a better UI too and better search functionality by region when trying to find local radio stations.
MacOS High Sierra Incompatibility
MacTV on 9/29/2017
App crashes everytime you press the play button on MacOS High Sierra on a brand new 2017 MacBook Pro with Touchbar. I realize that High Sierra just came out, but seriously guys, don’t you test your apps during the beta versions? The last update for this app was Jan. 9th!
The service is good, but app(s) is/are so-so.
ghokie on 9/28/2017
Pros: • Few commercial interruptions • Easy set-up • Good mix of music Cons • Does’t seem to “talk” to other installations consistently – iPhone / iPad / iMac / TV / Amazon Tap seem to have different playlists; liking a song in one installation doesn’t carry over to others (even though I am logged into the same account on all) • Can’t review play history (like Pandora allows) • Menu icon should be red (like logo) for consitency and to make it easier to id on my menu bar • Not easy to add playlists (it used to be) • Can’t find artist bios any more - they might be there, but where? • Can’t fine-tune playlists (like adding similar artists)
Crashes on Mac OS High Sierra
thoughtcontrol on 9/28/2017
Worked fine on prior versions of Mac OS. Crashes on High Sierra. Don’t they do any testing?
Vicko.b on 9/27/2017
Crashes on High Sierra
Wowmail on 9/27/2017
Title says all
Lost my iHeart radio with new updates
TraceyChristy1009 on 9/27/2017
I can no longer get my iheart radio on my Mac ever since the new updates came our from Apple. Very Frustrated !!!
Does not work with High Sierra
Mr.B. on 9/27/2017
Been using this app for a while and it’s been good but it no longer runs on High Sierra. Contacted support and no reply after a few days.
High Sierra Broke It
kctipton on 9/27/2017
It was working quite well, but upgrading to the newest OS X version 10.13 broke it. Now it crashes consistently.
Crashing on High Sierra
bobluck on 9/26/2017
Crashes every time it’s started on High Sierra
Doesn’t Work Anymore
dfeivelson on 9/26/2017
Doesn’t work for a couple months now.
No High Sierra
topthecharts on 9/26/2017
Not working with High Sierra OSD.
No go High Sierra
TaylorL on 9/26/2017
Crashes on open with High Sierra installed. When I was on the previous OS though, it worked perfectly!
Crashes instantly with High Sierra
J_ArthurB_ on 9/26/2017
As soon as I launch iHeartRadio, it crashes. Considering the fact that the last time the app was updated was January 9th, 2017, I would say it is due for a tune up.
Doesn’t work
Kevin_56 on 8/24/2017
The app doesn’t work on my 2016 Macbook Pro with non touch bar. When I click my station, the app starts to glitch out and I have to Force Quit. Just have to use my phone I guess. fix this app!
crappy app
Bronaslaw on 8/23/2017
I have had more issues with this app than all other apps combined. Many times it will not open, or just stops at any given time. Just yeaterday it started up out of the blue. I think it needs some serious repairs or give us the Apple Podcast back. At least they worked. If I-Heart media wants me to sign up for their service, they need to put out a product that actually works.
Crashes upon loading - Using Sierra
AlPrunty on 7/11/2017
This app crashes upon loading… it’s useless. Very disappointing. Needs to be seriously examined as I am not the only person having this problem.
Smooth and Sexy
HZiHR on 6/12/2017
this is my go to audio app, i love the favorites station, where the app recommends and plays my favorite tracks.
jdking92 on 6/9/2017
This application is not at all usable to me as a blind user of Mac OS. Unlabeled buttons with no VoiceOver hints, bad layout, confusing GUI...need I say more? I also get an error that says I am not eligible to register for this service. Not cool, guys. Please fix these issues. Apple has some support documents on making applications accessible.
Pretty Sharp App!!
v.a girl 84 on 5/27/2017
Iheart radio is a very sharp app…I never had given much thought to downloading a radio app on my imac. I not only have this app on my imac but also on my iPhone and Ipad.Very easy user interface and radio statations I am actually interested in listening to…. Nice work keep it up :) *UPDATE** When i first downloaded this app is was cool… but now it’s just straight garbage…. They play the same songs over and over again. and usually its songs I DON’T like. If I give it the thumbs down the first time why in the hell are you playing it a second and third time on my stations??? Get it together Ihate radio.
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