Super Hexagon

Terry Cavanagh

from 1923 users
It may be extremely difficult, but Super Hexagon is very satisfying, and it’s also a lot of fun. There are multiple difficulty levels, and all of them will focus on testing your hand to eye coordination. It’s certainly worth checking out this game, that’s for sure!
Unlimited replayability
Pochol0 on 2/11/2018
I remember buying this a few years ago and I can guarantee every cent was worth it! I would have never guessed that an app would have improved my reflexes this much, although I have yet to reach hexagonest...
Amazing game!
a_twig on 2/11/2018
One of the most fun & replayable games I’ve ever played! Can we please get a full-width update for iPhone X though to eliminate the dead zones on the edges of the screen? Even just enabling touch w/o widening the field of view would go a long way!
Excellent game.
JamieMadrox1985 on 1/29/2018
Wish it would be updated for iPhone X though.


Devolver Digital

from 1260 users
This game is an excellent roguelike with a retro feel. The primary focus here is to navigate a never ending tunnel as you try to get lower and lower. Descending and exploring the tunnel to get a high score is exactly what you want to do here, and the game is only getting harder and harder all the time!
Amazing Game
nononinja9 on 1/21/2018
Everything is good
The single best iPhone game
Aidopotato28 on 12/28/2017
So when I watched Parker plays on Disney xd, I saw him play Downwell on p.c and I thought it looked awesome. So when I see that it's on the AppStore I am blown away. I get it as soon as I see it and I am so impressed.
Just a great game. Definitely worth 3$
Joey Dilley on 12/24/2017
Insanely simple, yet after having this game for years I have never gotten tired of playing. I have still not beaten it. Please, do yourself a favor and get this game.

Dark Sky Weather


from 945 users
If you are tired of being caught in the rain or not sure what to wear for the weather, trust Dark Sky to tell you the exact weather for your specific location. It’s beautiful, accurate and highly useful as it is specific to the very last minute!
very good app
ccape5 on 2/19/2018
weather in Colorado can change quickly day to day. this app is great. sometimes the temperature can vary a little to other weather apps but it gets precipitation timing accurate every time which is what i really need
Extremely Localized Accurate Reports
brokefrommusicstore on 2/19/2018
Used to no on this for my work as a photographer. Now I use it to know when it will be a good day to grill or driving to another location. Very accurate often to the minute.
Best weather app yet
KellyOYo on 2/18/2018
Accurate to the minute. Totally worth the download!

Spotify Music

Spotify Ltd.

from 97903 users
This is a great app for music buffs. You can use the basic plan for free or purchase the premium plan and listen to your favorite artists, bands and radio. You can always have access to an unending playlist of your favorite music.
BigDaneDaddy on 2/19/2018
So worth it to get premium, great music platform
My fave app
Jazziebeth23 on 2/19/2018
I love being able to listen to what I want when I want with Premium, sharing songs on social media (as long as they give the clips which I LOVE) & just about everything is available to listen to. Spotify is LIFE!! ❤️
2 n d t o n o n e
Heemy7⃣1⃣8⃣ on 2/19/2018
The best music streaming app hands down second to none!!!!

Adobe Photoshop Fix


from 565 users
Retouch and restore your pictures on the go! This app is for all the selfie lovers who want to make a lasting visual impact. Lighten, brighten, smoothen or paint or do anything you want to and make your pictures better than ever before, all on your phone.
Better than any other app I've ever used.
Ironyarts on 2/18/2018
This is a really great app. I use it all the time. Great control over the tools. My only wish is for more color correction options, but that can easily be done in another app.
Love Love Love
Kysh 2015 on 2/13/2018
The best editing photo app I've used...EVER!!
Quick Edit
Jack the Cutter on 2/12/2018
I now can make quick edits on the fly right on my iPhone. I used to have to do this type of editing on my laptop but now can easily edit and send in short order.

Cash App

Square, Inc.

from 4048 users
We are living in a highly cashless economy and Cash is the app for the new age spenders. Just download the app, ask your buddies to do the same, connect your card and you can easily transfer money between your circle, even to different banks. Splitting and sharing bills with your buddies just got easier and more convenient.
Awesome app
BleedBurgundyandGold on 2/19/2018
Easiest way to quickly transact cash with friends
Free $5 using FSQKLDV reward code!
FSQKLDV reward code on 2/19/2018
5 Stars for the easiest to use Cash App, a notch above Venmo and PayPal apps, and a free $5 with your first transfer by first using Reward Code: FSQKLDV
Lancealot8943 on 2/19/2018
It’s perfect for budgeting or setting aside “fun money” for your week.