Devolver Digital

from 1102 users
This game is an excellent roguelike with a retro feel. The primary focus here is to navigate a never ending tunnel as you try to get lower and lower. Descending and exploring the tunnel to get a high score is exactly what you want to do here, and the game is only getting harder and harder all the time!
Very fun
Cerealsaurus on 9/6/2017
Very action packed and very enjoyable.
Great game
$wwaagg on 8/31/2017
Just make it so you can turn your phone sideways when playing for easier controls
This is outstanding.
Ehzdiebdi on 7/25/2017
This game is like Mario on drugs, with gun on his sneakers. This plays amazing and it's not hard to learn. And it does save when you leave it as long as you don't shut the app down (Morons.) Anyway this is great. Go buy it. Why are you still reading this. go... Go buy it.

Dark Sky Weather


from 984 users
If you are tired of being caught in the rain or not sure what to wear for the weather, trust Dark Sky to tell you the exact weather for your specific location. It’s beautiful, accurate and highly useful as it is specific to the very last minute!
great app
juiceman401 on 10/18/2017
below review from a while ago still applies. excellent app, but think it over - thank you for your work! — would be nice to have advisories open within app, instead of web browser. thank you!
Like it so much bought it twice
bill cole lecter on 10/18/2017
I loved it on my Android but my Android didn’t love me. Switched to the 8 and purchased it again...immediately
Very good. iOS 11 quirk
McWetty on 10/18/2017
It keeps asking me to give it permission to ALWAYS allow location data but in settings, that's not an option. Not sure about that one.

Spotify Music

Spotify Ltd.

from 2783 users
This is a great app for music buffs. You can use the basic plan for free or purchase the premium plan and listen to your favorite artists, bands and radio. You can always have access to an unending playlist of your favorite music.
Edan Biancardi on 10/19/2017
I Can Listen To Basically Any Song I Want!
App has been great
zSinari on 10/19/2017
But For some reason I start it the songs it keeps skipping 😫 c’mon I don’t want to use YouTube. I love your offline mode.
The Best
acarney10 on 10/19/2017
I’ve been using Spotify for a few years now and the app just keeps getting better and better! All that’s missing at this point is multi-room audio integration with Amazon Echo. Overall their recommendations are spot on and I love how clean the interface is. Way better than Apple Music!

Adobe Photoshop Fix


from 532 users
Retouch and restore your pictures on the go! This app is for all the selfie lovers who want to make a lasting visual impact. Lighten, brighten, smoothen or paint or do anything you want to and make your pictures better than ever before, all on your phone.
Best app
MJnaruk on 10/18/2017
The best editing app so far. I love it!
Adobe Photoshop on the Run
Julitasosweeta on 10/16/2017
Love it!
Exceptional App
Rlgirldiva on 10/13/2017

Square Cash - Send Money for Free

Square, Inc.

from 353 users
We are living in a highly cashless economy and Cash is the app for the new age spenders. Just download the app, ask your buddies to do the same, connect your card and you can easily transfer money between your circle, even to different banks. Splitting and sharing bills with your buddies just got easier and more convenient.
Great app
lol how did it come on 10/19/2017
Works perfectly
Great App for sending cash to my broke a** kids
sjekel23 on 10/19/2017
Easy to use, quick transfers and low fee
Four stars
SavedAndHappy912 on 10/19/2017
I gave four stars because it doesn’t support cash back just yet, overall it’s an awesome app!!!!
Commuting by road just got easier, faster and more convenient! Waze redirects you to avoid traffic and ensures you spend the least amount of time on travelling. Be it driving around the city or going on a long road trip, with Waze you can always be sure of a great driving experience. It also alerts the user about accidents, diversions, construction cameras and even police on your route!
Good but needs to update
TechYouth12 on 10/19/2017
Waze would be perfect if it did the following: - Add lane guidance so wazers know exactly where they need to be on a multilane highway, especially for exits and turns. - Fix the noticeable lag it has when updating the driver’s position on the map. I made a turn about 3 seconds ago, and the map still has be driving up to the turn.
Please mark the lanes, that will mean a lot
wazelyfter on 10/19/2017
Awesome app!
tech ♥️♥️ on 10/19/2017
Best app ever I hope you improve it too!