Alto's Adventure


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Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner, and here you want to do all you can to guide a snowboarder that tries to help a llama. A strange premise for a very beautiful game focused on great gameplay and precision!
Love this game but not working with iPad?
Ya boy gramps on 7/18/2017
Can someone tell me why this isn't working on my iPad mini 2?
GeoffreyHunt on 7/16/2017
Amazing on 7/13/2017
I love how this game doesn't have a pay option for coins in the store. I find that amazing considering that everyone else adds DLC like coins and jems, which makes the came feel pure and great. The gameplay is very fun and thrilling especially while doing flips and tricks. 10/10

Cut the Rope: Magic

ZeptoLab UK Limited

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Cut the Rope is a very popular game series and it needs no introduction. If you have even the slightest interest in playing a puzzle game with cute graphics and plenty of intelligent levels, you should check this out.
Great games
Mehranmsr on 7/19/2017
i have fun time and forget all thinks when i play this game. i love it.
Princess Chainsaw👸 on 7/19/2017
This game is so cute and challenging, it's a good
More of the same - new twist
KiltharBloodscalp on 7/18/2017
I love it

Does not Commute

Mediocre AB

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Does Not Commute is a game that will make you laugh. The idea here is that you have to guide a team of commuters from their home to work. It will be a rather delightful and sometimes challenging experience, but you will be on the clock all the time. It’s a beautiful comedic game that you should try out, especially since it’s rather inexpensive.
Great game
adamfrar15 on 7/11/2017
MUM GET THE CAMERA!!😣 on 7/9/2017
Its a great game i only made it to the 4th city but i love it eres so many hidden disks and you have to find them all great game
dashieboi on 7/2/2017
This game is fun! If it doesn't open it's the device you have. This game is for people that like to relax.

Monument Valley

ustwo Games Ltd

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Monument Valley is one of those puzzle games that seamlessly brings in front a sense of uniqueness and a very high quality. The title looks amazing, it comes with a multitude of amazing features, and its levels are designed to test your brain. You need to manipulate the level, make connections with items and so on. It’s certainly a good brain teaser.
Great game
meero23 on 7/20/2017
Love the game! Wish it had more levels for the price.
Scpl on 7/17/2017
I really enjoy this app. At first I thought it was too expensive, but then it was the free app of the week on the App Store. I downloaded the app and I was impressed. From the story to the graphics. I totally recommend this app.
Mind blowing
Tjx055 on 7/17/2017
Is totally awesome. I love the game it's just so much fun! It is so much fun and it is unbelievable. Must get
The Trace is an interesting detective game that requires you to solve various cases and mysteries. It features some rather distinct and unique set of puzzles, and it also brings in front immersive visuals. Well worth a shot if you like detective games.
Good game
ohm_wrecker on 7/4/2017
Good game
Such a great game with almost completely perfect detail
deksiristore on 7/2/2017
I love this game, it makes you curious whats happen next but sadly we only play 1 case and then the game must end huft but overall i understand it need more time and disk space to make such this detail game in a beautiful picture. Pls make another one :)
Excellent!! Waiting for a Sequel!
MelanieSze on 6/30/2017
This game is excellent. It's easily one of the best games I've ever payed on my iPhone. I find myself playing this game over and over again and I never get tired of it. I love how interactive it is and the rap hits are pretty good too. It's the best Murder Mystery/Detective game out there. I am patiently waiting for a sequel!! Please!!

Super Hexagon

Terry Cavanagh

from 1799 users
It may be extremely difficult, but Super Hexagon is very satisfying, and it’s also a lot of fun. There are multiple difficulty levels, and all of them will focus on testing your hand to eye coordination. It’s certainly worth checking out this game, that’s for sure!
My All-Time Favorite iOS Game
catxtwo on 6/26/2017
Whenever I get bored I go back to this game. It never gets old.
Was it worth buying?
9770582 on 6/4/2017
Hell yes!
Good game but
multipledirections on 5/25/2017
I paid $2.99 for this and can't find a settings menu for sound.