Hydra - Amazing Photography

Creaceed SPRL

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With extra lighting control and a $4.99 download, you can capture a wide range of HDR content. This app is best used with newer model iPhones and you can capture photos in very large formats as well as use better low light settings for improved night shots. This is one of the most balanced photo applications for lighting available for IOS and it can save you a lot of time with editing.
Works great most of the time
acidrains on 11/21/2017
I use it to take videos. Has wider angle than iOS camera app. There is recent bug where it randomly does not record audio. Would be nice if it had 60fps option
Include telephoto support
Giiaanbvh on 11/18/2017
Great app. I would like to see an option to switch to the telephoto lens on iPhone 7+, 8+, and 10 when zooming. This would increase the zoom to incredible levels.
Sweet app!
Anzeo David on 11/16/2017
I’ve owned an iPhone since it’s initial release and I’ve never writing a review for an app until now. 10 years. This app does everything it says it does! On my iPhone X the shots are what I expected and more. I recommend this app to anyone who is a photographer. Professional to the beginner. This is an app you need in your photo arsenal!

Manual – RAW custom exposure camera

Will Global

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This $1.99 download is one of the easiest ways that you can adjust ISO, white balance, exposure, focus and more. Manuals very easy to use and if you are without a DSLR camera or a professional camera, having the option to adjust all of these settings will help you to take some beautiful pictures with full control.
Nice app
Jwsudd on 6/11/2017
One of the few apps that lets you control the ISO setting of the camera. It needs a way to change the ISO but still do auto-exposure, and a way to do burst photos.
Great but not perfect
Datminer69 on 10/14/2016
This has amazing features but it's missing two key features imo, hdr/hdr+, and video recording functionally, if those get added this will easily be a 5, also the focus seems backwards, if you swipe down to the flower it's actually selecting the mountain which is in the opposite direction.
Really Good
R@$# on 10/13/2016
The app is really good and contains many DSLR like features. The only improvement that I would love is the ability to select shutter time more than "3 like 10 or 20 secs.
Virtual Private Networks are becoming very useful since it is now common for some countries to block its citizens from accessing some important content on the internet. In some countries, it may be certain media libraries while in others it may be news or social sites. Opera VPN helps by pass these restrictions and it is totally free too. It only takes less than a minute to install and set up. You also get the freedom to choose any region you like so that you’ll get to browse whatever content you want as you like, at no costs at all.
Opera VPN
DjDonWrongo on 11/23/2017
Great app. Superb job doing what it's suppose to do
Subscribe to my channel
@NatsuReacts on 11/21/2017
Keeps me going
Love it
Hellsgate2000 on 11/20/2017
Best VPN out there
This is a great medical iPhone app which is useful in tracking pills and dosage notification. On the Round Health app, you can add medications, input the dosage and schedule of usage with reminder timeframes of up to three hours. The app does great work and that it is free is also a wonder but very great news.
Good app
Theno1Bartman on 11/23/2017
Could be better but so far I like it.
Pretty Great
kalbert801 on 11/23/2017
Title says it all
Feature Request: History of each drug
domdellino on 11/22/2017
I would like to be able to select any drug in my list and quickly be able to see how many times i’ve taken that drug within a selectable timeframe <Last Month, Last Week, Last Year, etc>. i’m using the app to track when i’ve taken pain meds such as Ibuprofen and Naproxen Sodium, which i’m trying use in moderation (As Needed).


Tize Music, Inc.

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This is an iPhone app used to create music. With Tize, you can lay down audio tracks or drums and the app can also be used to loop recordings, align notes to match with the beat, adjust tempo, effects and scale. The app comes fully loaded and it is a must have for music-inclined iPhone users.
Gunman121 on 11/19/2017
This is my favorite app by far. 💯
Awesome except one thing....
Jcjcjccjjznxjzhsbcbxbxbcncb on 11/16/2017
I love this app a LOT but when I try to change my profile pic it doesn’t let me.
Incredible product
etaow on 11/5/2017
Tize allows every artist out there to create music. Every musician knows what it's like to "hear your song in your head". Tize makes it possible for you to actually hear the sounds you imagine and create a masterpiece from there. The possibilities are endless. Thank you Tize!


Mastin Labs Inc.

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For lovers of pictures who want to capture extraordinary images with their phones, Filmborn does the job perfectly. The app is all about realism and it comes with tools that make you a better photographer. Features such as manual control, high quality highlights preview which points out the problems in your snap by covering the parts with red. Filmborn comes with extremely realistic filters as well as an editor that you can make use of after taking your shot. The app comes with a lot of premium-worthy tools but well, it is free.
great app!!!
Nueibin on 8/23/2017
thank you so much ♥️♥️♥️
This is so cool!
aianekarla on 7/9/2017
Is there any way you might create Mastin Lab presets for CaptureOne, as well?
Simple, powerful and fun
Rabbi78 on 6/19/2017
I really like this app, I have shot products and some models using this beautiful simple app and I recommend you using it. I would love more edit options but I still like the simplicity.