Devolver Digital

This game is an excellent roguelike with a retro feel. The primary focus here is to navigate a never ending tunnel as you try to get lower and lower. Descending and exploring the tunnel to get a high score is exactly what you want to do here, and the game is only getting harder and harder all the time!
A Masterpiece
Scardabums on 3/18/2017
I read the reviews of Downwell before I bought it. And it didn't disappoint. It took months of playing before I finally beat it. And Hard Mode is still unconquered territory for me. Give this game a shot. It will not let you down.
TheGrandPourya on 2/27/2017
Do your self a favor and buy this game,awesome game,tons of fun,but you need a little skiil and fast reaction
Great game to play while pooping
barnacle boy 🐟 on 2/5/2017

Dark Sky Weather


If you are tired of being caught in the rain or not sure what to wear for the weather, trust Dark Sky to tell you the exact weather for your specific location. It’s beautiful, accurate and highly useful as it is specific to the very last minute!
Most accurate.
Ankitty on 6/22/2017
I have many weather apps and Dark Sky is the most spot on accurate of all of them!!
ng_sierra on 6/22/2017
Need better notifications a little off at times need better accuracy. Too plain of an app needs more live color or theme
Almost always right
Episcogranny on 6/22/2017
Most reliable weather app ever! When it says it will rain in five minutes it does.

Spotify Music

Spotify Ltd.

This is a great app for music buffs. You can use the basic plan for free or purchase the premium plan and listen to your favorite artists, bands and radio. You can always have access to an unending playlist of your favorite music.
Love it!!....❤️
MalibuLJ❤️ on 6/22/2017
This is the best music app I've used! It allows me to have premium for $0.99 only! I can skip and download any thing! Thank you Spotify for making it easier to listen to music!
Just what the doctor ordered!!!!
Thaibud on 6/22/2017
I love music To sit back and hear song a from my teenage past in high quality sound is amazing.
Love The App
BigPapiFromCali408 on 6/22/2017
I do love the app but maybe update a few things on here, like a complete album list on certain artist. Overall, it's a great app for music.

Adobe Photoshop Fix


Retouch and restore your pictures on the go! This app is for all the selfie lovers who want to make a lasting visual impact. Lighten, brighten, smoothen or paint or do anything you want to and make your pictures better than ever before, all on your phone.
Beautiful pictures!
hinneyhaleson on 6/21/2017
My only issue is the lag/loading time when it comes to accessing my photos through the creative cloud files. I spoke with my internet company and they said it had to be a bug on the apps end because I had my modem/router replaced. Since then the pictures have loaded slightly faster but still a long wait.
Love this app!
Johndough1995 on 6/19/2017
Best editing app ever! So easy to use
The best
Clover Patch on 6/19/2017
Can finally do fine-tuned Photoshoppy stuff to specific areas of a photo right on my phone. Make a sky blue without having to over-saturate the whole picture, etc. Really makes otherwise crummy phone photos pop. Super easy to use, not buggy, and FREE!

Square Cash - Send Money for Free

Square, Inc.

We are living in a highly cashless economy and Cash is the app for the new age spenders. Just download the app, ask your buddies to do the same, connect your card and you can easily transfer money between your circle, even to different banks. Splitting and sharing bills with your buddies just got easier and more convenient.
Great App
DDDSimms on 6/22/2017
I didn't have cash so my sister paid for me and I opened this app to pay her back within seconds
thebrianrudy on 6/22/2017
Awesome! So easy!
Great App
Rolando C. on 6/22/2017
The best way to send payments!

Waze - GPS Navigation, Maps & Real-time Traffic

Waze Inc.

Commuting by road just got easier, faster and more convenient! Waze redirects you to avoid traffic and ensures you spend the least amount of time on travelling. Be it driving around the city or going on a long road trip, with Waze you can always be sure of a great driving experience. It also alerts the user about accidents, diversions, construction cameras and even police on your route!
TinTinTT on 6/22/2017
The best. Can't go anywhere without it. Kwlvt
Macfam0318 on 6/22/2017
Love using waze
Best navvy app ever!
Devilsuit on 6/22/2017
Great app! Makes commuting fun!