TIZE - make music & beats easy

Tize Music, Inc.

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This is an iPhone app used to create music. With Tize, you can lay down audio tracks or drums and the app can also be used to loop recordings, align notes to match with the beat, adjust tempo, effects and scale. The app comes fully loaded and it is a must have for music-inclined iPhone users.
Please help!!
kendaljs on 2/11/2018
PLEASE HELP! Newest update isn’t allowing me to access my music and I can’t upload it to my soundcloud. My account name is jpnigg and I am using the app from an Apple iPhone 7+ Red
Albert goodson on 2/10/2018
Love the app but now I can’t connect to SoundCloud to send my music been haveing that promblem for over a month #needfixasap
Great app
ilTosh on 2/1/2018
So cool, but needs some additional features like: Skip frwd or backwards on all screens Ability to cut or paste notes or patterns Rec button doesn’t always work Delete track Mute or change a particular note or pattern More effects


Mastin Labs Inc.

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For lovers of pictures who want to capture extraordinary images with their phones, Filmborn does the job perfectly. The app is all about realism and it comes with tools that make you a better photographer. Features such as manual control, high quality highlights preview which points out the problems in your snap by covering the parts with red. Filmborn comes with extremely realistic filters as well as an editor that you can make use of after taking your shot. The app comes with a lot of premium-worthy tools but well, it is free.
Great but really needs an update
pitzeleh8 on 12/18/2017
EDIT: no battery issues recently! Still waiting on those new emulsions hinted at months ago, but extremely satisfied.
great app!!!
Nueibin on 8/23/2017
thank you so much ♥️♥️♥️
This is so cool!
aianekarla on 7/9/2017
Is there any way you might create Mastin Lab presets for CaptureOne, as well?

Alto's Adventure


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Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner, and here you want to do all you can to guide a snowboarder that tries to help a llama. A strange premise for a very beautiful game focused on great gameplay and precision!
Good game
Toxic snake 101 on 2/10/2018
Really good game would be better if they added skiing
Is this version forever?
DW65 on 2/8/2018
Awesome game, one of my favorites, are you ever going to update it with new levels or make changes or is this the end? No reinvestment in an app that surely has made nice revenue to give your supporters some love? Great game, just bored with it now and was hoping you would refresh it eventually!
The Byrd girl on 1/31/2018
THIS GAME IS GREAT I never get adds, it’s really fun and relaxing, it’s addicting and it’s slowly growing to get even BETTER!! The only thing I would ADD is that you can buy different boards with different powers. I got so hooked when I got this game. Definite get

Cut the Rope: Magiс GOLD

ZeptoLab UK Limited

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Cut the Rope is a very popular game series and it needs no introduction. If you have even the slightest interest in playing a puzzle game with cute graphics and plenty of intelligent levels, you should check this out.
I love the Game cut the rope
loganryanntyler Jen James on 2/11/2018
I love Cut the Rope cook the rope is the best thing in the world I love throat is my favorite game in the whole world you can see I love cut the rope
Best game ever
turtle gamer jp on 2/8/2018
It’s awsome
Cut the rope magic
Zhss on 1/14/2018

Does not Commute

Mediocre AB

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Does Not Commute is a game that will make you laugh. The idea here is that you have to guide a team of commuters from their home to work. It will be a rather delightful and sometimes challenging experience, but you will be on the clock all the time. It’s a beautiful comedic game that you should try out, especially since it’s rather inexpensive.
Absolutely wonderful
Shawn Mcp on 2/11/2018
This game is great! It’s responsive, the controls are very easy to learn and the crash mechanics are wonderful. I love the character bios too. What a great idea for a game!
Behery sefid on 2/5/2018
I love this game its perfect thanks🤩🤩🎉🎉
Love this game!!!
DillonRMD on 2/3/2018
This game is so much fun!

Monument Valley

ustwo Games Ltd

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Monument Valley is one of those puzzle games that seamlessly brings in front a sense of uniqueness and a very high quality. The title looks amazing, it comes with a multitude of amazing features, and its levels are designed to test your brain. You need to manipulate the level, make connections with items and so on. It’s certainly a good brain teaser.
Googilybear1 on 2/11/2018
I played this game years ago and I still love it. It is an immersive, fun, and challenging game. Aside from an interesting story the illusion and art work truly takes this game beyond the name of an app.
Monument valley
Awsome DEVIN on 2/5/2018
I LOVE THIS GAME all the twists and turns and the story it’s great I love the ending the puzzles really get your mind on and a really great lovable game I just love the game thank you for making it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whatJimmyUsed on 2/4/2018
Not a lot of choices but fun and beautiful. Some are hard!